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CRG claimed all available titles in the closing stage of the German Championship DKM. Jorrit Pex victorious in KZ2, Max Tubben in KZ2 Cup, Paavo Tonteri in OK and Dennis Hauger in OK Junior.

CRG obtained an exceptional result at the German Championship DKM, that is the most competitive National Championship in Europe thanks to the presence of works teams. CRG won all 4 titles that were up for grabs, a stunning and unprecedented result!

The final round of DKM held in Kerpen awarded the KZ2 title to Jorrit Pex on CRG-Tm (CRG Holland), as Max Tubben obtained the in KZ2 Cup’s title on CRG-Tm (CRG Holland), while Paavo Tonteri on CRG-Parilla (CRG TB Racing Team) had already been in OK Champion since the race of Oschersleben, and Dennis Hauger was crowned OK Junior Champion on CRG-Parilla (CRG Holland).

The competitiveness of CRG chassis has been highlighted in this season finale on all the racing fields, starting from the KZ World Championship won by Paolo De Conto (CRG-Tm) in Sweden, the International CIK-FIA KZ2 title claimed by Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter), who also won the Spanish Championship and the European OK Championship in Belgium on CRG-Parilla and the KZ2 European Championship won by Fabian Federer (CRG-Modena) in Belgium.

The Circuit of Kerpen witnessed the crushing finale put in by CRG drivers, that had taken the lead of DKM since the previous round of Oschersleben, before keeping their momentum and securing the titles in the closing round of the season.


The Dutch driver Jorrit Pex built his KZ2 victory in Kerpen in a wise Final one, where he secured a fourth place that granted him the necessary points to claim his fifth DKM title after those won in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014, always on CRG. The first final was won by Jorrit’s brother Stan Pex, also on CRG and, as Jorrit, back to using a Tm engine unit. Jorrit Pex was then sent off track in Race-2 when racing among the pace setters, but the title was already firmly in his hands. Stan Pex took another podium in P3 in this second Final. Among CRG drivers, the Dutch driver Bent Viscaal ended in Race-1’s top ten in seventh place, while the Dutch Joey Hanssen was eighth in Race-2 and the Swede Benjamin Tornqvist was ninth.

Classification: 1. Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) points 191; 2. Forè 157; 3. Ardigò 155; 4. Hajek 155; 5. Stan Pex (CRG-Tm) 116; 6. Specken 111; 7. De Conto (CRG-Tm) 95; 8. Norris 78; 9. Amstrong 73; 10 Lundberg 56.



In KZ2 Cup, the new category reserved to emerging drivers that have not already obtained strong results in DKM or International races, the young and brilliant driver of CRG Holland Max Tubben came to the fore on CRG-Tm, winning the title with a big margin to his rivals. Tubben won Final one, and then ended Race-2 in second place. These results, alongside the previous four wins in Wackersdorf and Oschersleben gave him the Championship lead ahead of team mate Symen Wiggers. A good performance in Race-1 was also put in by other CRG drivers, like the Dutch Jeroen Bos who was fourth, Symen Wiggers who followed him in fifth and the Swede Andreas Johansson ending eighth. Wiggers was ninth in Race-2 leading team mate Mark Potman.

Classification: 1. Tubben (CRG-Tm) points 215; 2. Wiggers (CRG-Tm) 138; 3. Kreutz 138; 4. Hold Maranello-Modena) 131; 5. Paul 118; 6. Mahler 97; 7. Weering (CRG-Tm) 91; 8. Bos (CRG-Tm) 83; 9. Weber 79; 10. Jocker 64.



The OK title was already firmly in Paavo Tonteri’s hands on CRG-Parilla run by CRG TB Racing. Despite this, the Finn Tonteri did not miss the chance to fight for the victory in the first final, eventually settling for P4, followed at the flag by team mate Tim Troger, who has recently won the German ADAC title. Tonteri had to give up at Race-2’s turn one due to an incident instead. The other two German drivers of CRG TB Racing Team, Luca Lippkau and Nermin Colakovic came to the fore in the second final, taking respectively the fifth and sixth place.

Classification: 1. Tonteri (CRG-Parilla) points 216; 2. Basz 167; 3. Simmenauer 139; 4. Novalak 130; 5. Brinkmann 120; 6. Milell 120; 7. Viscaal (CRG-Parilla) 96; 8. Troger (CRG-Parilla) 96; 9. Arnold 91; 10. Lippkau (CRG-Parilla) 86.



The young Norwegian of CRG Holland Dennis Hauger on CRG-Parilla has been very strong in Kerpen, running a perfect weekend that earned him the OK Junior title. Hauger – who comes from 60 Mini and is at his first season in Junior – has been stunning, taking a deserved maiden title in this category showing a great growth throughout the season. Hauger got to Kerpen as classification leader after the victory and third place secured in Oschersleben, but the classification was still wide open ahead of the final round. Hauger ended Race-1 in second place, behind team mate Kas Hoverkort on CRG-Tm run by CRG Keijzer Racing Team, but he got full haul as Hoverkort was transparent to the classification. Hauger secured another second place in Race-2, a result that confirmed his classification lead. Haverkort was again on the podium in P3. Among the fastest on CRG, Patricija Stalidzane of RL-Competition was sixth in Race-1, while Luca Maisch (Junior ADAC Champion) of CRG TB Racing Team was ninth. Lorenzo Ferrari took a good 13th place, and Niels Troger the 14th. Troger ended Race-2 in P8, while Renzo Alibaks was 14th and Marius Zug 15th.


Classification: 1. Dennis Hauger (CRG-Parilla) points 209; 2. Milesi 190; 3. Pourchaire 125; 4. Vidales 123; 5. Hansen 103; 6. Ptacek 90; 7. Marseglia 89; 8. Wankmuller 82; 9. Luca Maish (CRG-Parilla) 80; 10. Ghattas 79.

Press Office
25 September 2016

In the pictures: 1) Jorrit Pex e Stan Pex, KZ2; 2) Max Tubben, KZ2 Cup; 3) Paavo Tonteri, OK; 4) 5) Dennis Hauger, OK Junior. Ph. J.Codina



Luca Maish and Tim Tröger, both on CRG-Parilla run by CRG TB Racing Team, secured respectively the OK Junior and OK titles in the fifth and closing round of ADAC in Wackersdorf. The closing round of DKM to take place on Sunday September 25th in Kerpen with CRG on top of all categories.

CRG winning streak continued in Germany at the ADAC Kart Masters, the German Championship that reached its conclusion last weekend with the fifth round held at the circuit Prokart Raceland of Wackersdorf. The closing race of the championship awarded the national titles after the rounds of Hunsrückring/Hahn, Ampfing, Kerpen and Oschersleben.


The difficult weather conditions made the ADAC German Championship round of Wackersdorf even trickier, but the OK Junior and OK titles were eventually secured by two drivers of CRG TB Racing Team on CRG-Parilla. Luca Maish claimed in fact the OK Junior Championship with 217 points, leading team mate Hugo Sasse at 186 points, while OK title was won by Tim Tröger thanks to the double win scored in this round.


Hugo Sasse posted the quickest time in OK Junior’s qualifying, as Luca Maish was only 11th. Hugo Sasse ended heats in second place, but Luca Maish started his comeback climbing up to P4. In the first of the two Finals the victory went surprisingly Marius Zug’s ways on CRG-Tm run by team RL-Competition, who closed on top his dominant run started from P6, completing a stunning top three finish for CRG, as Sasse and Maish rounded off the podium in second and third. The victory of the second Final went to Hugo Sasse, but Luca Maish claimed the title thanks to the second place. Marius Zug was 13th in Final two instead. Niels Tröger (CRG-Tm) was also on track with CRG TB Racing Team, Luca Störmer (CRG-Tm) with SRP Racing Team, Linus Jansen (CRG-Tm) and Mathias Torreggiani (CRG-Tm) with CRG Holland.

Tim Tröger has been the quickest of OK since qualifying leading team mate Nermin Colakovic, who was at his first race in this championship. Tröger won the two heats and dominated both finals, while Colakovic secured two fourth places in the finals.



CRG is now preparing the main event of DKM in Kerpen, race that will close the Deutschen Kart Meisterschaft next 23-25 September. CRG drivers are currently leading all categories: the Dutch driver Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) of CRG Holland is leading KZ2, the Finn Paavo Tonteri secured the OK title on CRG-Parilla run by CRG TB Racing Team since the round of Oschersleben, the Norwegian Dennis Hauger, on CRG-Parilla run by CRG Holland, is leading OK Junior, while the young Dutch Max Tubben is leading KZ2 Cup on CRG Holland’s CRG-Tm.

Results, TV and Live Timing from Kerpen will be available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home.

Press Office
21 September 2016

In the pictures: 1) Marius Zug and Luca Maisch, OK Junior, Ph. Adac; 2) Luca Maisch and Hugo Sasse, OK Junior, Ph. Kart Magazine.de; 3) Tim Tröger, OK, Ph. Adac.



CRG obtained a great result also in Germany in the fourth and penultimate round of the DKM, where Pex brothers, back on Tm engine, crushed their rivals in KZ2. Tonteri dominated OK, Hauger ended on top in OK Junior, taking the championship lead and Tubben obtained a fair and square victory in KZ2 Cup.

Following the double win in Sweden at the KZ World Championship with Paolo De Conto on CRG-Tm and at the KZ2 International Super Cup with Pedro Hiltbrand on CRG-Maxter, CRG’s victorious run continued in the fourth and penultimate round of the Deutsche Kart Meistershaft of Oschersleben, race run on September 11th. This underlined that the result of Kristianstad one week ago was not by chance. Everyone having a different opinion has been quickly disproved. In Oschersleben, CRG claimed 7 wins in 8 finals and a total of 19 trophies!


The two Dutch brothers Pex had a spectacular run in KZ2 with CRG Holland. They went back to the TM engine that allowed Jorrit to win the 2015 World Championship and the past editions of the DKM (2014, 2013 and 2012 on TM engine and 2011 on Maxter). Jorrit Pex was leading the classification after the first three races of the DKM run in Wackersdorf, Ampfing and Genk and kept his momentum in the first final of Oschersleben strengthening his classification lead. The youngest of the two brothers, Stan Pex came to the fore in the second final instead. Started sixth, he took on a fight for the victory, overtaking his brother Jorrit first and Hajek then, heading towards his maiden win in DKM. Music has changed at Pex’s family!


To wrap it up, CRG has been winning KZ2 in Oschersleben, dominating Race-1 with Jorrit Pex, who also secured the fastest lap of the race, and then winning Race-2 with Stan Pex (with fastest lap) and claiming P3 with Jorrit. The German Daniel Stell made it into the top 10 on CRG-Modena run by SRP Racing Team. In Oschersleben he has been the quickest after heats and seventh in Race-1, while the Swedish driver Benjamin Tornqvist was ninth in Race-2 on CRG-Tm run by CRG Holland. The Japanese Fuma Horio had to settle for two placings on CRG-Tm instead, as he was 16th in Race-1 and 14th in Race-2. Following the fourth place in the heats and the retirement in Race-1 during the formation lap, Fabian Federer on CRG-Modena of SRP Racing, put in a strong recovery in Race-2 climbing all the way to P12.
Jorrit Pex is leading the championship at 181 points, Ardigò is second at 146.




In OK the Finn Paavo Tonteri has been dominating the fourth round of Oschersleben on CRG-Parilla run by CRG TB Racing Team, and is now very close to securing the OK title of DKM. Tonteri won the first of the two Finals proceeding team mate Tim Troger, while the other driver of CRG TB, the German Luca Lippkau, was fourth. Tonteri claimed another win in the second Final, and he was joined on the five-place podium of DKM by Lippkau in fourth and Troger in fifth place.
Tonteri confirmed his lead in the championship with 212 points, while Basz is second at 146.



OK Junior welcomed a new Championship leader, the Norwegian of CRG Holland Dennis Hauger, on CRG-Parilla. In Oschersleben, he took a third place in Race-1 after a good comeback race from P13, and then secured an excellent victory in Race-2 that earned him the classification lead. The good performance scored by CRG was rounded off in Race-2 by the second place of the German Marius Zug of RL-Competition, by the fifth place of the Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Kas Haverkort and by the sixth of Luca Maisch for CRG TB Racing Team. Hauger is the new classification leader with 177 points, while Milesi follows him at 163.



Another good performance in KZ2 Kart Cup has been completed by the young Dutch driver Max Tubben on CRG-Tm run by CRG Holland, who had been previously shining also in Sweden at the World Championship. Tubben has dominated the scene of DKM in Germany as he took the pole position leading three CRG drivers: namely, the German Yannik Witte (CRG-Modena, SRP Racing Team), the Dutch Max Weering (CRG-Tm, CRG Holland) and the German Moritz Horn (CRG-Maxter, CRG TB Racing Team). Tubben has then granted himself P1 after heats, before taking Race-1 victory leading Witte and Weering, with Mark Potman fifth on CRG-Tm run by CRG Holland. He completed his dominant run claiming another victory in Race-2, this time leading Weering and Christoph Hold on Maranello-Modena. The Swede Andreas Johansson ended the second final in a good P6 on CRG-Tm. Tubben totaled 165 points in the classification and got the lead off team mate Wiggers, who is now second at 128 points.

KZ2 Race-1: P1 Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm).
KZ2 Race-2: P1 Stan Pex (CRG-Tm), P3 Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm).
OK Race-1: P1 Paavo Tonteri (CRG-Iame), P2 Tim Troger (CRG-Iame), P4 Luka Lippkau (CRG-iame).
OK Race-2: P1 Paavo Tonteri (CRG-Iame), P4 Luka Lippkau (CRG-Iame), P5 Tim Troger (CRG-Iame).
OK Junior Race 1: P3 Dennis Hauger (CRG-Iame)
OK Junior Race-2: P1 Dennis Hauger (CRG-Iame), P2 Marius Zug (CRG-Tm), P5 Kas Haverkort (CRG-Tm).
KZ2 Cup Race-1: P1 Max Tubben (CRG-Tm), P2 Yannik Witte (CRG-Modena), P3 Max Weering (CRG-Tm); P5 Mark Potman (CRG-Tm).
KZ2 Cup Race-2: P1 Max Tubben (CRG-Tm), P2 Max Weering (CRG-Tm), P3 Christoph Hold (Maranello-Modena).

The closing round of DKM is scheduled for September 25th in Kerpen.

Press Office
12 September 2016

In the pictures:
1) CRG drivers with the trophies won in the DKM in Oschersleben.
2) Jorrit Pex, KZ2; 3) Stan Pex, KZ2; 4) Paavo Tonteri, OK, 5) Dennis Hauger, OK Junior; 6) Max Tubben, KZ2 Cup. Ph. DKM



CRG’s result in Kristianstad has been quite remarkable and unprecedented, as the Italian outfit won two world titles in the same day and in the two shifter categories. Adding on to the two European titles secured earlier in the season (OK and KZ2), CRG’s haul reached impressive figures.

Winning two World Championships in a day is not an impossible deed! CRG completed this checkmate preparing it carefully and serving it with a sudden move based on competitiveness and sheer performance, thanks to its superlative chassis, engine preparation, technical staff and drivers.


The two races of the KZ World Championship and KZ2 International Super Cup (i.e. the world championship of the smaller category) run in Sweden on Sunday September 4th had an historic epilogue for CRG that set another unprecedented record. For the first time ever, a single make managed to win the World Championship and Super Cup of the two shifter categories not only in the same year, but also in the same day. In Kristianstad, Paolo De Conto, 24 yrs old from Valdobbiadene (Treviso), won the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship on CRG-TM and Pedro Hiltbrand, 20 yrs old from Girona (Spain) claimed the CIK-FIA KZ2 International Super Cup on CRG-Maxter.


The standings of the KZ2 Super Cup final have also been record-breaking as four CRG drivers locked off the top four: Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter), Fabian Federer (CRG-Modena), Benjamin Tornqvist (CRG-Tm) and Felice Tiene (CRG-Tm). This stunning result confirmed once more the competitiveness of CRG’s material.



Thanks to this double world title, CRG & Tinini Group improved their already rich prize list reaching level 14 CIK-FIA titles including World Championships, World Cup and Super Cup in the shifter categories, 44 CIK-FIA World titles in all categories including World Championships, World Cup and Super Cup, 47 European CIK-FIA titles in all categories and 63 wins in international races. This is quite an important history that places the Italian outfit at the pinnacle of world karting.



This season, that marks the 30th anniversary of CRG that was founded back in 1986 by Giancarlo Tinini, the Italian outfit managed to secure four titles so far in the CIK-FIA Championships: alongside the KZ World Championship and the KZ2 Super Cup, CRG took also the OK European Championship with Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG-Parilla) and the KZ2 European Championship with Fabian Federer (CRG-Modena) and SRP Racing Team. The victory of the KZ2 European Championship was also completed by the second place secured by Stan Pex, who has been fighting for the title for CRG until the race of Genk, and in OK by the second place secured by Tom Joyner (Zanardi-Parilla).


CIK-FIA World Championship KZ-KZ2 (and former equivalent categories)

2016: Paolo De Conto (I), KZ, CRG / TM / Vega
Kristianstad, 04.09.2016
2016: Pedro Hiltbrand (E), KZ2 (Super Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Kristianstad, 04.09.2016
2015: Jorrit Pex (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Le Mans, 13.09.2015
2013: Max Verstappen (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Varennes, 22.09.2013
2012: Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB), KZ2 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Sarno, 02.09.2012
2011: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Genk, 04.09.2011
2009: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 06.09.2009
2008: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Varennes, 07.09.2008
2007: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 02.09.2007
1993: Alessandro Piccini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Val Vibrata, 05.09.1993
1992: Danilo Rossi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 06.09.1992
1989: Gianluca Giorgi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Kalì-Kart / Dunlop
Olomouc, 03.09.1989
1985: Piermario Cantoni (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Laval, 01.09.1985
1984: Gabriele Tarquini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Axamo, 09.09.1984

Press Office
8 September 2016

In the pictures:
1) CRG celebrating the double win of Kristianstad, Sweden. From the left: Fabian Federer (n.101, 2/KZ2), Pedro Hiltbrand (n.107, CIK-FIA KZ2 International Super Cup Champion), Paolo De Conto (n.4, KZ World Champion), Benjamin Tornqvist (n.113, 3/KZ2) and Felice Tiene (n.142, 4/KZ2) (Ph. Cunaphoto).
2) Paolo De Conto, World Champion CIK-FIA KZ (Ph. CRG Press);
3) Pedro Hiltbrand, champion of the CIK-FIA KZ2 International Super Cup (Ph. CRG Press);
4) Pedro Hiltbrand, European Champion CIK-FIA OK (Ph. CRG Press);
5) Fabian Federer, European Champion CIK-FIA KZ2 (Ph. CRG Press);



Paolo De Conto is the new CIK-FIA KZ World Champion, as he won a good final after finding himself in P4 early on. Pedro Hiltbrand secured instead the CIK-FIA KZ2 title in the International Super Cup, after a duel involving also Tiene and Mosca. A whole CRG podium rounded off by Fabian Federer and Benjamin Tornqvist.

CRG is living an fantastic season finale and managed to win the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship with Paolo De Conto on CRG/TM/Vega and the CIK-FIA KZ2 International Super Cup with Pedro Hiltbrand on CRG/Maxter/Vega at the Circuit Asum Ring of Kristianstad (Sweden).

CRG dominion in Sweden has been clear for the whole weekend, but the two world finals in the shifter categories KZ and KZ2 have had very exciting starts, before turning to a downhill run for the color bearers of the Italian outfit that managed to show their full potential taking two stunning victories.



In one word, Paolo De Conto has been superb in Sweden. He managed to take the CRG chassis powered by the works Tm engine to the victory claiming pole position, winning both heats, Prefinal and triumphing in the Final. The closing race has not been a walk in the park for De Conto though, as he found himself in P4 at a certain point. CRG driver had the strength to keep his focus and started a comeback well aware of his potential. This allowed him to cross the finish line first with a good margin on the rivals. Paolo De Conto recouped in this way last year’s Le Mans race when he had to settle for P2 at the end of a red-hot final lap where he closed behind Jorrit Pex, and deservedly obtained his first World Champion title. CRG earned in this way the third World title in the last four years, following 2013’s victory scored by Max Verstappen and 2015’s win by Jorrit Pex. This is also the 13th victory in the shifter categories for CRG, who celebrated in the best possible way the 30th anniversary of the company founded back in 1986 by Giancarlo Tinini.

Among the CRG drivers, the Finn Simo Puhakka (CRG-Tm) has been very quick in KZ, recovering all the way to the final P5, as did Arnaud Kozlinski who did not show any sign of rust and secured the sixth place of the Final, after an hiccup in one heat. Stan Pex (CRG-Vortex) of CRG Holland has also run a good race ending eighth, while his brother Jorrit, who was the exiting World Champion, had to settle for P12 this time. Flavio Camponeschi (CRG-Parilla) was 17th and proceeded Andrea Dalè (CRG-Tm).



The first final run today in Sweden saw the victory of the International Super Cup going to the Spanish driver Pedro Hiltbrand. The CRG works driver, recently crowned OK European Champion and KZ2 Spanish Champion, has been at the wheel of the CRG chassis pushed by a Maxter engine unit prepared by Kartissimo’s Renato Andreoli. After dominating qualifying, heats and Prefinal, Hiltbrand has been early on challenged by team mate Felice Tiene (CRG/Tm), who had in turn won the other Prefinal, while Tommaso Mosca split the two CRG drivers. A third into the race, Hiltbrand won the duel and started pulling away to the victory. Mosca had to retire due to some technical problems, while Felice Tiene lost some ground in the contact with his team mate but eventually put in a good recover to the final P4. CRG secured anyway a whole podium with three different engines. The new European KZ2 Champion Fabian Federer on CRG/Modena completed a stunning comeback race ending second, while the home hero Benjamin Tornqvist on CRG/Tm run by CRG Holland was third at the end of a good race.


Among the 88 drivers partaking in this international KZ2 race, the other CRG finalists also deserved a round of applause. The German Daniel Stell (CRG-Modena) of SRP Racing Team was ninth, the young and fast driver of CRG Holland Max Tubben (CRG-Tm) was 14th, while his fellow countryman from Holland Dylan Davies (CRG-Tm) was 16th for CRG Keijzer Racing. The Spanish driver Gerard Cebrian Ariza (CRG-Tm) also had a very strong weekend, but was eventually handed a 10s time penalty in the Final, as happened to Tom Joyner (Zanardi-Parilla) who had previously run a great Prefinal. The Dutch driver Bent Viscall (CRG-Tm) of CRG Holland ended 26th. Fabrizio Rosati (CRG-Tm) has been very unlucky instead as he had to retire from the Prefinal due to an incident at turn one, while the Swede Andreas Johansson (CRG-Tm) of CRG Holland just missed out to get access to the Final as happened to the Japanese Fuma Horio (CRG-Tm).


Giancarlo Tinini, CRG President: “The KZ victory of Paolo De Conto and Pedro Hiltbrand’s victory in KZ2 are two great results for us. We were a bit unlucky in KZ with Simo and Koko, that could have scored a good result too. I am sorry for the two Pex brothers that have been struggling a bit for the whole week – exception made for qualifying where they had found a good setup. The KZ race has been great, Paolo did not start off very well but our driver proved he had more speed into him and managed to find his way past all the rivals. We won the KZ World Championship for the second year straight and this time we have proven to be unquestionably the strongest.”

Dino Chiesa, Team Principal CRG: “Leaving victory aside, which is always great for a team like ours, I liked two things of this weekend. I enjoyed Paolo De Conto’s victory in KZ, he went close to the title last year and this time he deservedly secured the title. I also am happy on the KZ2 title won by Pedro Hiltbrand, who is in a very strong year and took the victory on Maxter engine. This shows that the material is great also in KZ2, that is a very important category for karting and for our brand in particular. These results are the outcome of a year long work and credit for them goes to everybody, starting from mechanics to engine preparators and drivers. We all win or lose together. Now we will try to close the season on a high in Bahrain with the OK and OK Junior World Championship”.

All results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
4 September 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) Paolo De Conto, podium KZ; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ2; 4) From left: Tornqvist, Hiltbrand, Federer, KZ2; 5) CRG Racing Team.
(Ph. CRG Press and Ph. Cunaphoto).



Paolo De Conto confirmed to be the quickest of KZ on CRG-Tm in the heats after the pole position secured in qualifying, as did Pedro Hiltbrand on CRG-Maxter in KZ2. CRG displayed great competitiveness in both categories with all its drivers in Kristianstad.

CRG kept its momentum in the double CIK-FIA round underway at the Circuit Asum Ring of Kristianstad. Paolo De Conto, on CRG-Tm, is leading the pack in the KZ World Championship after the heats, while Pedro Hiltbrand on CRG-Maxter is ruling in the International Super Cup KZ2.

The two strong racers of CRG are not the only ones fighting a successful battle in Kristianstad since qualifying on Friday. Other drivers of the Italian squad have also been shining and are awaited in the closing stages on Sunday to fight for top positions in the Prefinals and in the two Finals.

CRG, the company founded by Giancarlo Tinini back in 1986, celebrates its 30th anniversary in Kristianstad. In Sweden, CRG will have the chance to add some important pages to the 30 years long history of the brand. Regardless the final result, CRG has already proved a strong competitiveness, highlighting once again the prestige of its history that is one of the most successful in the world.



The World Vice-Champion Paolo De Conto, on track on CRG chassis pushed by the works TM engine, has displayed a strong supremacy so far in KZ. He set in fact the quickest time in qualifying and claimed two wins in the heats on Saturday. Jorrit Pex has also been among the quickest on CRG-Vortex run by CRG Holland, posting the sixth fastest time in qualifying and two good placings in the heats (P4 and P8). Flavio Camponeschi, CRG-Iame, is eighth after a great sixth place in the second heat and the P11 scored in the first. Arnaud Kozlinski’s comeback to racing has not been very lucky so far: the French driver on CRG-Tm spun in the second heat after a promising P9 in the first race. Kozlinski is currently 18th, while Stan Pex of CRG Holland is 11th, Simo Puhakka (CRG-Tm) is 16th and Andrea Dalè (CRG-Tm) 30th.

Paolo De Conto: “Things went well so far. Everything has been perfect. We got the pole position and two wins in the two heats. Tomorrow is what counts though, we will see where we stand after Prefinal and Final. I hope weather stays fine as rain might shuffle things. I would like to make up for my race in Le Mans last year, when I missed out on the victory at the last lap.”



The new OK European Champion Pedro Hiltbrand is showing a great pace in the shifter category out of the 88 drivers entered in KZ2. The Spanish driver of CRG is using a Maxter engine prepared by Renato Andreoli’s Kartissimo. He dominated the scene so far in qualifying and in the heats where he secured four wins and a second place.

Felice Tiene has also been very quick on CRG-Tm. He was second in qualifying and is fourth after heats thanks to two wins. KZ2 European Champion Fabian Federer is recovering from an unlucky qualifying on CRG-Modena run by team SRP. He is now sixth. Gerard Cebrian Ariza (CRG-Tm) also put in a good performance closing his effort in P17, Fabrizio Rosati (CRG-Tm) is 47th, the Japanese Fuma Horio (CRG-Tm) 42nd due to an incident, as the British Tom Joyner (Zanardi-Iame) who is currently 41st. The driver from Ecuador Jose Brito (CRG-Tm) could not make it through to the final stages instead.

Several other drivers have been shining in private teams on CRG chassis. The Swedish driver Benjamin Tornqvist of CRG Holland is currently 13th, the young Dutch Max Tubben of CRG Holland is 11th and took a great second place behind Tiene in the closing heat. The Dutch Bent Viscaal is 24th, while his fellow countryman Dylan Davies of CRG Keijzer is 25th. The German Daniel Stell is 20th and the Estonian Kaspar Kallasmaa 66th (both in force at SRP), the Dutch of CRG Holland Max Weering is 79th, his Swedish team mate Andreas Johansson is 67th, while the Finn Henri Kauppi is 76th.

Pedro Hiltbrand: “It has been a great weekend so far. The chassis is perfect, as the Maxter engine. Kartissimo did a great job. The important thing is what happens on Sunday in the final stages though. We have to win, the whole team is focused on that. Felice Tiene and I have a great chance, as Paolo De Conto in KZ. We always target the victory. Let’s see what happens.”

The name of the winners of the two CIK-FIA trophies up for grabs will be decided on Sunday. The programme of Kristianstad’s final stages follows: Sunday September 4th: Prefinals at 11:15; Finals at 13:55.

All results and Live TV feed on www.cikfia.com

Press Office
3 September 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ heat; 2) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand and Renato Andreoli, KZ2 (Ph. CRG Press).



Paolo De Conto (CRG-Tm) claimed the pole position in Sweden’s KZ World Championship leading Jorrit Pex (CRG-Vortex). Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter) was quickest in the International Super Cup KZ2 leading team mate Felice Tiene (CRG-Tm). Qualifying heats scheduled for Saturday, as the final stages will follow on Sunday.

Friday qualifying kicked off the “battle of Kristianstad” on September 2nd in Sweden. The first verdicts from the track are extremely positive for CRG. The Italian squad put in a top two finish in qualifying of the KZ World Championship (with Paolo De Conto and Jorrit Pex) and locked the top two also of the International KZ2 Super Cup (with Pedro Hiltbrand and Felice Tiene).


The double appointment of Kristianstad started in the mark of CRG, as 2015 World vice-champion Paolo De Conto posted the pole position on CRG-Tm with a best lap time of 49.069s, that was 38 thousands of a second quicker than the lap put in by the reigning World Champion and team mate Jorrit Pex on CRG-Vortex run by CRG Holland.

The other CRG drivers also put in strong performances. Flavio Camponeschi was seventh at 0.189s from the top on CRG-Iame, Arnaud Kozlinski was eleventh on CRG-Tm at 0.266s, Stan Pex 14th on CRG-Vortex at 0.301s, Simo Puhakka 20th on CRG-Tm at 0.378s and Andrea Dalè was 27th on CRG-Tm at 0.558s.



KZ2’s result has also been stunning, as Pedro Hiltbrand claimed a great pole position in the International Super Cup CIK-FIA on CRG-Maxter. The Spanish driver, fresh winner of the OK European Championship, completed his best loop in 49.101s during the fourth and final session, pipping his team mate Felice Tiene on CRG-Tm, who had posted the quickest time in the previous session.

Among the quickest drivers on CRG, the young Dutch driver Max Tubben was tenth at 0.281s, while his team mate at CRG Holland from Sweden Benjamin Tornqvist was twelfth at 0.293s. The new KZ2 European Champion Fabian Federer posted the 16th time on CRG-Modena at 0.335s. Regarding the other works drivers, Gerard Cebrian Ariza was 24th in 49.485s, Tom Joyner (Zanardi-Iame) was 27th at 0.432s, Fuma Horio was 35th at 0.537s, Fabrizio Rosati 38th at 0.584s and Jose Brito 79th at 1.156s.

The real battle on track will start tomorrow Saturday September 3rd with qualifying heats though. The final stages will take place on Sunday September 4th with Prefinals and Finals.

The programme of Kristianstad (GMT+2):
Saturday 3 September: qualifying heats from 10:20 to 13:45.
Sunday 4 September: Prefinals at 11:15; Final at 13:55.

All results and Live TV feed on www.cikfia.com

Press Office
2 September 2016

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto and Jorrit Pex, KZ; 2) Felice Tiene and Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ2 (Ph. CRG Press).



Pedro Hiltbrand secured his fourth double win in Alcaniz and has been crowned Spanish Champion one race early. He has been running with the support of Kartissimo 2M and Maxter engine by Andreoli.

The Spanish driver of CRG Pedro Hiltbrand displayed a great shape and claimed the victory of the Spanish Championship on CRG-Maxter. He has dominated the round of Alcaniz taking a crushing victory that allowed him to secure the Spanish KZ2 title one race early thanks also to the support of Kartissimo 2M and to the competitiveness of the Maxter engine unit prepared by Andreoli.

Pedro Hiltbrand has taken another stunning double win in the two Finals held at the Circuit Motorland Aragona of Alcaniz in occasion of the fourth and penultimate round of the Spanish Championship. He is now uncatchable in the classification ahead of the closing round scheduled for next September 25th in Valencia. Hiltbrand has scored his fourth double win of the season in the Spanish KZ2 Championship, after the full hauls of Toledo, Portimao and Zuera.


After winning the recent European CIK-FIA OK Championship, Pedro Hiltbrand collected another important title in this season end: the KZ2 Spanish Championship. This is an important sign of the competitiveness level of CRG’s driver at the eve of another very important appointment: the International Super Cup KZ2 scheduled for September 4th in Kristianstad (Sweden).

Among CRG drivers on track in Alcaniz, Gerard Cebrian Ariza claimed race-one’s podium in P3 on CRG-Tm, and the sixth place in Final two.

Circuit Motorland, Alcaniz, 28 August 2016, KZ2:
Final-1 result: 1. Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter); 2. Gonzalez; 3. Cebrian (CRG-Tm); 4. Martinez; 5. Noval; 6. Soriano.
Final-2 result: 1. Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter); 2. Gonzalez; 3. Santos; 4. Martinez; 5. Noval; 6. Cebrian (CRG-Tm).

The classification of the Spanish Championship after four rounds:
1. Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter) Spanish Champion, points 360; 2. Martinez 282; 3. Gonzalez 282; 4. Cebrian (CRG-Tm) 267; 5. Santos 261.

Press Office
29 August 2016

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand, Alcaniz, KZ2; 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ2 Podium Alcaniz.
Ph. MRM Comunicación-media Miquel Rius



Among the novelties of the forthcoming KZ World Championship to be held in Sweden next September 4th, Kozlinski at the start with CRG. The Italian outfit will line up its complete works team with a great presence also in KZ2’s International Super Cup.

The final sprint of the season with CIK-FIA’s World Championships is approaching fast, and CRG works team is ready to face the first world appointment of the KZ World Championship and KZ2 International Super Cup, race to be held next September 4th in Kristianstad (Sweden) with all its drivers and with some new arrivals.

This is going to be another useful occasion to aim to a prestigious result after the recent success at the European Championships, where CRG secured two titles with Pedro Hiltbrand in OK and Fabian Federer in KZ2.


The novelty of KZ is the comeback of “Koko” Arnaud Kozlinski as CRG works driver, after a season spent by the French driver to help the young Dennis Hauger taking him very close to the European title of Junior. In Sweden, Kozlinski will have the chance to show everyone that he is still among the best in the world, ready to get another good result in KZ (he was third in the World Championship last year) after winning the Super KF 2009 World Championship with CRG in Macau.



CRG will line up an extraordinary squad in KZ. Teams drivers will be led by 2015 KZ World Vice Champion Paolo De Conto, 2015 European KZ Champion Flavio Camponeschi and by Simo Puhakka, who was very close to the victory in the latest round of the KZ European Championship in Genk. De Conto and Puhakka will employ the new TM engines, while Camponeschi will use the Parilla works engine instead.

CRG lineup in Kristianstad will also be strengthened by Jorrit Pex, who won the World Championship in Le Mans last year awarding yet another title to the Italian outfit, while his brother Stan Pex has been promoted to KZ for the occasion, following a good season in KZ2. Both drivers will wear CRG Holland colors. Team Nuova 3M will field 2014 KZ2 European Champion Andrea Dalè.

Category KZ2 will see a stunning 89 drivers entered in the world round of the International Super Cup. CRG works team will field the new OK European Champion Pedro Hiltbrand, Felice Tiene, Fuma Horio, Fabrizio Rosati, Gerard Cebrian and José Enrique Brito.

A novelty in this category is the presence of Tom Joyner who has secured several wins in direct drive karts so far and ended second in the OK European Championship this year. Joyner will be back on a shifter kart, the Zanardi-Parilla after competing in the KZ 2014 European Championship held in Kristianstad.

Several other drivers will employ CRG chassis in Kristianstad. Team SRP Racing will field the new European Champion of the category Fabian Federer, Kaspar Kallasmaa and Daniel Stell. Team CRG Keijzer will line up Dylan Davies, while CRG Holland Benjamin Tornqvist, Andreas Johansson, Bent Viscaal, Max Tubben, Max Weering and Henri Kauppi.


CIK-FIA World Championship KZ-KZ2 (and previous equivalent categories)

2015: Jorrit Pex (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Le Mans, 13.09.15
2013: Max Verstappen (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Varennes, 22.09.13
2012: Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB), KZ2 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Sarno, 02.09.12
2011: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Genk, 04.09.11
2009: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 06.09.09
2008: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Varennes, 07.09.08
2007: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 02.09.07
1993: Alessandro Piccini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Val Vibrata, 05.09.93
1992: Danilo Rossi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 06.09.92
1989: Gianluca Giorgi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Kalì-Kart / Dunlop
Olomouc, 03.09.89
1985: Piermario Cantoni (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Laval, 01.09.85
1984: Gabriele Tarquini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Axamo, 09.09.84

CIK-FIA World Championship KF (and previous equivalent categories)

2013: Tom Joyner (GB) (Tinini Group), KF, Zanardi / TM / Vega
Rd1 Brandon, Rd2 Bahrain
2012: Felice Tiene (I), KF (World Cup), CRG / Bmb / Vega
Zuera, 23.09.12
2011: Matthew Graham (GB) (Tinini Group), U18, Zanardi / Wke / LeCont
Rd1 Ortona, Rd2 Essay, Rd3 Sarno
2011: Nick De Vries (NL) (Tinini Group), KF1, Zanardi / Parilla / Bridgestone
Rd1 Wackersdorf, Rd2 Zuera, Rd3 Genk, Rd4 Sarno, Rd5 Suzuka
2010: Oliver Rowland (GB) (Tinini Group), Super KF (World Cup), Zanardi / Parilla / Bridgestone
Suzuka, 24.05.10
2010: Nick De Vries (NL) (Tinini Group), KF2, Zanardi / Parilla / Dunlop
Zuera, 19.09.10
2009: Arnaud Kozlinski (F), Super KF, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Macau, 08.11.09
2009: David Da Luz (P) (Tinini Group), KF2 (World Cup), Zanardi / Parilla / Dunlop
Alcaniz, 20.09.09
2003: Wade Grant Cunningham (NZ), Formula A, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Sarno, 26.10.03
2002: Giedo Van der Garde (NL), Formula Super A, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Rd1 Mariembourg, Rd2 Alaharma, Rd3 Braga, Rd4 Salbris, Rd5 La Conca
2001: Vitantonio Liuzzi (I), Formula Super A, CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone
Rd1 Montreal, Rd2 Salbris, Rd3 Sarno, Rd4 Mariembourg, Rd5 Kerpen
2000: Lewis Hamilton (GB), Formula A (World Cup), CRG / Parilla / Bridgestone
Montegi, 26.11.00
1999: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula Super A, CRG / CRG / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 19.09.99
1999: Vitantonio Liuzzi (I), Formula Super A (World Cup), CRG / CRG / Bridgestone
Suzuka, 28.11.99
1997: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula Super A, CRG / CRG / Dunlop
Salbris, 14.09.97
1994: Alessandro Manetti (I), Formula Super A, CRG / Rotax / Vega
Cordoba, 18.09.94
1994: Luca Casazza (I), Formula A (World Cup), CRG / Rotax / Vega
Suzuka, 29.05.94
1993: Paolo Moro (I), Formula A (World Cup), CRG-Kalì / Italsistem / Vega
Suzuka, 30.05.93
1992: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula K (World Cup), CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Suzuka, 31.05.92
1992: Alberto Pedemonte (I), Formula A (World Cup), CRG-Kalì / Rotax / Dunlop
Suzuka, 31.05.92
1992: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula K, CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Ugento, 20.09.92
1990: Jan Magnussen (DK), Formula K, CRG / Rotax / Bridgestone
Jesolo, 16.09.90
1990: Danilo Rossi (I), Formula A, CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Jesolo, 16.09.90
1989: Mike Wilson (GB), Formula K, CRG / Komet / Dunlop
Valence, 17.09.89
1988: Emmanuel Collard (F), F. Super 100, CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
Laval, 18.09.88
1988: Mike Wilson (GB), Formula K, CRG / Komet / Dunlop
Laval, 18.09.88
1985: Mike Wilson (GB), Formula K, CRG-Kalì / Komet / Dunlop
Parma, 22.09.85
1984: Joern Haase (DK), Formula K, CRG-Kalì / Komet / Dunlop
Liedolsheim, 16.09.84

Press Office
17 August 2016

In the pictures: 1) Jorrit Pex, 2015 Le Mans, CRG KZ World Champion (Ph. Cunaphoto); 2) Poster Kristianstad 2016 World Championship KZ (Ph. Cunaphoto); 3) Arnaud Kozlinski, 2009 Macau, CRG Super KF World Champion (Ph. CRG Press).



CRG reached a series of objectives in the final round of the European Championships in Genk, which brought the Italian outfit once again on top of International Karting. A great level of competitiveness has been displayed in all categories and good performances have been put in by all drivers of the Racing Team.

CRG and Tinini Group reached the enviable haul of 41 victories in European CIK-FIA Championships thanks to the two titles respectively won by Pedro Hiltbrand in OK and Fabian Federer in KZ2 in Belgium at Genk.

The result of Genk – an important one in OK and KZ2, big target missed by a whisker in OK Junior out of the four titles available – confirmed the excellent performance of CRG chassis and engines, alongside the competitiveness of the whole lot of drivers and technicians of the Racing Team.

The goal set at the beginning of the season has been reached, while waiting for the grand finale of the two World Championships KZ-KZ2 to be held in Kristianstad next September 4th and the OK-OK Junior’s one scheduled for next November 19th in Bahrain. CRG will be all set to complete a season that is already been very positive.

In Genk, alongside the drivers fighting and taking the win, all other CRG drivers – a total of 19 protagonists of the Racing Team in this round of the European Championships – have to be praised. In KZ, Puhakka and De Conto ended on the podium of the Final with their works TM engines, but Flavio Camponeschi has also been among the front runners on Iame engine. 2015 World Champion Jorrit Pex has been very strong after a troubled beginning of the season. Unfortunately, he was involved in an incident with Camponeschi in the Final, which prevented both to fight for the podium. Regarding CRG drivers, 2014 European Champion Andrea Dalè, run a strong Final ending 14th after some problems early on.


In KZ2, Fabian Federer repeated the victory scored in 2011 on CRG chassis pushed by Modena engine run by team SRP. Stan Pex of CRG Holland was also in the fight for the final victory, but the Dutch driver had to settle for P4 in the Final, which earned him a honourable second place in the classification. Felice Tiene on CRG-Tm with engine by Galiffa also run a solid race ending the Final in seventh place at the end of a comeback started from the last position of heats due to some clutch issues. The German driver of TB Motorsport Dominik Schmidt was ninth, the young Dutch Max Tubben of CRG Holland was eleventh, while his team mate Andreas Johansson was 17th. The Japanese Fuma Horio was 21st on CRG pushed by Tm engine by Galiffa, Fabrizio Rosati 27th on CRG-Maxter, as they both found their place among the finalists out of the 71 drivers on track in the category. The Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Racing Dylan Davies, the Swede of CRG Holland Benjamin Tornqvist and the Dutch Lorenzo Van Riet, had an unlucky weekend and were handed a 10s time penalty due to the dropped front fairing, which did not allow them to take part in the final, as happened to the Swiss Rudolf Rhyn of RSP Racing and to the French Pierre Lefebvre.

The German Hannes Janker has been very quick in OK on CRG-Parilla. He set the fastest lap in qualifying, won heats and was fifth in the Final, a result that contributed to the top 5 finish of three CRG and Tinini Group drivers. Hiltbrand (CRG) was in fact second and new European Champion of the category, Joyner (Zanardi) was fourth in the Final and second in the championship. The Portuguese Andriy Pits (CRG-Parilla) run a solid Final ending 25th after a great Prefinal that he closed in P7. The Finnish driver Paavo Tonteri has been unlucky in this occasion. He had been a protagonist of the Championship but was forced to an early retirement in the Prefinal after the eight time in qualifying. The German Luka Lippkau of TB Motorsport has also shown a good competitiveness, but was disqualified from the Final due to an unwanted track cut on the humid tarmac at the start.

In OK Junior, CRG Racing Team fielded eight drivers, all on CRG-Parilla. Dennis Hauger had to win the Final to get the title, and he was very close to making the deed after leading the race early on. Credit where credit is due, as the young driver closed his effort in sixth place of the Final, which earned him the fourth place of the Championship. The British Teddy Wilson has also been very competitive and ended the race of Genk with his maiden podium in a European Championship.The competitiveness of CRG drivers was also confirmed by the Spanish rookie Kilian Meyer who was 11th in the Final and always among the quickest, as happened in the Prefinal where he was third behind Hauger. The other drivers could not find a place in the Final. Namely, the French Pierre-Louis Chovet was 22nd in his Prefinal, the Canadian Antonio Serravalle and O’neill Muth were forced to the retirement in their Prefinal, while Esteban Muth was stripped from the deserved chance of competing in the Final due to a 10s time penalty. The Brazilian Gianluca Petecof could not get access to the Final either even if his weekend was positive anyway. Tara Eichenberger of X-Rei Motorsport managed to run the Final instead, and ended 27th, while Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing had a difficult qualifying but eventually managed to recover getting close to finding a place among the finalists.



Dino Chiesa, Team Principal CRG: “The Final round of the European Championship in Genk has been absolutely positive for CRG colors in all categories. These results give us the awareness that we have some important chances in the World Championships. In KZ the engine change allowed Simo Puhakka and Paolo De Conto to improve their performance. De Conto had already shown a different pace in the recent DKM race, a result that was confirmed here. Our two drivers will certainly be protagonists in the forthcoming World Championship, alongside Flavio Camponeschi that has shown great speed. In KZ we have three very strong drivers for the World Championship, but we must not forget that two thirds of the podium in Genk was ours… In KZ2, we got to Genk well aware of the chances of Federer and Stan Pex. The title eventually went Federer’s ways, thanks to the results in the heats, while Pex hit some troubles in the Final. My compliments to Federer who managed to win his second European Title. In OK we also had two title contenders: Pedro Hiltbrand and Tom Joyner. Perhaps, we could have closed the games earlier but unfortunately Tom Joyner was involved in an incident at the last lap in Adria. We played it out in the final round and Hiltbrand has been flawless in his run to the title. We have always been competitive also with Hannes Janker and Paavo Tonteri. I am happy for Pedro because he eventually managed to win an important championship, and also because Tom has confirmed once more to be among the absolute best. In OK Junior we are really satisfied by Dennis Hauger’s performance in his maiden year in the category. He turned out to be a protagonist, has fought for the European Championship and is still fighting for the DKM title. Hauger ended the European Championship in fourth place, but he might as well have won it: Dennis is certainly the rookie of the year. We entered in this category that was dominated by our rivals and now we are among the main protagonists, not only with Hauger. We are very competitive also with Teddy Wilson and Kilian Meyer, that has been very quick in his first international race, as did Esteban Muth. We fielded eight drivers in Genk, some have been delayed by the results in qualifying, but they have all been very competitive. The material is very good as shown by Hauger and the other drivers. I would like to thank not only those drivers fighting for the victory, but also all our drivers, the team and mechanics as the whole squad has been exceptional in reaching these goals”.

Press Office
2 August 2016

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand and Tom Joyner, OK; 2) CRG Racing Team; 3) CRG CIK-FIA European Champions.
Ph. CRG Press

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