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Heats of the second round of the WSK Super Masters Series in Castelletto have been spoiled by heavy rain in the morning. CRG drivers are all set to put in a comeback in the final stages that will get underway on Sunday March 5th.

The qualifying day has been characterized by mixed weather conditions in Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy) ahead of the final stages of the WSK Super Master Series. This Saturday has had rain and cold temperatures in the morning, before switching to a good sun and milder temperatures in the afternoon, which boosted the performance of the more than 250 drivers on track for the second round of the series.

These mixed conditions, and especially the heavy rain in the morning, caused some headaches to several drivers that were involved in incidents and contacts, which complicated their position in the classification ahead of the final stages to be held on Sunday.

A great performance in KZ was put in by Flavio Camponeschi, on CRG-Tm. He claimed a good P8 at the end of a comeback run started from the 30th place in qualifying. Andrea Dalè is currently 11th, Stan Pex 13th but also improved his classification a lot over the weekend. An unlucky heat relegated Jorrit Pex to the 20th place in the classification. Simo Puhakka showed a great shape in qualifying, but slipped down to P24, as did Paolo De Conto who stands currently in 26th, as both drivers where handed a 10s time penalty (mis-positioned front fairing) that voided their comeback runs. Taymour Kermanshahchi is 31st, Alessandro Giardelli 43rd and Marco Valenti 53rd. All these drivers will definitely have the chance to improve their position on Sunday morning in the two Prefinals that will define the starting grid for the 34 finalists partaking in the afternoon race.


Davide Lombardo was the quickest of CRG drivers in OK as he took the tenth place after heats. Dennis Hauger could not get all the ground he would have wanted back, and stands in 11th place of the classification, after being 21st at the end of qualifying. Good performances were also put in by Kilian Meyer, and Team Morsicani’s Alessandro Di Cori who is 20th, while Michael Rosina is 24th after securing a good fourth place in the first heat. Last year’s winner of the CIK-FIA Academy Trophy of CRG, Callum Bradshaw, had a slower start but showed his fighting character and ended his day in 28th place.


OK-Junior and 60 Mini will run some further heats on Sunday morning ahead of the Prefinals and Finals. The French Gillian Henrion was the quickest of CRG lot in OK and secured the provisional third place. The Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Racing Kas Haverkort, on CRG-Parilla, was the absolute quickest in qualifying, but later on was unfortunately involved in an incident in the first heat.

Luca Giardelli of team Gamoto has been very quick in 60 Mini on CRG-Tm. He is one of the pace setters and claimed a victory. His team mate Alfio Spina also showed a great shape, clinching a victory too, but he follows in the classification due to a technical problem in another heat. The closing heats will be crucial on Sunday morning.

WSK Super Master Series, 4-5.03.2017
Sunday 5 March 2017: Heats from 9:40. Prefinals from 11:00. Finals: OK at 14.30; KZ2 at 15.00; OKJ at 15.30; Mini at 16.00.

All results, Live Timing and Live TV feed will be available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
04 March 2017

In the pictures: 1) Flavio Camponeschi, KZ2; 2) Paolo De Conto, KZ2, 3) Dennis Hauger, OK.
Ph. CRG Press.




Rain is spoiling also this second round of the WSK Super Master Series, race currently underway at the Circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto. In qualifying, strong performances have been put in for CRG by Simo Puhakka in KZ2, Davide Lombardo in OK and Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing in OK-Junior.

The second round of the WSK Super Master Series got underway this weekend at the Circuit 7 Laghi of Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia). CRG works team will field its complete squad in this early season event that has more than 250 drivers at the start.

After the very wet opener held in Adria last February 5th, rain and cold temperatures are unfortunately characterizing also this round of the WSK Super Master Series in Castelletto.

Paolo De Conto, Flavio Camponeschi, Simo Puhakka, Marco Valenti, Taymour Kermanshahchi, Alessandro Giardelli and the strong Dutch brothers Jorrit and Stan Pex will compete in KZ2 on CRG-Tm. Jorrit Pex secured the podium in the previous round of Adria, while CRG dominated the WSK Champions Cup on February 5th when Stan Pex took the win proceeding Camponeschi and his brother Jorrit.

In OK, CRG works team will be represented by the Norwegian Dennis Hauger, ths Spanish Kilian Meyer, the British driver Callum Bradshaw and the Italians Davide Lombardo and Michael Rosina all on CRG-Parilla. The Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, the French Evann Mallet, Malaysia’s Nik Zamir Zakwan, the Spanish drivers Ayrton Fontecha and Jose Antonio Gomez, and the French Gillian Henrion will compete in OK-Junior instead.


The quickest of CRG lot in the first KZ2 qualifying session was Simo Puhakka, who posted the eighth fastest time and was followed by Persson Tornqvist of CRG Holland. Stan Pex was 14th, proceeding Flavio Camponeschi, Paolo De Conto and Taymour Kermanshahchi, while Jorrit Pex had a slower start so far in 23rd. CRG’s private drivers have been shining in the second session. Andrea Dalè was fifth leading Fabrizio Rosati and Pierce Lehane, while Alessandro Giardelli was 24th and Marco Valenti 26th.


Davide Lombardo has been very quick in OK posting the fifth time of the first session. Kilian Meyer was the quickest of CRG drivers in the second session in ninth place, while Dennis Hauger was 11th proceeding Michael Rosina. Callum Bradshaw was 20th in the first session instead.

The quickest time of OK-Junior was posted by the Dutch Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing on CRG-Parilla. The young and strong French driver Gillian Henrion also put in a great performance, closing his session in second place completing a best loop that earned him the fourth absolute place. Gabriel Bortoleto was 12th in the second session, Ayrton Fontecha was 23rd, Nik Zamir Zakwan 24th, while Evann Mallet was 23rd in the first session and Jose Gomez 29th. In the first session, among CRG privateers, the German of CRG TB Racing Team Hugo Sasse was 20th, the German Davids Trefilovs of RL-Competition was 27th, Mathias Torreggiani 28th and Javier Sagrera of M2 Racing Karts 32nd.


In 60 Mini, Team Gamoto’s Luca Giardelli was among the quickest on CRG. He was the fastest of the first session, posting a time that was the second absolute. His team mate Alfio Spina was quickest in the third session and third absolute.

WSK Super Master Series, 4-5.03.2017
Saturday 4 March 2017: Heats from local 10:20.
Sunday 5 March 2017: Heats from 9:40. Prefinals from 11:00. Finals: OK at 14.30; KZ2 at 15.00; OKJ at 15.30; Mini at 16.00.

All results, Live Timing and Live TV feed will be available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
03 March 2017

In the pictures: 1) Simo Puhakka, KZ2; 2) Davide Lombardo, OK; 3) Gillian Henrion, OK-Junior.
Ph. CRG Press.



The Italian manufacturer will be the official provider of karts (Centurion 4t) and technical-logistic services for the exciting new rental kart championship

One of the 2017 novelties at CRG is the brand’s presence in Kart Endurance events. Among the planned activities, the new championship ENDURANCE KART CUP has been presented in the past few days to all the fans and enthusiasts of this exciting karting discipline.

CRG will be the official provider of Karts and logistic services alongside the organizer Kartsport Circuit of this Series to be run in three rounds. This event is directed at enthusiasts and companies that will have the chance to challenge each other on track on board the Centurion karts pushed by 4 strokes engine units. The racing calendar follows: Viverone will host the opener on Saturday May 27th, while round 2 and 3 will take place at the circuit of Ala (Trento) respectively on July 8th and September 16th.

Karts will be assigned to teams by lot and the technical assistance on track will be provided by CRG technicians, which will provide all drivers with a highly professional service. Karts set up for the Endurance Kart Cup will be fitted with ballasts to level performance and will have timing systems integrated in the dashboard on the steering wheel. Organizers will set up a pits zone equipped with screens to watch racing action live and an advanced timing system (that will keep into account pit stop times and driving shifts). The Championship format of each round features free practice, qualifying and two races: a 2 hours long Sprint Race and an Endurance Race of 4 hours. Points will be awarded after qualifying and after both races with increasing scoring.


Alongside the high standards of the events and performance of karts, a great added value to this championship will be the chance given to the winning team to take part in the WORLD RENTAL KART CONTEST by CRG. This event will be promoted by CRG in Italy next October 14th 2017, as an occasion to bring on track all the best rental drivers selected in CRG championships and on the rental Karts circuits using the karts produced by the Italian company spread all over the world.

Entry fees for the Endurance Kart Cup have been devised with special care to a high value for money ratio: entry fees (3 races) amount to Euro 3.300,00 (+VAT), while single races entries (subject to availability) to Euro 1.500,00 (+VAT). Please be aware that a maximum number of 28 lineups will be allowed in each event.

Full regulations will be published shortly, while entry lists will officially open in March. Kartsport devised a website dedicated to the series (endurancekartcup.it) and social networks will enhance the official support given by CRG to this exciting sporting challenge.

ROUND 1: Saturday 27 May - Viverone
ROUND 2: Saturday 8 July - Ala di Trento
ROUND 3: Saturday 16 September - Ala di Trento

Timing (local time)
08:00 - 09:00 Teams registration
09:15 - 09:45 Drivers briefing
10:00 - 11:00 Free practice (1h)
11:15 - 11:25 Qualifying (10’)
12:30 -14:30 Sprint Race (2h)
15:00- 19:00 Endurance Race (4h)
19:30-20:00 Prize ceremony (Top 10)

CRG Centurion powered by a 4 strokes engine unit.
Karts assigned by lot and technical support managed by CRG Racing team.
Karts fitted with ballast and adjustable pedals.

Fees & Entries
Entry fee (3 races): Euro 3.300,00 + VAT
Single event entry: Euro 1.500,00 + VAT
Entry list opening: 15 March

Given to the top 10 teams
The winning team will be given a wild-card to the World Rental Kart Contest

Phone: 331.6305745

Press Office
2 March 2017




CRG Magazine is the new digital quarterly publication available through CRG’s official webpage. It features exclusive content on races, company, products and, in general, on the world of karting.

CRG Magazine is a new communication initiative of the Italian factory dedicated to all the karting enthusiasts and, particularly, to CRG fans. CRG Magazine is a free quarterly publication available through CRG’s official webpage (www.kartcrg.com) that will report on the activity of the Italian company, including racing and products, with in-depth specials.

The most beautiful pictures taken at the races all around the world, classifications and reports, but also interviews with drivers and staff, opinions and technical analysis will find their special place in this new magazine. Products, on track tests and technical tutorials will also be discussed. The magazine will include a regular column in which CRG’s President Giancarlo Tinini will talk about the champions that started their career in karting with CRG: Max Verstappen is the celebrity on the first number.

The 1st number (January – March) reviews the incredible 2016 season and previews the just started 2017, introducing technical partners, strategies and works drivers. Balance and future commercial objectives are part of this number too, while the on track special is dedicated to the electric kart E-drenaline, tested for us by CRG works driver Simo Puhakka at the indoor track of Franciacorta.

Paolo De Conto is the protagonist of an interview in which he disclosed some aspects of his private life as well as the special relationship he has with the company and team that allowed him to become karting world champion.

The excellent graphic project, the special content devised by CRG press office and the important collaborations regarding images and technical analysis make CRG Magazine a high-end product. The new magazine will lead into the Official CRG Yearbook at the end of the season. This publication will feature more than 140 pages in the 28 x 24 format reviewing all racing, technical and commercial content of the season.


• Giancarlo Tinini’s editorial
• Photoshoot: the nicest pictures of 2016
• 2016 Season review
• 2017 Season preview: CRG Racing team’s drivers line up
• The interview: Paolo De Conto
• Balance 2016 and company objectives for 2017
• Product: top selling CRG karts
• Product: lifestyle by CRG
• On track testing: E-drenaline, the electric Kart by CRG
• Stories: Giancarlo Tinini talks about Max Verstappen

BROWSE THE NEW MAGAZINE CRG NEWS: https://issuu.com/kartcrg.com/docs/crg_mag_1_web_uk

Press Office
21 February 2017

In the picture: Cover of CRG Magazine n. 1



Paolo De Conto secured the second place in KZ on CRG-Tm at the 22nd Winter Cup, as did Dennis Hauger in OK, after fighting for the victory. The young Alfio Spina took the win in Mini Rok with Team Gamoto at the end of an exciting final.

CRG put in a great performance at the Winter Cup of Lonato, fielding a big and competitive driver lineup in all categories. The strongest results came in the end mainly in KZ2, where Paolo De Conto secured the second place, and in OK with another second place claimed by a surprising Dennis Hauger. The victory of Mini Rok went to the very quick Alfio Spina and to team Gamoto.


Reigning World Champion Paolo De Conto did his best to take the KZ2 win at the 22nd Winter Cup on CRG-Tm, race that had an exceptional highly-ranked entry list of 89 international drivers. Unfortunately, De Conto had some hiccups in the heats and in the Final he had to put in a great comeback, closing his effort right in the slipstream of the winner Jemery Iglesias. Had De Conto started a bit higher up than from the eighth spot of the grid, the end result could have certainly been different...

“After qualifying that did not go very well and the incident in the final heat – declared Paolo De Conto – the end result has been positive. I am very happy on how things went this weekend, as I kept increasing my speed. If I had started the Final higher up the grid, I could have fought for the victory. But I am fine with this result. This is a good start to the season.”

Among the other CRG finalists of KZ2, Flavio Camponeschi confirmed his place among the front runners ending sixth, team SRP’s Fabian Federer had to settle for P9 due to an incident after being among the absolute quickest on track. Mirko Torsellini put in strong races but lacked a little bit of speed before being handed a 10s time penalty for the incorrectly placed front fairing in the Final. Simo Puhakka run a solid weekend all the way up to the Final, where he was stopped by an incident during the first lap.

The Spanish driver Enrico Prosperi had an unlucky debut and could not qualify for the Final due to a series of issues, as happened to Alessandro Giardelli and Marco Valenti that accumulated some delay in the heats.



The Norwegian driver of CRG Dennis Hauger has been dominating OK on CRG-Parilla, despite this being his first season in OK following last year’s debut in OK Junior. Hauger found his place among the main protagonists also in this category, fighting equal with more experienced drivers. In the Final he also managed to get the lead, before being pushed down to P4 and then climbing up again to P2, engaging a battle for the victory. He put in a great performance, closing his race right in Travisanutto’s slipstream, as the latter led a Zanardi kart back to the victory.

Regarding the other CRG finalists of OK, the Spanish Kilian Meyer was 14th, Michael Rosina 19th and Callum Bradshaw 21st, while William Alatalo had to retire from the race.



CRG’s youngsters of OK-Junior displayed great speed, but could not get the most of their competitiveness in the end. The best was the German rookie Donar Nils Munding, who recovered all the way to the final P13, leading the French Evann Mallet. Gabriel Bortoleto had an excursion at the start and closed his race in P29. This was a real pity as the Brazilian had been shining in the heats and Super Heat. The Spanish driver Jose Antonio Gomez could not qualify for the Final by just one point.



Alfio Spina and Team Gamoto have been shining again in Mini Rok. The Italian won a photo-finish Final by only 0.01s, exciting spectators. The very young Spina completed a great comeback at this Winter Cup, as he recovered from P18 after heats to the second place of Super Heat, a result that granted him a third row start in the Final. Spina recovered the remaining positions early in the Final and then managed to fend off the Russian Bedrin. Among the best drivers, Luca Giardelli of Team Gamoto ended 11th.

All results are available at www.southgardakarting.

Press Office
20 February 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) Dennis Hauger, OK; 3) Donar Nils Munding and Evann Mallet, OK-Junior; 4) Alfio Spina, Mini Rok. Ph. CRG Press



A total of 57 drivers will make it to the track at the 22nd Winter Cup of Lonato on CRG chassis. A very strong squad in KZ2 and a lot of protagonists on track in OK, OK-Junior and Mini Rok.

The Winter Cup of Lonato is one of the most important appointments of the early season; this is an event that CRG has always cared a lot about as it marks the beginning of the international season.

The 22nd edition of the Winter Cup scheduled for next 16-19 February 2017 will see a top class lineup fielded by CRG Racing Team, as all the team’s strongest drivers, including some new entries, are ready to shine for the Italian outfit in this occasion.


In total, 57 drivers will compete on CRG chassis in the four categories, which accounts for about 20% of the 293 drivers that entered the Winter Cup. CRG chassis in KZ2 will be 25% of the total, as 22 CRG drivers will compete in the most powerful category of the event, that is the category in which CRG has a very successful history.


Out of the 90 drivers entered in KZ2, the Italian outfit’s works team will line up, on CRG-Tm, the Reigning World Champion of KZ2 Paolo De Conto, Simo Puhakka, Flavio Camponeschi, the Spanish driver Enrico Prosperi and Mirko Torsellini – the latter two at their comeback in the works team, and Alessandro Giardelli.

Also on CRG, the reigning European Champion Fabian Federer, Fabrizio Rosati and the Estonian Kallasmaa Kaspar will be fielded by team SRP, 2014 European Champion Andrea Dalè, the Swede Benjamin Tornqvist Persson, Marco Valenti, the Spaniards Toni Forné Tomas and Gerard Cebrian, the Swiss André Reinhard, Fabian Kreim, Mattia Lugli, the Dutch Kay van Berlo will wear CRG Keijzer Racing colors, while the German Alexander Schmitz and the Dutch Max Weering will compete for CRG Holland. Daniele Vezzelli will also partake in this event.


Category OK will have 60 drivers at the start. CRG works team will be represented by the Norwegian Dennis Hauger, 2016 CIK-FIA Academy Trophy Champion Callum Bradshaw, the Spanish driver Kilian Meyer, Matteo Nannini and the Finn William Alatalo, all on CRG-Parilla. Michael Rosina with CRG Raceland, René Binder will also compete on CRG with RL-Competition, Alessandro Di Cori with team Morsicani and Glenn van Berlo with CRG Keijzer Racing,

CRG’s presence among the 58 drivers entered in OK-Junior is also going to be important. Among the young talents of this category, the Italian outfit will line up the French Evann Mallet, the Spanish Jose Antonio Gomez, the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, the German at the debut with CRG works team Donar Nils Munding and then the Spanish driver Glenn Alba Rodriguez and Leonardo Bizzotto will race for team Morsicani, Mathias Torreggiani, the Spanish Javier Sagrera for M2 Racing and Cerine Broer for SRP Racing.


The very young drivers of Mini will compete in Mini Rok in this occasion. Among the 85 entered drivers, CRG’s colors will be represented by a lot of drivers lined up by private teams. Team Gamoto entered Alfio Spina, Luca Giardelli, the Norwegian Martinius Stenshorne and the Asian Aidan Quek, team M2 Racing the Spanish driver Lucas Pons, Team RL Competition Lilly Zug, team TBKart Kiril Sorokin, team GP Racing the Mexican Jesse Carrasquedo and the Brazilian Matheus Morgatto, also on track, Gregorio Bertocco, Hayden Lupifieri, the Spanish drivers Lucas Romero Berlanga and Francisco Puertas Perez, Federico Rossi, Antonino Guerrera and Filippo Croccolino.

THE PROGRAMME (local time)

Thursday 16 February: Free practice from 8:30, Technical Scrutineering from 15:30, Briefing from 16:45.
Friday 17 February: Warm-up from 8:30; Qualifying (from 11:50), Heats from 14:30.
Saturday 18 February: Warm-up from 8:30; Heats from 10:45.
Sunday 19 February: Warm-up from 8:30; Heats from 11:00; Super Heats from 11:30; Finals from 14:30.

Live Timing, Live Streaming and all results will be available at www.southgardakarting.

Press Office
15 February 2017

In the picture: Paolo De Conto, CRG-Tm, KZ. Ph. Cunaphoto.it.



The first round of the WSK Super Master Series in Adria has been spoiled by bad weather. Jorrit Pex ended on the podium of KZ on CRG-Tm. The other CRG drivers stopped by incidents instead. Team Gamoto centered a one-two-three in 60 Mini.

The opener of the WSK Super Master Series at the Adria Karting Raceway has taken place in a very difficult weekend. The circuit was soaked with unceasing rain during the three days of the event and in the final it was close to impracticable conditions.

CRG obtained positive results in Adria, but a different weather could have ended with a better result for the drivers of the Italian outfit that is well represented in all categories.


The strong Dutch driver Jorrit Pex managed to secure another podium for CRG in KZ on CRG-Tm, at the end of a final that has been made chaotic by the heavy rain. He put in a bold race and claimed the third step of the podium, as did one week ago at the WSK Champions Cup when Jorrit Pex closed his effort behind his brother Stan Pex and Flavio Camponeschi. This time around the top two went to Anthony Abbasse and Bas Lammers.

Regarding the other CRG drivers, Flavio Camponeschi had to settle for P14 after the eighth place in the Final, one week after the mentioned great performance. Paolo De Conto suffered a series of problems in Prefinal and Final and had to retire due to a failure to the drive chain. Alessandro Giardelli also had to retire, but he was happy on finding his place among the finalists despite being at the debut in the shifter category, as the British driver Taymour Kermanshahchi. Stan Pex had to retire due to an incident in the opening lap after closing the Prefinal in P2. Similar fate also for polesitter Simo Puhakka.

Jorrit Pex: “Difficult conditions today for everyone, I struggled a bit as but I think most of the drivers did, and in the end I am really happy because we are back on the podium again. Two races and two podiums, we keep going and try to go to higher steps instead of third. The start of the year is good and we can to do even better in the next races”



Several contacts and spins characterized the race of CRG drivers in OK, after the great speed shown in qualifying. Dennis Hauger – fourth in Prefinal, managed to cross the finish line only in 19th, while Michael Rosina was 21st and Davide Lombardo 23rd. The Spanish driver Kilian Meyer, the British Callum Bradshaw and Matteo Nannini could not qualify for the final stages due to some problems in the Prefinals.


Team Morsicani’s Leonardo Bizzotto has been the best of CRG drivers in the Final of OK-Junior and crossed the line in fifth place. The Spanish driver Ayrton Fontecha was handed a 10s time penalty ending his debut race with the works team in P20, while the Malaysian Nik Zamir Zakwan was 22nd. The French Gillian Henrion had to retire after he confirmed the good performance shown in qualifying and in the heats with the 10th place in Prefinal. A similar fate characterized the race of the Spanish driver Jose Gomez (12th in Prefinal). The French Evann Mallet and the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto could not qualify for the Final instead.



Great results for CRG arrived from 60 Mini thanks to the excellent performance of Team Gamoto’s drivers, that managed to lock out the podium of the Final. The closing race was in fact won by Fabio Spina, who repeated the victory scored at the WSK Champions Cup. Luca Giardelli secured P2 after leading the race early on, while Malaysia’s Adam Putera completed the podium. The top three drivers were all on CRG-Tm.

Results are available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
05 February 2017

In the pictures: 1) Jorrit Pex in action on CRG-Tm in the WSK Final of Adria; 2) Jorrit Pex holding the trophy for his third place in KZ; 3) The podium of 60 Mini with Fabio Spina between Luca Giardelli and Adam Putera, CRG Gamoto; Ph. CRG Press.



The opener of the WSK Super Master Series in Adria has been difficult due to the bad weather. CRG drivers among the protagonists in all categories. Excellent Puhakka in KZ2, Hauger and Bradshow in OK, Henrion in OK-Junior.

The opener of the WSK Super Master Series in Adria has been difficult due to the bad weather. CRG drivers among the protagonists in all categories. Excellent Puhakka in KZ2, Hauger and Bradshow in OK, Henrion in OK-Junior.

Weather conditions in Adria have been very tough at the opener of the WSK Super Master Series. After the wet qualifying on Friday, weather got even worse on Saturday and the final 6 heats of Mini, KZ2 and OK Junior had to be stopped by the red flag. The final heats have been postponed to Sunday February 5th, hoping for better conditions.


KZ2 qualifying have highlighted the quality of the strong CRG driver from Finland Simo Puhakka, who posted the quickest time in 1:02.366s on CRG-Tm. The other CRG drivers have also put in strong performances, as last Sunday’s winner at the WSK Champions Cup, Stan Pex, who was third. Jorrit Pex was seventh, and World Champion Paolo De Conto followed him in eighth place, while Flavio Camponeschi was tenth. Taymour Kermanshahchi was 17th and Alessandro Giardelli 38th.

CRG drivers Puhakka, the two brothers Pex Stan and Jorrit and De Conto were among the front runners in the first heats held on Saturday, while Camponeschi had to stop due to an incident.



The British winner of the CIK-FIA Academy 2016 Callum Bradshow has come to the fore in OK, despite being at his debut this year on CRG-Parilla. Bradshow was 12th in a qualifying session spoiled by rain, Dennis Hauger was 17th and Matteo Nannini 25th. They were followed by the other two CRG drivers that are at their debut of the season Kilian Meyer and Davide Lombardo. Dennis Hauger completed a great comeback in the heats – all the scheduled heats have been run in this category, and he brilliantly secured a provisional P5. Callum Bradshaw took a great P9, while Kilian Meyer a very good P22 obtained in critical weather conditions. Davide Lombardo is 25th (with a fourth place as best result of the heats), while Matteo Nannini suffered several DNFs due to incidents.



OK-Junior drivers have also put in a series of strong performances. Above all, the French Gillian Henrion who was second in the recent Champions Cup, has been shining since qualifying as he posted the fastest lap of his group, which was worth the second absolute time. Henrion run excellent heats too, taking one victory and two second places. The Spanish driver Ayrton Fontecha, at his debut with CRG, also had a good day, as the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, while the French Evann Mallet, the Spanish Jose Gomez and the Malaysian Nik Zamir Zakwan struggled a bit in the rain. Some further heats are scheduled for OK-Junior on Sunday morning, as for 60 Mini and classifications are therefore still to be defined.

ADRIA’S PROGRAMME (local time):
WSK Super Master Series
Sunday 5 February 2017: Heats from 9:20. Prefinals from 12:00. Finals from 14:40.

All results and Live TV feed are available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
04 February 2017

In the pictures: 1) Simo Puhakka, KZ2; 2) Dennis Hauger, OK; 3) Gillian Henrion, OK-Junior.
Ph. CRG Press.



The first round of the WSK Super Master Series takes karting action to Adria for the second weekend in a row this February 5th. Paolo De Conto and Simo Puhakka in KZ2 with CRG. A lot of interesting debuts to take place in OK and OK-Junior.

The Adria Karting Raceway is once again under the spotlight, this time around for the opener of the WSK Super Master Series, race that takes place one week after the Champions Cup that has seen CRG dominating KZ2 and scoring great results also in OK and OK-Junior.

CRG Racing Team is about to field an increased number of drivers in Adria, some of which are at the debut and all set to run a strong 2017 season with the Italian outfit.


World Champion Paolo De Conto will be at the start of KZ2 on CRG-Tm. He comes from the victory taken in Guadalajara (Mexico) and is well motivated to shine again during this season. Alongside De Conto, Simo Puhakka will also make it to the track. He also has been competing in Mexico with CRG being among the quickest and claiming the fifth final position.

CRG will also field again the winners of the recent WSK Champions Cup: in the order on Adria’s podium, Stan Pex, Flavio Camponeschi and Jorrit Pex, all on CRG-Tm. Taymour Kermanshahchi and Alessandro Giardelli will complete CRG’s drivers lineup.

Regarding private teams, CRG Keijzer Racing will field the Russian Ivan Nosov, CRG Holland the German Alexander Schmitz and the Swedes Andreas Johansson and Benjamin Tornqvist Persson.



The await is mounting at CRG for the debut of three particularly interesting rookies in OK. Expectations are high for CIK-FIA Academy 2016 Champion from Britain Callum Bradshaw, for the Spanish driver Kilian Meyer who comes from single make smaller categories, and for Davide Lombardo who is seeking a confirmation of his unquestionable talent in OK. All these drivers will compete on CRG-Parilla.

The quick Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger will have another go in Adria, after the recent retirement from the Champions Cup due to a problem to the spark plug in Prefinal, hiccup that followed his pole position in qualifying. Matteo Nannini will also try to counter-charge after the technical problems he recently suffered in Adria. Team CRG Raceland will line up Michael Rosina.



CRG will also add another protagonist in the mix of OK-Junior, the Spaniard Ayrton Fontecha, assisted by Carlos Gil’s Sportkart will in fact strengthen the works team of this category. The brilliant French Gillian Henrion will be at the start after the recent second place on the podium in Champions Cup. The other French driver Evann Mallet, who was among the quickest in qualifying and heats recently in Adria, will also be part of CRG’s lineup, as the Spanish José Antonio Gomez, the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto and the Malaysian Nik Zamir Zakwan.

Among CRG private teams of Junior, RL-Competition will line up Marius Zug, who was among the protagonists of the WSK Champions Cup, M2 Racing Karts Javier Sagrera, Morsicani Racing Leonardo Bizzotto, SRP Racing Team Cherine Broer, CRG Keijzer Racing Kas Haverkort, WJS Racing Dilano Van T Hoff, CRG TB Racing Luca Maish and Hugo Sasse and CRG Holland Linus Janssen.


A total of 90 drivers will partake in the always crowded 60 Mini, and CRG private teams are all set to confirm their place among the absolute protagonists. Team CRG Gamoto comes from the victory at the WSK Champions Cup with the very young Alfio Spina. Alongside him, Team CRG Gamoto will line up Martinius Kleve Stenshorne, Luca Giardelli, Marcos Flack, Adam Putera, Akshay, Nikhil Bohra, Christian Ho, Aidan Quek and Laurens Van Hoepen in Adria’s WSK Super Master Series. Expectations are high also for the other CRG-affiliated teams. EGP Racing Team will bring on track Ean Eyckmans, CRG Holland Justin Polman, Sa Aad Variawa and Saood Variawa, DCK Racing Lorens Lecertua, M2 Racing Kart Lucas Pons, CRG Keijzer Racing Bart Ploeg, RL-Competition Lilly Zug, Morsicani Racing Enzo Scionti, TBKart Kacper Sztuka and Tymoteusz Kucharczyk.

ADRIA’S PROGRAMME (local time)
WSK Super Master Series, 2-5.02.2017

Thursday 2 February 2017: Free practice
Friday 3 February 2017: Qualifying from 13:40. Heats from 15:40.
Saturday 4 February 2017: Heats from 10:20.
Sunday 5 February 2017: Heats from 10:20. Prefinals from 10:50. Finals from 14:00.

All results and Live TV feed will be available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
02 February 2017

In the pictures: 1) Flavio Camponeschi with Jorrit and Stan Pex. KZ2; 2) Dennis Hauger, OK; 3) Gillian Henrion, OK-Junior. Ph. CRG Press.



Stan Pex, Flavio Camponeschi and Jorrit Pex take it all in Adria’s KZ2. Gillian Henrion very good second on the podium of OK-Junior. CRG on top also in 60 Mini with Alfio Spina taking the win for Team Gamoto.

CRG is definitely still up there. The Italian outfit started season 2017 as the unquestionable protagonist of the first racing weekend of the year: the WSK Champions Cup held in Adria. CRG has dominated KZ2, took a podium in OK-Junior and then another victory in 60 Mini with Team Gamoto.


CRG has claimed the whole podium of KZ2, with a top three led by the new enfant prodige Stan Pex, KZ 2015 European Champion Flavio Camponeschi and 2015 World Champion Jorrit Pex, all on CRG-Tm. CRG drivers have been cheered also by Max Verstappen, who has followed all the racing action in Adria.

After the pole position secured by Flavio Camponeschi, and the red-hot Prefinal when Stan Pex had the upper hand proceeding his brother Jorrit as Camponeschi was fifth, the three young CRG drivers have been unbeatable in the Final. This result confirmed the supremacy of the Italian outfit in KZ, as happened in 2016 when Paolo De Conto won the World Championship and Fabian Federer the International Super Cup KZ2.

Among the other drivers of CRG works team, Taymour Kermanshahchi was 11th and Alessandro Giardelli was relegated to P20 by a 10s time penalty.



Stan Pex, KZ2, first: “Really happy, it is great to start the year with a win. I think we have a good chance to run a strong season. The chassis has been perfect and the engine was really good as well, because all of us in top three were on TM, I am happy and I think straight to the next races. It looks good for this year.”

Flavio Camponeschi, KZ2, second: “It was good. Only in the Prefinal we had some small technical issues. We fixed them ahead of the Final and found the right balance I was therefore very fast. I am disappointed for the start, I had to get away from P5 due to the result of the Prefinal and I lost some ground trying and close in on the leader. At the end I was the quickest, I also set the fastest lap of the race. Had I started on a better position, I could have certainly fought for the victory.”

Jorrit Pex, KZ2, third: “The Final was quite a hard race for me, we tried something in the setup and it didn’t work out really well. The pace has been really good for the whole weekend, only in the final the pace was not good enough to take the win. I realized this quite early in the race and I knew I had to fight for the podium as the win was not possible anymore. That’s what I did.”



CRG secured another good podium in OK-Junior thanks to the brilliant French 2015 Champion of Cadet Gillian Henrion, who was at the debut in OK-Junior with the Italian Outfit. The French driver closed his effort in P2 behind the Russian Morozov. The German Marius Zug of team RL-Competition could have achieved a lot more, as he has been among the main protagonists of the weekend and won the Prefinal ahead of Henrion and Gomez, before ending fourth in a Final that he also led. Jose Antonio Gomez also put in a great race ending sixth, after a great Prefinal, while the Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto was seventh. Another CRG protagonist could not shine as he would have deserved in OK-Junior though. The French Evann Mallet had in fact to retire from the Prefinal due to a spin, after being among the quickest in qualifying (second quickest) and in the heats, where he ended fourth.


An unespected retirement in Prefinal due to a problem to the spark plug stopped CRG’s Dennis Hauger run in OK. The Norwegian had been previously shining in his debut race as he set the pole position and completed very good races in the heats. CRG’s colors in this category were defended by the Finn William Alatalo, who ended in a good P14, and by Matteo Nannini, who run a good race but was slowed down by some setup problems first and by a 10s time penalty then, which made him slip down to the final P27. The victory in this category went to Pedro Hiltbrand, who secured the title of World Champion last year with CRG. Michael Rosina could not qualify in Prefinal.


The very young Alfio Spina on CRG-Tm run by Team Gamoto has scored a stunning victory in 60 Mini. His team mate Luca Giardelli was among the quickest and fought for the victory until the closing stages, crossing the line in P4. Top ten finish for Saood Variawa of CRG Holland, seventh, and Gamoto’s Adam Putera, ninth.


The next round of the season is the WSK Super Master Series scheduled in Adria (3-4-5 February). Some more CRG protagonists will join the squad in the occasion.

All results are available at www.wskarting.it

Press Office
29 January 2017

In the pictures: 1) The podium of KZ2 with Stan Pex in between Flavio Camponeschi and Jorrit Pex; 2) Stan Pex crossing the finish line; 3) The podium of Gillian Henrion, great second in OK-Junior; 4) The victory of CRG. Ph. CRG Press.

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