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CRG’s Rent-to-Race forms partnership with Linde Material Handling, one of the world’s leading manufacturers in electric powertrain technology.

The new E-DRENALINE electric kart is at the apex of electric kart propulsion technology and was awarded critically acclaimed accolades during the 2015 International Kart Expo in Offenbach, Germany. The newly forged partnership between the Electronic Systems & Drives (ES&D) unit of Linde Material Handling, which is marketing the company’s expertise gained in more than 40 years of developing and producing electric propulsion packages under the label ‘eMotion’, and CRG, the legendary kart manufacturer, have raised the bar of excellence in the electric rental kart industry.

CRG, considered an institution in karting, having won more World Championships and produced more formula driving talents than any other kart manufacturer, contributes excellence in kart design and manufacturing, whereas Linde’s ES&D division provides its system integration expertise and proven electric drive systems deriving from the serial production of forklift trucks to create E-DRENALINE, the ultimate electric rental kart – German technology combined with Italian ingenuity capturing the best both companies have to offer. Additionally, E-DRENALINE operators can benefit from Linde’s world-spanning service network and the company’s connectivity know how.

The most advanced and innovative product the electric rental kart industry has to offer…
The new E-DRENALINE electric drive unit was designed and developed according to a specific set of parameters indicated by CRG on the basis of power, compact dimension, low consumption, durability and weight tolerances. Thus, E-DRENALINE is not a conventional industrial machine but was built with the specific intent of offering the indoor rental kart market the most easy to use, advance and robust product possible.

The performance characteristic of E-DRENALINE:
➢ 2.6 KW nominal power per engine
➢ 6,5 KW maximum power per engine
➢ Axle torque up to 180 Nm available from zero speed
➢ Electronic differential for easier steering and control in tight curves
➢ System control display screen incorporated in steering wheel
➢ Formula 1 battery recharge system with option for booster drive
➢ Reverse function
➢ Emergency stop option
➢ Battery nominal capacity 100 Ah (48 V)
➢ Battery guaranteed 3000 cycles (minimum)
➢ Battery autonomy up to 60minutes (1 cycle)
➢ Advanced diagnostic software system
➢ Program of IT apps in development
➢ Can be used also on outdoor tracks as the engine has an IP65 waterproof rating
➢ Programmable power curve based on type of track (short track bottom power / long track top power)
➢ Programmable rear engine sequential breaking power (no need for rear hydraulic brakes / required only on front)

GSM Remote diagnostics and impact automatic speed reduction

CRG will also deploy Linde’s remote diagnostic software tool which transfers relevant control data via the GSM network to a central server enabling CRG to monitor the state of condition of the E-DRENALINE fleets across the globe. This special feature will allow CRG to react within 24 to 48 hours to service the karts in a cost effective and diligent manner offering all Rent-to-Race track partners premium assistance.

Furthermore, the karts will also be equipped with a dedicated impact sensor. Depending on the level of impact the karts’ control unit can be programmed to automatically reduce the speed of the vehicle enabling the driver to safely return to the service area. This feature will assist the circuit operators to determine whether there was any negligence during the use of the karts and also prevents further damage to the kart itself.

Photos of E-DRENALINE at the expo:





Within the upcoming months CRG will be inviting rental track operators to Europe for a test visitation seminar, the date of the first official E-DRENALINE seminar will be disclosed soon.

By the mid 2015 CRG and Linde eMotion will organize a ‘look & feel’ event featuring a pre series fleet of 20 karts giving interested audiences the opportunity to drive the E-DRENALINE under normal track racing conditions.

For further information please contact CRG direct at the following contact info.

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The circuit Homestead-Miami Speedway (Florida) housed the opener – first of three rounds – of the American series Florida Winter Tour. Among CRG drivers, De Conto put in a great performance ending 5th after fighting for the victory. Forè ended 10th. Ed Brand confirmed to be among the main interpreters of Rotax Senior crossing the line in second place.

The first of the three rounds of the Florida Winter Tour took place in Homestead (Florida), near Miami. A lot of strong drivers did not miss this first chance of the year to challenge other top-drivers on track in the Rotax Max Challenge programme.

The Rotax weekend has been particularly exciting at the fast circuit Homestead-Miami Speedway. With 200 drivers on track, surprises have not gone missing. Paolo De Conto made his debut with CRG colors showing great competitiveness in Rotax DD2 and has been racing for CRG USA together with Davide Forè, while the British driver Ed Brand competed in Rotax Senior instead.


Paolo De Conto set the second quickest time in qualifying being only 22 thousands of a second shy of Lennox. He later on was third in Prefinal ending in Nick Neri and Jordon Lennox-Lamb's slipstreams. De Conto finally put in a great show in the Final fighting for the victory until when he was hit from behind and pushed down to P14. Nevertheless, he started a spectacular comeback setting the quickest lap of the race and crossing the line in fifth place. Davide Forè ended eighth after holding P6. The Final went British driver Lennox's ways who led his American team mate Nick Neri and the French Antony Abbasse. The fourth place went to the American Gavin Reichelt, who was fielded by CRG PSL Karting.

Behind Paolo di Conto, the sixth place was obtained by Douglas Lundberg, who was followed by Robert Wickens (Maranello), Arnaud Kozlinski, Nicholas Latifi and Davide Forè.




Great debut with CRG for the Briton Ed Brand in Rotax Senior. He closed his effort with the second place in the Final after being second also in the Prefinal, ending behind the American Kile Kirkwood in both occasions. Brand led the Final for the first 5 laps but then he slipped down to P6 due to a contact which forced him to start a comeback race eventually ended in P2. The third place went to Dan Roeper. The Canadian Christophe Paquet, also on CRG chassis, ended tenth after starting from P16 instead.

The next two rounds of the Florida Winter Tour are scheduled for March 1st in Orlando and March 29th in Ocala.

Press Office
27 January 2015


In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, DD2; 2) Davide Forè, DD2; 3) Ed Brand on the podium Rotax Senior (left); 4) Ed Brand, Senior. (Ph. Cody Schindel / Canadian Karting News).



Large turnout for CRG stand at the Offenbach show in Germany. The new electric kart CRG E-Drenaline in collaboration with Linde eMotion was previewed in the occasion. The newly homologated CRG Racing chassis have also attracted a lot of interest as the Centurion rental range.

CRG recorded a stunning success with all its products at the IKA Kart 2000 Fair of Offenbach. The whole Racing line of new homologation was on show, as Centurion rental karts, and the new electric kart E-Drenaline was also previewed by the Italian company.

The attention of all visitors and staff at the Offenbach show was attracted by the new electric kart CRG E-Drenaline as the brand new product of the Italian company has absolutely unique features like the engine unit exclusively developed for CRG by the German manufacturing leader Linde eMotion in virtue of an important partnership.

The new electric engine unit E-Drenaline of CRG has been developed on the basis of the specs decided by the Italian firm (in terms of power, dimensions and weight) and its high level performances really push the envelope in the category. The new electric kart features cutting-edge specs and will certainly award satisfaction both on indoor and outdoor tracks. This innovative product benefits from all the experience gained by CRG in the past 30 years of success on the tracks all around the world.


Although the “pearl” of Offenbach has been CRG electric kart, the whole CRG stand, devised together with the German importer Prespo, has had great affluence and all visitors had the chance of admiring the whole production of the Italian firm.

Obviously, the Racing CRG chassis range has been very admired as the newly homologated products for Mini and for the two international categories KZ and KF that allowed CRG to secure an infinite series of International titles in these years. Special interest has also been recorded by Rotax engines and by the new Maxter motorization that is going to be CRG official engines provider for international competitions in 2015.


The stand also featured a track sector devised by 360° Karting, that has been the ideal place to showcase the beauty and the technical strength of the new rental karts Centurion, which are supported by a specific R2R-CRG programme led by Christopher Sparacino.

The Centurion Mini model with Honda GX120 dedicated to children, the Centurion Standard that can be powered by a Honda GX270 or GX390 unit, the quite admired Centurion Two Seats and the Centurion Big Foot for over-sized drivers, were also present with their captivating CRG look.


The Formula 5 by Maxter kart, produced by CRG with Maxter brand, was also on show.

Press Office
22 January 2015


In the pictures: 1) The new electric kart CRG E-Drenaline (Ph. Voltini); 2) CRG KZ; 3) and 4) CRG Centurion rental karts; 5) Formula 5 by Maxter. (Ph. www.kartfoto.de).



CRG to present all the novelties of its production, including the world premiere of the electric kart, at the German Fair near Frankfurt from 17 to 18 January 2015. CRG Racing range, Centurion rental karts and Maxter engines also present.

All the 2015 novelties from CRG will be showcased at the IKA Kart 2000 Fair of Offenbach, the biggest one dedicated to karting, event scheduled for Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 January in Germany, near Frankfurt. CRG S.p.A. will be present in Pavilion A2 with all the production of the Italian company and some interesting novelties, among which a world preview.

The CRG stand is going to be quite dynamic featuring also the reproduction of a sector of a circuit and will house all CRG Racing products with the newly homologated chassis and the complete range of Centurion rental karts, including Centurion Standard pushed by Honda GX 270 and Honda GX 390 engine units, Centurion Mini and Centurion Two Seats.


CRG is going to preview an absolute world novelty at this edition of the Fair of Offenbach: the electric kart E-DRENALINE, that is the most modern electric kart currently on the market.


CRG stand at the Fair will also comprise a space dedicated to the whole Maxter motorization with the presence and the support of technicians of the Italian company. CRG's production in Offenbach will also be represented by German reseller Prespo (stand A2) and by CRG-UK (stand A1).

Press Office
15 January 2015



The CRG's satellite Team Gamoto has been celebrated with the trophy for the winner of WSK Champions Cup given to its driver Muizzuddin. The Malaysian driver has also been awarded for his second position in WSK Super Master. Another trophy went to Team Gamoto's Fetisov, who was third in the Champions Cup.

A good recognition has been given to Team Gamoto at the WSK Gran Galà held in Adria as it obtained important results with CRG colors in the WSK series during 2014. The team stood particularly out in the category reserved for the youngest drivers, 60 Mini, where it won the WSK Champions Cup.

Team Gamoto, represented by Vincenzo and Salvatore Gatto, in 2014 kept its winning streak that characterized the squad in these years as CRG satellite team and one of the most qualified squads to assist and prepare young talents in the early stages of their career.


The very young Malaysian driver of Team Gamoto Muizzuddin Musyaffa Bin Abdul Gafar has been celebrated at the WSK Gran Galà on his victory in WSK Champions Cup 60 Mini. Later on in the evening he has also been awarded for the second place of the WSK Master Series. The third prize for Team Gamoto came from WSK Champions Cup thanks to the Russian driver Bogdan Fetisov.


Team Gamoto finally secured the Teams' trophy due to the results obtained in WSK Champions Cup, and in particular the victory obtained by Muizzuddin, the third place by Bogdan Fetisov and the tenth by the Norwegian Dennis Hauger.


Among the highlights of Team Gamoto during 2014 WSK season, the third place secured by Leonardo Marseglia at the WSK Final Cup held at the Adria Karting Raceway. The most important results of 2014 for the team led by Gatto also comprise the second place obtained by Dennis Hauger in the Italian Championship, the absolute victory of Leonardo Marseglia at the Trofeo delle Industrie and his second place at the Rok Cup International.

Press Office
14 January 2015

In the pictures: 1) Team Gamoto together with some members of CRG works team at WSK Gran Galà; 2) From the left, Salvatore Gatto, Bogdan Fetisov, Muizzuddin and Vincenzo Gatto; 3) In the middle, Muizzuddin on the stage of the of WSK Gran Galà. (Cunaphoto.it).




The Dutch team Keijzer Racing, winner of the last two editions of the German Championship, switched to CRG chassis for an high level 2015 season. In the 2015 lineup, Martijn van Leeuwen in KF and Bard Verkroost in KF Junior.

CRG is pleased to welcome the arrival of the Dutch team Keijzer Racing that decided to use the karts produced by the Italian company in 2015. This is great news for CRG colors that will therefore count on the support and competitiveness of the excellent team led by Willemjan Keijzer in international races.

Team Keijzer Racing particularly shone in the most important International Championships in the last few seasons. Last year it secured the German DKM Championship with Martijn van Leeuwen, repeating the victory scored in 2013 by the same strong Dutch driver in KF Junior. The team also hauled a prestigious fifth place in 2014's KF World Championship held in Essay (France) – again with van Leeuwen, who also competed in the European KF Championship ended in P9, after an unlucky final held in Brandon (England). Team Keijzer also got on the podium of the WSK Final Cup of Adria at the end of the season, thanks to the third place taken by Martijn van Leeuwen.


"I am really happy on the season that just ended – stated Willemjan Keijzer – as not very many teams managed to win the German Championship in two different categories like Junior and Senior. Despite some up and downs, we got a great job done. We intend to run an even stronger 2015 on CRG material.”

Team CRG Keijzer Racing will line up again Martijn van Leeuwen in KF and Bard Verkroost in KF Junior during 2015 on CRG chassis, but the team is currently evaluating the requests received by some other drivers to be part of the team. The sporting programme of the team will include the German Championship, WSK and CIK-FIA Championships and other International races.

Press Office
13 January 2015

In the picture: team CRG Keijzer Racing at the presentation of 2015 sporting programme with CRG.



CRG works team for Rotax 2015 Championships has been unveiled: strong presence in all categories. De Conto ready to shine in DD2, Edward Brand and Harry Webb in Senior, Alex Quinn in Junior. Debut at the Florida Winter Cup, then the complete team will be fielded at the Winter Cup of Campillos and in the Euro Rotax Max Challenge.

A “stellar” CRG team led by team manager Martin Reuvers, with the support of HRS Racing Engines regarding the preparation and development of engines, is about to make its debut in the Rotax 2015 Championships.

The new CRG-Rotax works team for category Max DD2 will be composed by the Italian driver Paolo De Conto, by the German Luka Kamali and the Russian Semen Ryasnov. The Russian Igor Mukhin will be competing in Max DD2 Masters, while the British driver Edward Brand, the other Briton Harry Webb and the Dutch Mauricio Van der Iaan in Max Senior, and the British Alex Quinn, the Spaniard Kilian Meyer, the Israelian Ido Cohen and the German Phil Dörr in Max Junior.

Martin Reuvers devised therefore a very strong lineup for CRG team, one that is certainly ready to shine in all categories and well determined to aim to big targets.

Among the CRG “stars” in Rotax Championships, the Italian top-driver Paolo De Conto – European 2010 KZ2 Champion and 2011 KZ1 Champion – has been a strong interpreter last year also in Euro Challenge Rotax, the British Harry Webb won the world Rotax Grand Finals and the Euro Challenge Junior in 2012 and is the current Euro Challenge Senior reigning champion, while the other British driver Edward Brand came third in last year's Euro Rotax Senior and second in the Grand Finals Rotax Senior of 2012.

Expectations are also high for the German Luka Kamali, who came to the fore last year in the Euro Challenge DD2, for the Russian Igor Mukhin who already won the Rotax DD2 Masters International Open in 2012, and for the young Briton Alex Quinn, who completed a strong growth. All Spain has high hopes on the young promise Kilian Meyer instead.

Paolo De Conto and Edward Brand will be the first to get on track at the Florida Winter Tour Rotax Max Challenge, in the race scheduled for next 25th January at the Homestead-Miami Speedway that will open a “triptych” of races that also comprises that at the Orlando Kart Center on 1st March and the Ocala Grand Prix on 29th March.

The complete CRG-Rotax team will make its debut next 15th February in Campillos (Spain) at the Winter Cup Rotax Max. The sporting programme will then continue with the 4 races of the Euro Rotax Max Challenge: 5th April in Sabris (France), 31st May in Castelletto (Italy), 26th July in Wackersdorf (Germany) and 6th September in Genk (Belgium).

The Rotax season of team CRG will also include the rounds of the Rotax Max International Cup of Angerville (France) on 11th October and the Rotax Max International Open of Adria (Italy) on 25th October.


Paolo De Conto (ITA)
Luka Kamali (DEU)
Semen Ryasnov (RUS)

Igor Mukhin (RUS)

Edward Brand (GBR)
Harry Webb (GBR)
Mauricio Van der Iaan (NLD)

Alex Quinn (GBR)
Kilian Meyer (SPA)
Ido Cohen (ISR)
Phil Dörr (DEU)

Press Office
12 January 2015

In the picture: from the left, Harry Webb and Edward Brand, members of the 2015 CRG-Rotax works team of category Max Senior.



CRG works team for season 2015 has been defined. Davide Forè, Paolo De Conto and Simo Puhakka to compete in KZ1. Edward Brand, Fabian Federer, Sidney Gomez and Fuma Horio in KZ2. Felice Tiene, Pedro Hiltbrand, Dionisios Marcu and Archie Tillett in KF, while Alex Quinn will be racing in KFJ.

CRG works team has been decided ahead of season 2015, as the squad is more determined than ever to get great results and make the winning quality of its material shine. CRG will field an attack squad that is all set to climb the classification of the most prestigious races and increment a team’s hall of fame that is already among the richest in the history of karting.


The duty to take CRG colors to the victory in KZ1 has been taken on by the five times World Champion Davide Forè, who has been joined by two very quick new entries, the two times European Champion in KZ1 and KZ2 Paolo De Conto and the Finn Simo Puhakka. This is going to be quite a solid “trident” ready to get the full haul. The team will get on track at the Winter Cup of Lonato del Garda (Italy) next 22 February, and then will compete in WSK Super Master Series, in the European and in the World Championship.


Another new entry will be fielded by CRG in KZ2: the British driver Edward Brand, who has been among the main protagonists of the Rotax International Championships being third last year in the Euro Rotax Senior and second in the Grand Finals Rotax Senior in 2012. The KZ2 lineup will be completed by Fabian Federer, who has been European KZ2 Champion in 2011, by the Venezuelan Sidney Gomez and by the Japanese Fuma Horio, as the latter two are also quite motivated to run a strong season. The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand will be present at the CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup. Maxter engines will be used in KZ1 and KZ2.



The KF lineup will be composed by Felice Tiene, who won the 2012 World Cup and is ready to run an high level season, by Pedro Hiltbrand (seventh in the European Championship last year), by the Romanian Dionisios Marcu and by the young Briton Archie Tillett, who will make his debut in the higher category.


The very young Briton Alex Quinn will defend CRG colors in KF Junior as he is ready to confirm his value after the excellent results scored last year at his debut in the category. Iame/Parilla engines will be used in KF and KF Junior.



Davide Forè (ITA)
Paolo De Conto (ITA)
Simo Puhakka (FIN)

Fabian Federer (ITA)
Edward Brand (GBR)
Sidney Gomez (VEN)
Fuma Horio (JAP)

Felice Tiene (ITA)
Dionisios Marcu (ROM)
Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP)
Archie Tillett (GBR)

KF Junior
Alex Quinn (GBR)

Press Office
10 January 2015

In the pictures: 1) Davide Forè; 2) Felice Tiene; 3) from left Felice Tiene, Davide Forè, Paolo De Conto. Cunaphoto.it



CRG announces the agreement with the strong Finnish driver Simo Puhakka for season 2015 of category KZ1, where he will join forces with Paolo De Conto starting from the forthcoming Winter Cup. Puhakka will compete in the WSK Super Master Series, in the European and World KZ1 Championships.

The opening of a new sporting season is approaching and the prestigious Italian outfit CRG hit again the big target with the signing of the strong Finn Simo Puhakka, who will defend CRG colors in KZ1 during 2015 in all the most important international competitions starting from the next Winter Cup to be held in Lonato del Garda (Italy).

The talented and very quick driver Simo Puhakka will join Paolo De Conto, who has also been recently signed by CRG as both drivers will be competing in the highest shifter category. After the 2015 season opener Winter Cup, Puhakka and CRG will take part in the four rounds of the WSK Super Master Series, in the European CIK-FIA KZ1 Championship and in the World CIK-FIA KZ1 Championship.

The Finn is certainly among the strongest drivers of KZ1. CRG will therefore get to the start of the season with another strong pairing in the highest shifter category – with Paolo De Conto and the five times world champion Davide Forè, CRG’s trident is quite motivated to score prestigious results.

The second place in the German 2014 KZ2 Championship, with a victory in Kerpen, is among the recent strongest results achieved by Puhakka. In his career, he also won the Finnish Championship of 2005 in categories ICA and FA, that of 2007 in 125 ICC and the Italian Open Masters KZ2 in 2008.

Press Office
9 January 2015

In the picture: from the left, Simo Puhakka posing with CRG President Giancarlo Tinini.



Paolo De Conto to strengthen the works team in 2015, but some more new-entries are also expected after Jordon Lennox-Lamb decided to follow other routes. Very good chances in Euro Rotax with the arrival of HRS and Martin Reuvers. Novelties also in the works team's sporting management with the role took on by Glenn Keyaert, as Euan Jeffery moved to R&D. On the commercial side, an important agreement has been reached with K1 Speed for North America.

The balance of season 2014 has been once again positive for CRG that has displayed a great competitiveness in all the races, even though the results obtained have not been as important as in the recent few years. In 2014 CRG won the European KZ2 title with Andrea Dalè, on CRG-Maxter, which is an even more important result as it has been achieved by a private driver.

This important result was not followed by some more due to a series of unlucky events but, as stated by CRG President Giancarlo Tinini, “not all years are the same”. Strong performances have been put in by Jordon Lennox-Lamb who came second in the Euro Rotax and won Las Vegas' S1 and the American Championship.

“This year we struggled a bit more – continued Giancarlo Tinini – and 2014 has certainly not been our best season yet, but we cannot say that it has been a disaster either. We showed a great competitiveness in a lot of occasions. For the first year, we have been competing in the Challenge Euro Rotax, where we managed to express an high level of performance laying the foundations for a good development in this category. Obviously, we aim to get a better season 2015 building on the experience gained in 2014.”


- Meanwhile, CRG welcomed the arrival of a very quick driver like Paolo De Conto, but also said goodbye to Jordon Lennox-Lamb who decided to look elsewhere at the beginning of 2015...

“Paolo is certainly one of the main interpreters of KZ in the recent years. In 2015 he will be among our ranks and I believe he will give his best to get the success he deserves. Lennox decided to go through a different path. He has received a very good offer, one to which it is difficult to say no. We are happy for him, and we are proud of having launched him among the top-drivers in the world as he has been shining with CRG since 2011. Together with Paolo De Conto, in KZ1 we will field Davide Forè who will partake to some important races. In KZ2, we will line Fabian Federer up, as well as Andrea Dalè as privateer. Most probably we are going to have some other interesting drivers we currently are talking to. Regarding KF, we confirmed Felice Tiene, who will be sided by Pedro Hiltbrand. Some other drivers will be present too, and probably some new entries. We reached an important agreement with HRS Racing Engines and Martin Reuvers to strengthen our team in the Rotax 2015 Euro Challenge and in the other important Rotax rounds.”


- There are some Important novelties regarding the sporting direction of the team...

“Euan Jeffery, who held the role of sporting director greatly in these years, moved to that of managing Commercial R&D in 2015. This strategic role for the development of our company will have the goal of supporting and improving our sales network as well as of identifying some further partners and markets to operate on. Glenn Keyaert, who has been with us for some years now and has a great knowledge of racing and logistics, will take on the role of sporting director instead.”



- What are the novelties on CRG products for 2015?

“We will employ some new materials, but these are not big news as we already developed our products during season 2014. We believe we have some great material and are certain that we will do good things. Regarding engines, we will use Parilla in KF and Maxter in KZ.”

- In terms of tires, CIK-FIA announced the 2015 providers. What is your opinion on this?

“I never had any prejudice on companies, but I believe that it would have been possibly better if CIK-FIA had involved chassis constructors in this choice. I think we could have run some tests on track to evaluate which tire type performed better in one category or in the other, which would have given us a better choice and a more satisfactorily one for drivers. It is true that tires are the same for everyone in each category, but should drivers not be happy with them we would witness a continuous hemorrhage of drivers towards more satisfactory championships.”

- How about the new KF engines?

“I keep hearing discordant opinions, and unfortunately most of them are negative. As far as we are concerned, we will be less interested to KF and will focus mainly on KZ. In KF categories, the number of drivers has drastically decreased because the choice was taken not to simplify a motorization that is too complicated. Rule makers obviously do not have an adequate knowledge of this problem. Figures of WSK or CIK-FIA – that gather drivers from all over the world – must not be confused with those of national championships, that are true indicators of the success of a category. KF categories virtually do not exist anymore in these championships. Categories like Rotax or other single-branded championships get the most out of this situation as they keep attracting an higher number of drivers.”

- National championships are suffering more and more of this KF motorization crisis. In your opinion, what remedy could be used to invert this trend?

“The championships that work are those that do things by themselves, that is, evaluate every time if it is worthy going down certain paths. In the world there are good examples of successful Championships that managed to meet the needs and expectations of staff and drivers. Even tires choice can have a huge impact on the success of a championship. Besides brands, the right compound of a tire can attract more drivers and give more interest to a championship.”

- Business-wise, how has been CRG's 2014?

“Our trend in the last three years has been constant and, in the current economic situation, having the same numbers is already a great success. France and Germany are again the best markets in Europe. We also did a great job in China and North America, were we made an agreement with K1 Speed for 2015. This will allow us to develop a new, well-structured and capillary distribution network to provide all CRG devoted clients with high level service and great race support.”

Press Office
2 January 2015


In the pictures: 1) Andrea Dalè (369) and Felice Tiene (422), KZ2 European Championship, 2014 Kristianstad (Ph. Cunaphoto); 2) Giancarlo Tinini and Nicole (Ph. CRG Press); 3) Paolo De Conto (Ph. CRG Press); 4) Glenn Keyaert and Felice Tiene (Ph. CRG Press); 5) Euan Jeffery (Ph. Cunaphoto); 6) Davide Forè (Ph. Cunaphoto).

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