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Jarno’s son (former Renault and Toyota F1 driver) completed his first international season in OKJ with CRG racing team.

Following his father’s footsteps, 12 years old Enzo Trulli, son of Jarno, that has been a great protagonist of F1 in the ‘90s and 2000s, started a training path in karting, as already happened to several sons of excellent drivers.

Obviously, the experience of his father is behind Enzo’s choices. Jarno follows his son actively as second mechanic since the National races in Italy, where Enzo moved his first steps in karting. He chose CRG Racing team for the son in 2018 for his first complete International season, entrusting the Italian outfit.

Enzo draws his balance of 2018 with these words: “This has been a great season, considering my little experience in karting: this was my 4th year in karting, and I did not expect to be so successful on the International scene. I had to learn how to approach European and World Championship races, that are quite different from what I was used to. 
I grew a lot since the beginning of the season, thanks also to the help of CRG Racing Team’s 
staff that taught me a lot.”

What are the best and most difficult moments of your season?
“The best moments have been the victory of the Margutti Trophy and the first win in DKM, that came on my birthday: I made myself a pretty cool gift. The toughest moment was maybe the World Championship in Kristianstad because, despite being very fast, some technical issues and some bad luck did not allow us to get the results we deserved.”

Can you tell us something about your relationship with CRG?
“I found a serene environment here and the staff of the Racing Team helped me to build a good feeling without too much pressure. I managed to work well on technical aspects and driving. Staff is very professional and technically well prepared. They have a great experience. The potential of the chassis is very high and we did a great team work.” How did you start with karting? “That was almost by chance: one day my dad brought me to the track on rental karts with my brother Marco and another friend: that moment was meant to be just for fun, but since then I could not do without. I had to face a lot of difficulties to practice this sport competitively though.”

Talking about difficulties, what advice would you give to someone wishing to start practicing karting?
“This sport, especially at the beginning, must be a way to spend some quality time with dad or mum and have fun, trying to push self limits further and improve constantly. It is a great school. The most important thing in karting is to learn and results come as a consequence.”

What are your goals for 2019?
“I cannot wait to make the most of the experience built this year and to get a better feeling with the team: the target is to fight for the win in all the races.”

Enzo Trulli started competing on karts in 2014 in Mini and in 2019 he will contest his second full season in CIK-FIA International races of OK Junior.


Press Office
February 12nd, 2019

In the pictures: 1) Enzo Trulli, winner in the DKM in Lonato (LRN Photo); 2) Enzo and Jarno Trulli (CRG Press).



Despite some unlucky episodes, the CRG-De Conto pairing has been the protagonist of all the most prestigious events of the last season.

Paolo De Conto’s 2018 went through two key moments that affected his chances to enrich his and CRG’s (the brand to which he has been connected for five years now) prize lists. This is what he highlights drawing the balance of the season:

“Following a chronological order, the first episode has been the Steward’s decision that stripped me of the European KZ title. A title that the Team and I (deservedly) won on track. This has been a decision I cannot share, understand nor accept in any way, considering that it sanctioned an overtaking move with a slight contact, on a rival that was experiencing technical difficulties and that did not file an appeal for the move. A unappealable 10s time penalty modified the result of the track stripping us of an important title like the CIK-FIA European Championship. The fact that the title went to CRG anyway with Jorrit Pex does not change an unfair punishment. The second episode happened in qualifying at the World Championship in Genk when the water pipe broke and I had to start the Final from the back of the grid. Starting behind in such a difficult and high level race made it all more difficult and prevented us from defending the title at best.”

The balance is positive nevertheless...
“Obviously the performance of our Road Rebel chassis has set the reference for the whole season and our partnership with TM for engines has been excellent again. As I said, some episodes did play against us this year, but performance has always been there and not getting what we had the potential to achieve makes us stronger to bounce back next year.”

Tell us about your relationship with CRG and your targets for next year.
“CRG is one of the most important outfits in the world and is the market leader of KZ worldwide. It is an honour and a pride for me to be part of this team and to contribute to the success of this brand being part of the Racing Team. CRG is the history of karting and a company projected to the future. Next year I will contest again the FIA Karting Championships and some International events in KZ. The target is to bring the KZ World Championship back home. Next year it will take place in Lonato, that is only one km from our headquarters: it is certainly going to be a great event.”

Looking ahead, this year you made your debut as coach in your karting school...
“This is a project that involved and excited me a lot. It is a way to transfer the experience I built in 18 years of karting to young drivers that are starting along my same path. So far we started with a pilot project at the Raceland circuit in Vicenza, but we will most probably go bigger thanks also to the direct involvement of CRG.”

Paolo De Conto started competing on karts in 1998. He won 2 KZ World Championships and a European Championship with CRG. Last year he launched his karting schoold: the De Conto Academy.

Press Office
February 10th, 2019

In the picture: Paolo De Conto (Cunaphoto).



He grew in karting with CRG and became OK and KZ2 World Champion in 2016. He took one year off and came back in 2018.

The name of Pedro Hiltbrand, Spanish driver from Blanes (Girona) born in May 1996, is strictly connected to that of CRG in International Karting. He has been competing among the fields of the Italian outfit for several seasons and won the OK World Title in 2016, the KZ2 International Super Cup and the OK European Championship.

Looking for new adventures, he made a different choice in 2017, but he came back home at CRG’s Racing team at the beginning of 2018, as he himself stated:

“The feeling I got at the beginning of the year was exactly that of coming back home, a place were you are comfortable and capable of showing your best. Karting is everything to me and CRG is an important part of my life: it is like a family. Human relationships are important and I have always found the best mix of professionalism and human qualities here, starting from Giancarlo Tinini and technical managers of the Racing Team. On top of the technical side, compartment in which CRG is an absolute warranty, the working environment is definitely a plus.”

Can you draw a balance of your season?
“The balance is definitely positive despite some results being below expectations. Good luck was not on our side, but I had a great feeling with the material and team since day one and I think my performance has always been excellent. We got several podiums in OK and came 3rd at the European Championship; we have always been very strong in KZ.”

What are the best and most difficult moments of 2018?
“The best moment was my first race in Adria: being back at CRG Racing Team and scoring the pole position felt great. The toughest moment was certainly in Salbris at the first race of the KZ European Championship when the engine broke after 16 laps on top of the race.”

Can you tell us about your relationship with CRG?
“CRG’s staff and the Tinini family are like a second family to me and I am friends with a lot of people in the Racing Team. On the technical side, the number of International wins that CRG has scored is incredible, as the number of important drivers that have competed in this team. This is because the team has a great technical and organizational view: being part of this brand is a great honour for me.”

What advice can you give to a young driver getting close to karting?
“If the objective is competing in International races two are the most important things to bear in mind: choosing the right team and having the right motivation. It is fundamental to have the best material to keep up with the others at this level, but a professional staff supporting the young driver in his growth is just as important. Motivation is the other crucial element: you have to believe in yourself, never give up, because this is definitely not going to be an easy path. Focus and motivation are as important as talent and material. Last but not least, do not leave school behind for karting or any other sport.”

Pedro Hiltbrand will contest his 6th season with CRG in 2019. He aims to a strong season in KZ.

Press Office
February 8th, 2019

In the picture: Pedro Hiltbrand (Ph. Sportinphoto).



The analysis and perspectives of CRG’s president on sporting, sales and technical topics.

After the end of the 2018 season and the beginning of the new year, it’s time to make balances at the CRG Factory, so the first topic that we ask the president Giancarlo Tinini regards the analysis of the season:

“We are satisfied with the competitiveness that our drivers showed in international races, both in the Racing Team and in the external teams. In KZ we won the CIK-FIA European Championship with Jorrit Pex and we had an excellent season on OK Junior with Bortoleto (3rd at the World Championship and at the European Championship) and other young drivers of the Racing Team. In OK we had some up and downs, but the season ended with some important results, as the 3rd place in the European Championship with Hiltbrand. There is some bitterness for what happened at the KZ World Championship’s qualifying practice, where De Conto stopped for breaking a radiator pipe and provoked also Hiltbrand’s stop. An unlucky episode that forced both drivers to start from the bottom of the grid and that compromised the result in the end. About De Conto, it should be said that he won the KZ European Championship on track, but a controversial decision of the stewards deprived him of a deserved success. But regardless the single episodes, the overall balance is positive in the Racing sector, especially for the results and feedback that our external teams and customers gave on the new chassis presented with the latest FIA homologations.”


Talking about chassis, can you give us an overview of the CRG offer for the Racing sector?
“In KZ our benchmark model is the Road Rebel chassis, that we perfected for the tyres that we currently use and that proved to be fast on all kinds of tracks. It is a chassis that needs few adjustments, intuitive, very efficient in braking and in cornering, important factors in the Shifter classes. Always in KZ, we made an excellent work also with the KT4 model that revealed itself an effective alternative on some track conditions. In the Direct Drive category, our standard and best seller model is the KT2 chassis, very versatile and able to adapt to all kind of tyres. In this market branch, we are very satisfied with the feedback received on the Heron chassis, particularly efficient with medium-hard tyres and slippery tracks: it gives the driver a great sensation, both when braking and when changing direction and it has an excellent general balance. It is a chassis that can make the difference.”

Which are the programs and strategies for 2019?
“The most important news for the CRG Racing Team will be the involvement of Maxter’s structure and resources to directly handle the engines. In the last seasons, we rented the engines from an external service and, without talking about performances, we didn’t know the technical features of each engine, so we couldn’t have a complete technical picture of our work during race weekends. This choice will allow us to have a more customized service. We also decided to reduce the number of races in order to concentrate on the FIA events and tests in the best way, so as we’ll have less drivers in order to provide them a better technical service. These choices will allow us to follow our dealers and external teams in important markets and events from the sales point of view.”

Talking about FIA Karting Championships, which is your opinion on the International Federation’s actions?
“For what concerns organization and promotion of the single events, I don’t see big differences and changes from the past. I can only point out that many tracks hosting international FIA events don’t provide adequate services and structures. I also suggested to avoid long queues to declare the technical equipment, which is a great loss of time and I also have concerns about the announced ban to warm up the engines inside the paddock: perhaps they should have found a temporary solution, finding some places and times when it’s allowed. What I consider important is the vision that the FIA should have for karting at general level and in a long-term scenario. First of all, they should assign international races only to those countries that promote international categories (OK-OKJ and KZ classes) and take every useful action to push the ASNs to promote the homologated engines and chassis in their championships. It’s unacceptable that ASNs like France, Spain and even Italy assign national titles to single-brand engine championships, without FIA homologation. Secondly, I spoke with Felipe Massa about the idea to make again the World Championship on more rounds and reduce the European Championship to a single event: this format would be more functional to promote karting and it will have our total support. In the end, the International Federation should take concrete policies to reduce the costs.”

What would you suggest for reducing the costs?
“First of all, one should start treating the single expenses of a race weekend, from the free practices, to the fuel, tyres and entry fees: if we consider each one alone it doesn’t look relevant, but at the end of the year each expense item is impressive for a team. We should seriously consider to reducing race days, as in this way we would reduce personnel, hotel and logistic costs. Probably, less expensive and demanding races would bring back many teams to the FIA events, after leaving international karting for other events.”


Talking about the CRG company, which are our strong points in your opinion?
“The never-ending search for quality is the key word in our production process. In all the phases, we have a severe control and we produce internally almost every component, exactly to keep everything under our responsibility. Since this year, also the chassis painting is made in house and we constantly update technology and machineries in every department. This philosophy is applied on every product range, from Racing to Rental.”

Talking about Rental Kart, CRG was one of the first companies investing on the electric kart.
“We deeply believe in this market branch and our E-Drenaline model is the outcome of a technological partnership with the Linde company, leader in the electric motors sector. We developed an important know-how and a relevant advantage on many competitors with our electric range. We also have a top-level complete line in the traditional petrol engine sector, where we have 6 models, from Mini to Centurion 390cc. We also created the agonistic format Rental Kart World Contest, that allows many tracks to organize events and championships whose winners can participate to an important international Endurance event. This year we had teams from China, Mexico and many European countries. In the end, we support this strategic market also with customized commercial operations, including exchange and leasing.”

The complete-range concept has always been a CRG distinguishing feature.
“Yes and today we can proudly state that we can satisfy any request of our customers, from the Puffo kart to make the first steps, to the promotional kart as the series powered by Briggs & Stratton, up to the Racing and Rental lines, that are among the most complete ones on the market.”

Which are CRG’s 2019 goals?
“In the last days, we announced new entries for the American market (CRG Nordam), where we set ambitious goals both for the Racing and Rental sectors, so as we started initiatives to better support our presence in Asia and in some European countries. We support specific programs in the Rental, promotional and youth sectors as well. In the end, next December, I would like to comment again a World Championship victory, that we missed this year after many years of consecutive successes: I am sure we have the technical equipment and drivers able to fight for this goal.”

Talking about drivers, names like Hamilton and Verstappen are linked to CRG. Which current driver can become a professional in your opinion?
“Among the young ones, Bortoleto has potentialities for sure. He is a striker, he is fast and mature: I think he can do well. Even Bradshaw is very fast and I believe that KZ2 can suit better his aggressive driving style. Trulli made his first international season and it will be important for him to strengthen his experience. In this process, his father’s support and experience will help him a lot. Talking about the youngest ones, in the next season I expect a lot from Scionti, as well as Haverkort, who did very well with the Zanardi team in his first year in OK.”


Press Office
January 30th, 2019

In the pictures: 1) Giancarlo Tinini and Felipe Massa, FIA Karting President, Cunaphoto; 2) CRG chassis made in 2018; 3) Also the chassis painting is made in CRG; 4) CRG Factory.



For the 2019 season, it is strengthened the partnership between CRG and the Piedmont team

The collaboration between Massimo Bosetto’s Autoeuropeo Motorsport and CRG, started this year with the participation to the national and international X30 trophies, will expand in 2019 including a program dedicated to the Mini.

The youth sector will be coordinated by Nicola Rosso, a very experienced technician in international karting and in the youth classes. The collaboration between Autoeuropeo and CRG will be very close on the Mini program from the technical point of view and the goal will be becoming a benchmark in this strategic class.

The program for the Mini category will include all the main WSK events and the Italian Championship, as well as the Iame X30 championships. The Autoeuropeo activity in the youth sector will also include the OK Junior, continuing the program in the X30 categories.

For further information on the Autoeuropeo Motorsport programs, you can contact the team at: autoeuropeomotorsport@gmail.com - 339 232 2506

Press Office
December 22th, 2018

In the picture: from left, Massimo Bosetto and Nicola Rosso.



The CRG Racing Team announced two important drivers for the 2019 line-up and the race program for the next season.

CRG made official two new entries in its 2019 drivers’ line-up: Enzo Trulli was announced for the OK Junior class and Gabriel Bortoleto for the OK. Both drivers are confirmed from last year in the CRG Racing Team, underlining their will to continue the positive work done together.

Enzo Trulli, 14 years old, son of the former F1 driver Jarno, that follows him as coach on track, is about to start his 2nd season in OK Junior, after making a good impression with a constant growth in his first year in international karting. He achieved two victories in 2018 (the Margutti Trophy and the DKM in Lonato), but he mainly made a lot of experience to be used in his second year in OK Junior.


The relationship between Gabriel Bortoleto and CRG is even more consolidated, if we think that the young Brazilian grew up in an external CRG team in 60 Mini and he’s been protagonist for two seasons in OK Junior with the Factory Racing Team. Many important results were achieved last year, as the 3rd place at the European Championship and the 3rd place at the World Championship. Already in the last two WSK races of the season, Gabriel started in the OK class being immediately fast. In 2019 he will make a complete program in OK in the FIA races, but also a program in the KZ2 category is not excluded, which will be decided after making some tests at the beginning of the season.

Trulli and Bortoleto join the confirmed Paolo De Conto in KZ, Pedro Hiltbrand (KZ and OK), the Luyet brothers in KZ2 and the French Théophile Naël in OKJ. In the next weeks, more drivers will be made official, after defining some contract details, but the goal is reducing the total number of drivers compared to the last season.

CRG announced also a restriction in the racing program, with the goal of making the racing team activity more functional to the company’s needs. The 2019 goal is concentrating on the FIA events (European and World Championships), whose role is promoting karting and they represent the most renowned technical contest, whilst our presence in secondary international events will be strongly reduced, as they penalize the activity in National Championships and don’t have an important return in technical terms and of image. On these issues, CRG has several times tried to bring the attention of operators and the international sporting authority to reduce the international races, but unfortunately there will be more than 25 races also in 2019. A reduction of races for the CRG Racing Team means also being able to provide a better assistance to our customers and partner teams committed in the National Championships and in the most important single-brand trophies in terms of sales.

Press Office
December 20th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Enzo and Jarno Trulli; 2) Gabriel Bortoleto.



The technician has taken on the role of "Race Team and Sales management"

CRG Nordam, the company that handles the American market for the CRG brand, has announced the new entry of Tony Tesoro to the companies structure starting in December.

As Track technician and an experienced manager, Tony has been working with CRG for 3 years, following many commercial activities and driver's, including the Tyler Maxson who raced this year in Europe and the USA. This agreement shows the importance of the American market for CRG.


CRG Nordam's strategic activities and large investments shows the effort which is being made in order to have an increasingly qualified and efficient presence in this market. Tony Tesoro will take on the role of Team Manager of the CRG Nordam Racing Team and will be busy on track at all of the main SKUSA events, providing technical support all clients and satellite teams.

At the same time, he will deal with the commercial sector by developing both the dealer networks for the Racing sector and by promoting the CRG Rental Kart line. The experience and professionalism of Tony Tesoro represents a guarantee for CRG customers and the growth ambitions of the Italian brand in the USA.

To contact Tony Tesoro directly regarding the racing team or sales you can write to: tony@kartcrg-nodam.com

Press Office
December 18th, 2018

In the pictures: Tony Tesoro.



Paolo De Conto secured the second place at the “Macau International Kart Grand Prix”, whiel Pedro Hiltbrand retired after an excellent start.

The closing event of the season took place at the Coloane Karting Track in Macau and CRG’s flag was again waved high in KZ with a podium claimed by Paolo De Conto, while Pedro Hiltbrand has also been a great protagonist, but was eventually hit by bad luck in the final.

Hiltbrand came to the fore at the “Macau International Kart Grand Prix” since qualifying, when he posted the quickest time, while De Conto was second of his group. The two CRG drivers have been the protagonists since the beginning and kept their momentum, as Hiltbrand claimed the victory in the first two heats, while De Conto was fourth and fifth. The third heat ended up with an early retirement for Hiltbrand and a good second place for De Conto instead.


The two CRG drivers run a strong Prefinal, as De Conto secured the win (and the fastest lap of te race), leading an excellent Hiltbrand. Rain in the Final created some problems though: De Conto lost P1 at the start, but kept the second place for all the 20 laps of the race, while Hiltbrand slipped down the field and eventually had to retire eight laps into the race. Marco Ardigò won the race, while Paolo De Conto was second and Luca Corberi third.


Complete results are available at https://racehero.io/events/2018-macau-international-kart-grand-prix/results

Press Office
December 10th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) The KZ podium in Macau, with Paolo De Conto (on the left) second; 2) Paolo De Conto and Pedro Hiltbrand in Macau; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand.



The event will take place in Adria on March 30th-31st and it will be broadcasted in live streaming. Over 40 teams are attended from all over the world.

CRG revealed its plans for the organization of the 24 Hours of Italy 2019, one of the most prestigious and awaited Endurance events in the international panorama, that will be run with CRG Centurion 390cc karts on the Adria track on March 30th-31st.

The great innovation of the 2019 edition will be the long live streaming, about 28 hours, that will broadcast images from the circuit with the comment of the official announcer, the results and the interviews of the drivers.

The broadcasting will start from Saturday’s Drivers Parade in the morning until Sunday’s prize-giving ceremony in the afternoon and will be available on CRG’s website and Facebook’s official page, so that each driver can share the live streaming on his social channels.

Such a worldwide visibility for the teams has never been reached before. After the 2018 great success, all the organization aspects have been confirmed for what concerns the race format and circuit. The karts employed will be the CRG Centurion 390cc, all brand new and handled by the CRG’s Racing Team.

Also the Adria circuit has been confirmed, considered the best location in the world for such a demanding race by all the team managers and drivers, both for the incredible lighting system, the latest generation track layout and the services offered, as the masonry boxes, hotel rooms above the pit lane (each team will have the possibility to book one room) and the race direction with over 20 cameras to keep the track under video control. The Adria raceway is one of the most prestigious tracks in international karting, hosting many WSK races and European Championships. The organization expects about 40 teams coming from all over the world, including Central and South America and China. In terms of sporting regulation, the strategies will be quite open and there will be 2 categories: Pro for the most competitive teams and the Silver Cup for amateur teams. The registrations will open on December 17th and will close when reaching the 40 available places. The entry fee will be of Euro 2.300 + VAT.
For further information you can contact our offices: +39.0309912604 – crg@kartcrg.com


Date: 30th-31st March 2019
Circuit: Adria (Rovigo, Italy) – www.adriaraceway.com
Hotel: each team will have the possibility to book one room at the circuit (book at CRG)
Box: each box will be occupied by 2 teams, they are in masonry with sliding door, screen to follow the race, table and lounger
Race format: 1H of free practices in the morning, 10’ of qualifying practice and 24H race starting at 2.00 pm on Saturday
Extra free practice: 1H – Friday 29th from 6.00 to 7.00 pm
Live streaming: online on kartcrg.com and on the Facebook page (CRG Factory). The images will be broadcasted starting from Saturday’s Drivers Parade until Sunday’s podium for about 28 hours, with comments and updated results.
Team: from 4 to 8 drivers
Admitted licenses: national or international karting license, released by an ASN member of the FIA
Drivers without license: they can make the Italian ACI license at the track bringing a medical certificate. Drivers without medical certificate can book a medical check at the track.
Prize-giving: Top 3 of the Pro ranking and Top 3 of the Silver Cup
Entry fee: Euro 2.300,00 + VAT – form available online since December 17th on kartcrg.com

Press Office
December 6th, 2018

Download the entry form PDF

Download the extra services PDF

Download the regulation PDF



Jorrit Pex, Fabian Federer and Gabriel Bortoleto have been rewarded for their results in season 2018 at the prize ceremony of the FIA Karting Champions in Geneva.

Three CRG drivers have been celebrated for their results at the FIA Karting 2018 Ceremony in Geneva: Jorrit Pex, won the KZ European Championship, Fabian Federer came third in the KZ World and European Championship, while the young Gabriel Bortoleto was third in the OK-Junior World and European Championship.

In the presence of FIA President Jean Todt, FIA General Secretary for Motor Sport Peter Bayer, CIK-FIA President Felipe Massa, resigned Vice-President Kees van de Grint and Promoter James Geidel, the FIA Karting prize giving ceremony in Geneva honoured the protagonists of season 2018 and CRG drivers Jorrit Pex, Fabian Federer and Gabriel Bortoleto were among them, as they contributed to increase the prize list of the Italian outfit at the end of a positive season.


Among the best results in International CIK-FIA races, Emilien Denner (Kalì-Kart) was third in the KZ2 European Championship, Pedro Hiltbrand was third in the OK European Championship, Callum Bradshaw was sixth in the OK World Championship, Paolo De Conto fifth in the KZ World Championship leading Jorrit Pex and fifth in the KZ European Championship, while Gaetano Di Mauro was fourth in the KZ2 International Super Cup.


The top ten results obtained by CRG drivers during CIK-FIA season 2018 follow:

KZ World Championship
3. Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)
5. Paolo De Conto (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)
6. Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)

International Super Cup KZ2
4. Gaetano Gomes Di Mauro (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)

OK World Championship
6. Callum Bradshaw (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/Bridgestone)
9. Olin Galli (CRG SpA – CRG/Parilla/Bridgestone)

OK-Junior World Championship
3. Gabriel Bortoleto (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/Vega)

KZ European Championship
1. Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)
3. Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)
5. Paolo De Conto (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)
8. Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/LeCont)

KZ2 European Championship
3. Emilien Denner (CRG SpA – Kalì-Kart/TM Racing/LeCont)

OK European Championship
3. Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/Bridgestone)

OK-Junior European Championship
3. Gabriel Bortoleto (CRG SpA – CRG/TM Racing/Vega)

Press Office
December 5th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Gabriel Bortoleto rewarded by CIK-FIA President Felipe Massa for his third place in the OK-Junior World Championship; 2) KZ European Champion Jorrit Pex; 3) On the right, Fabian Federer, third at the KZ European Championship, with European Champion Patrik Hajek (in the middle) and Rick Dreezen, second (on the left). Ph. Sportinphoto and KSP

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