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Satisfaction for all CRG drivers on track in 2013. Commitment confirmed for CIK-FIA, WSK and Rotax Championships in 2014. Some words also on the incident involving Max Verstappen in the last round of the World Championship. KZ as the most suitable category for youngsters eying a move to racing cars.

The 2013 finale ended a golden season for CRG and his Racing Team, a fantastic racing year sprinkled with an impressive streak of International titles and victories in all the most important appointments, from World to European Championships, to WSK Series.

CRG's chassis turned out to be the most performing chassis in almost all categories, and sometimes it showed such a clear superiority that allowed it to dominate the contest with the rivals. The 15 years old Dutch driver Max Verstappen enriched CRG's prize list with the victory in the KZ World Championship, the two European titles of KZ and KF, the triumphs in WSK Euro Series KZ1 and WSK Master Series KZ2.

CRG lived a lot of exciting moments in the past season, as the one-two-three in qualifying of the KZ European Championship in Wackersdorf, with Jorrit Pex, Max Verstappen and Davide Forè, and the other one-two-three in Genk's qualifying, this time with Max Verstappen, Jorrit Pex and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, or that scored in the qualifying of the KZ World Championship by Davide Forè, Felice Tiene and Max Verstappen, that was followed by a double podium with Jordon Lennox-Lamb closing on the third step of the podium behind the winner Verstappen. Another success for Tinini Group was scored by Tom Joyner, on Zanardi chassis made by CRG, in the KF World Championship where he put in a crescendo of performances as did his team mate Lance Stroll, especially after the adoption of the TM engine unit prepared by GFR Engines of the Scott Gordon Finlayson. CRG is very proud of this impressive streak of high level performances.



“Over the years we have had great seasons - said Giancarlo Tinini, CRG President – but 2013 has been a really good season for us. Beyond the titles won, we have always been competitive in all the categories, with the only exception of KF Junior due to a technical decision that turned out to be wrong. All our drivers had a good season, but we could have done something more in KF and KF Junior where we count on improving starting from 2014. I am really happy on the results we got and I am glad of Max Verstappen's move to motor-sport after such an exceptional season. I am certain that his record season will remain in the history of karting. We will bet again on the same categories in 2014 with the objective of winning also in KF Junior and Rotax, where we already announced our participation in the International Championships.”

- The upcoming season will bring some regulation changes...

“Things won't change much in terms of number of races, but, in such a tough economic period, I agree with the choice of reducing by one day the time on track and with the reduction of entering fees as well as on tires limitation. Costs will not be cut by much, but these are all solutions that can lighten a bit racing costs and meet drivers' requests.”

- The title of Tom Joyner at the end of 2013 brought the success to Tinini Group but what went missing was the icing on the cake for Max Verstappen...

“Everyone knows the value of Max Verstappen, I believe that no one can say he won as much at his age. This excess of power brought a bit of jealousy and envy with it, but the cheap attacks after the incident in Bahrain is what annoyed me the most. The truth is that Max had a technical problem in Bahrain and we do not know if it could have been sorted in a couple of laps or not, but after being pricked several times from behind he tried to defend himself keeping his line. I think that he was 90% right. Unbiased observers know how racing is and, moreover, Max had been hit on his rear wheel, but this does not count now. What counts is what Max won and left to karting, we can leave all the rest to the “poor” in victories and racing spirit.. I am very happy anyway on Tom Joyner's result. He had a technical problem in the first round at PFI when he was holding the second position. Tom is the same driver that came second in last year's World Championship held in Macau, after winning all the last four finals, therefore he truly deserved the title this year.”

- CRG says now goodbye to Max Verstappen, who is ready to move to cars...

“I wish him all the best. Max is a very talented driver that has important qualities that very few have, like spontaneity. He still has fun, he has always been playful and funny with the guys in the team. I have seen big champions, with half of the championships won by Max, being way too cocky. His spontaneity gets to people, he does not criticize. Even after the incident in Bahrain he did not criticize anybody nor felt sorry for himself. It happened and that was it.”

- CRG drivers help each other to deliver, is group spirit a strength of the team?

“Generally, a lot of drivers believe that team mates are the first rivals. I dismissed all the drivers with that belief. The word team has a simple truth in it: group, collaboration and collective efforts towards a common goal. Collaboration is the nice thing that can be found under our tent where one can see youngsters chatting with each other, exchanging ideas and thoughts. Faster drivers want to give team mates the chance to find the solution to get closer. This is very nice, it is good to make kids grow with this concept in mind. When they will move to racing cars they will have the attitude necessary to make progress.”

- KZ has always been an ace up CRG's sleeve. But recently this category has become the most interesting indeed...

“I have been saying that there is one category too many in karting for a while now, and this is KF2, which can be considered as an “elderly category”. Drivers having the ambition to aim to formula cars have to move from KF Junior to KZ, because KZ is a replica of what it is like on racing cars in terms of driving style, overtaking, corner shifting, breaking on a single pedal and so on, so forth. Whoever wishes to move to car racing has to make a direct jump from Junior to KZ. Even experienced racing drivers come back to KZ because this is a category that allows the best training. The lowering of drivers age that we are experiencing in KZ is mainly due to this. There is no point in wasting time in KF.”

- Following Verstappen and Thonon's depatures, who is CRG going to bet on?

“We will stick with our drivers, Felice Tiene and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Alex Palou Montalbo and Pedro Hiltbrand, and then to some other youngsters for the KF Junior campaign.”

- How is karting reacting to the economic downturn that has also hit motorsport?

“Honestly I do not see anything new or particularly good for the future. I hope to be wrong, but I am not that optimistic about a trend drift. In karting, the crisis has mainly affected Europe, while it has been felt a little less in the rest of the world. Obviously, the political choice made a while back did pay off for European karting, while regulations specific for each country are giving positive results in the rest of the world. Perhaps, a bit of self-criticism at the European level would be good instead of making generalizations. Karting should be much simpler”.

- Are you satisfied with the first season of CIK-FIA and WSK Championships promoted by WSK Promotion?

“I would say that the agreement between CIK-FIA and WSK Promotion turned out to be very positive and its impact on the organizational view point has been evident. I hope WSK Promotion will be given the chance to intervene even more at the level of organization and regulation of the events. We have always been very happy about WSK races and we count of coming home from CIK-FIA races as happy too.”


1. World Championship - KZ
1. European Championship - KZ
1. European Championship - KF
1. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
1. WSK Master Series - KZ2
1. Winter Cup - KF2
3. World Championship - KF

3. World Championship - KZ
10. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
11. European Championship - KZ
17. World Championship - KF
21. European Championship - KF

3. European Championship - KZ2
6. WSK Euro Series - KF
7. World Championship - KZ
7. European Championship - KF
13. World Championship - KF

1. German Championship - KZ2
5. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
7. European Championship - KZ
7. WSK Master Series - KZ2
16. World Championship - KZ

3. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
4. European Championship - KZ

1. Polish Championship - KZ2
1. Trofeo delle Industrie - KZ2
2. WSK Final Cup - KZ2
3. Winter Cup - KZ2
6. German Championship - KZ2
9. European Championship - KZ
9. WSK Euro Series – KZ1
12. World Championship - KZ

1. Spain Championship - KZ2
10. European Championship - KF
16. World Championship - KF
16. WSK Euro Series - KF

24. European Championship - KF Junior
26. World Championship - KF Junior

10. WSK Master Series - KZ2
14. Winter Cup - KZ2
17. World Championship - KZ
17. WSK Euro Series - KZ1
24. European Championship - KZ

17. WSK Master Series - KF
26. World Championship - KF

TOM JOYNER (Zanardi)
1. World Championship - KF
11. WSK Master Series - KF
26. WSK Euro Series - KF
43. European Championship- KF

5. WSK Master Series - KF
6. World Championship - KF
13. WSK Euro Series - KF
43. European Championship- KF

12. International Super Cup - KZ2

21. WSK Euro Series - KZ2
30. International Super Cup - KZ2

11. International Super Cup - KF Junior

1. WSK Euro Series - 60 Mini
1. WSK Master Series - 60 Mini

43. WSK Master Series - KF

3. WSK Euro Series
7. WSK Master Series

4. WSK Euro Series
6. WSK Master Series

Press Office
27 December 2013

In the pictures: 1) Giancarlo Tinini, CRG SpA President (Photo by KSP); 2) Max Verstappen heading to the victory in the first round of the KF World Championship at the Circuit PF International (Cunaphoto).



Davide Forè obtained the podium in Las Vegas' KZ2 with CRG USA. Soon after, Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Davide Forè secured the top two steps of the podium in Brazil at the KZ2 race of Santa Catarina with CRG.

Davide Forè had an intense end of the season in the double exit to Las Vegas and Brazil. In South America he has been joined by Jordon Lennox-Lamb for the KZ2 race concurrent with the 500 Miles of Santa Catarina. Forè obtained a podium in Las Vegas' KZ2 with CRG USA, while CRG Brazil scored a one-two in KZ2 with Lennox leading Forè in Brazil. This double exit confirmed the competitiveness of the chassis of the Italian outfit as happened for the whole season 2013.

FORE’ THIRD IN LAS VEGAS. The exit to USA in occasion of the 17th edition of the SKUSA Supernationals – race able to score once again an incredible success with more than 500 entered drivers in 11 categories competing at the circuit prepared on the parking lot of the Hotel Rio of Las Vegas – has had a protagonist in Davide Forè who has been racing on a CRG chassis pushed by a TM engine unit prepared by Bruno Daldosso.

Forè secured the pole position and then clinched a good victory under the rain and two second places in the heats. In the Final, Davide Forè got away from the outside of the front row and run a very nice battle in the leading pack ending in third place at the flag, behind the winner Abbasse and in Lammers' slipstream.

Team Gamoto Racing came also to the fore in Las Vegas as Muizzuddin Musyaffa on CREG/Hero obtained the second place in the category Tag Cadet at the end of a recover from the 29th position finished at only 63 thousands from the winner Leonardo Marseglia.


LENNOX LEADING FORE’ IN BRAZIL. A week afterwards, Davide Forè and Jordon Lennox-Lamb took part in the KZ2 race held at Santa Catarina, Brazil. That was a joint event with the karting 500 Miles Beto Carrero World where the team led by Rubens Barrichello won the endurance race.


Forè and Lennox got on track with team CRG Brazil for the KZ2 race. The victory of a very tight final went to Lennox as he managed to overhaul Prefinal winner Forè at the last corner. This marked another good success for CRG's colors that occupied the top two steps of the podium. The third place went to Gaetano Di Mauro on Techspeed.

Press Office
5th December 2013


In the pictures: 1. Davide Forè racing in Las Vegas's KZ2 where he ended third (Ph Cody Schindel CanadianKartingNews.com); 2. Jordon Lennox-Lamb first in KZ2 in Santa Catarina, Brazil (Ph Mauricio Villela); 3. Davide Forè racing in Brazil (Ph Mauricio Villela); 4. Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Davide Forè celebrated on the KZ2 podium in Brazil (Ph Mauricio Villela).



The British driver of Tinini Group won the final of the KF World Championship in Bahrain and surprisingly got the title. Max Verstappen involved in an incident in the Final after dominating the weekend throughout. Felice Tiene and Jordon Lennox-Lamb have also been very quick but did not get the result they had hoped for. Dionisios Marcu forced to the retirement in KF Junior.

Sakhir (Bahrain). Incredible epilogue for the KF World Championship in the second and final round held in Bahrain. The number one title contender – i.e. CRG works driver Max Verstappen – dominated the whole weekend, including the Prefinal won hands down, but in the Final was involved in an incident with his main title rival Nicklas Nielsen and the title was handed on a silver platter to other rivals.


JOYNER IS THE NEW KF CHAMPION. The Dutch champion offered a great chance to the other protagonists of this round due to the incident a third into the race. Among these, the strong British driver Tom Joyner, on Zanardi-Tm, made the most out of the victory in the Final securing the title by a whisker from Ben Hanley. In fact, both drivers ended up equal on points but Joyner was crowned champion has he obtained the best result.

The disappointment at team CRG has been slightly softened by the victory obtained by Joyner who raced on Zanardi chassis and therefore brought the title to the Tinini Group's firm, that is part of the big CRG family that three years ago launched the British driver in International karting. The Briton was second at the World Championship held last year on LH chassis and pulled four victories in Macau. The victory obtained by Tom Joyner also awarded GFR Engines of the Scott Gordon Finlayson, the TM engines preparator for team Chiesa Corse of Tom Joyner and Lance Stroll as well as for all CRG team in KF.

VERSTAPPEN, A SEASON TO BE APPLAUDED. Max Verstappen's season is one to be applauded anyway as it was marked by an exceptional record of wins including the KZ World Championship, the two Europeans won in KZ and KF, the double WSK title in WSK Euro Series in KZ1 and in the KZ2 Master Series. This has been season to be put into a frame for the strong Dutch driver who will start a new adventure in motor-racing in 2014 as he will move to Formula Renault pursuing a career that is certainly destined to be full of success.


BRILLIANT RACES FOR TIENE AND LENNOX. The weekend of Bahrain did not award the other CRG drivers racing in this World Championship either. Felice Tiene has been brilliant all the way to the Final, with the third place obtained in the Prefinal behind Verstappen and Joyner. Tiene started the Final from the second row and had thick chances of clinching the title especially after Verstappen's retirement, but the Italian driver has been bumped a few laps afterwards leaving there his hopes to get a good result.

Bad luck also for Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who had some setup problems due to some contacts that compromised the performance of his chassis. The British driver was seventh in the Prefinal and in a race where he has also been among the group of the front-runners. He later on crossed the finish line of the Final in eleventh place but he could have certainly obtained the podium.

TECHNICAL PROBLEMS STOPPED DIONISIOS. In KF Junior Dionisios Marcu had the chance to put in a strong recover only in the warm-up held early in the day where he put in a stunning second place. In the Prefinal he was forced to the retirement due to a technical problem affecting his engine. That was a real pity as the Romanian driver had eventually found a very good setup for the final stages.

The KF Junior Championship was initially awarded to Leonardo Pulcini but was eventually given to Alessio Lorandi due to a penalty handed to the Russian driver Mazepin who was found guilty of cutting a chicane. The final classification is still sub judice as Mazepin is likely to file an appeal.



Euan Jeffery, team manager CRG: “The final round of the World Championship could have been the icing on the cake of this season characterized by all the titles won with Max Verstappen. We were aiming to the podium with all the drivers after the Prefinal. Unfortunately inconveniences can happen – and they happened indeed in this occasion, probably due to the tension of such an important appointment like the World Championship. Alas, Max had an incident with Nielsen and this voided all his chances of winning the championship. Anyway, we have to congratulate Joyner has he obtained a fair victory with our Tinini Group. My compliments go also to Chiesa Corse. We had a great weekend all the way until the Final; all our three drivers were up there in front with Verstappen, Tiene and Lennox well within the fight for the win of the championship. This proved once again the quality and competitiveness of our material. In KF Junior Dionisios could not qualify for the Final after a weekend that showed good progress from him. We will soon start to work for 2014, a season in which we count on repeating this year's success”.

Max Verstappen: “In all the practice sessions we were fast, qualifying was not so good but after that we recovered in the heats and I managed to start second in the Prefinal where I ended first, maybe I was not the fastest on track but people behind me were fighting for positions. In the Final the first two laps were quite good but then I did not have enough speed and Tom passed me. One lap after, I think, Nielsen was behind me and coming out of the final corner he touched me and we crashed. It would have been nice to say goodbye to karting with a victory but we already had a good season with CRG so I am very proud of that. In general I am very proud of this season. I spent four years with CRG, it is a fantastic team, everybody likes each other, it was like a second family”.

Jordon Lennox-Lamb: “In the first round in England at the PF International I had some engine problems, here I was confident in a good result. All was properly set and in the warm-up he obtained the second quickest time. Someone hit me in the Prefinal when I was second and this made me concede some positions. In the Final I tried to recover but I had some difficulties, perhaps the new set of tyres did not have the performance I had hoped for. As CRG we did not win the title but at least it was won by a firm belonging to our Group.”

Felice Tiene: “My World Championship has been compromised a bit in the first round at PFI in England where I suffered engine problems. In Bahrain we replaced the TM engine unit and the situation was turned upside down. I have always been among the quickest drivers. The third place in the Prefinal made me hopeful ahead of the Final and after Max Verstappen's retirement I could have won the title as I had more points than Tom Joyner. Unfortunately I was involved in an incident but one of us managed to clinch the victory which is good.”

Dionisios Marcu: “After the first round in England where we had a lot of problems with tyres and engine, things were better in Bahrain and we reached a good level of competitiveness. In the warm-up I set the second quickest time which proves that I was very quick. In the Prefinal I had to retire as a component of my engine broke. I am hopeful for next season though as I will be racing in KF with CRG”.


KF World Championship's Standings:
1. Joyner (Zanardi/Tm) points 29; 2. Hanley (Art GP/Tm) 29; 3. Verstappen (CRG/Tm) 25; 4. Basz (Tony Kart/Vortex) 25; 5. Nielsen (Kosmic/Tm) 20; 6. Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) 17; 7. Hansen (Tony Kart/Vortex) 17; 8. Convers (Kosmic/Vortex) 16; 9. Boccolacci (Energy/Tm) 16; 10. Stupenkov (Energy/Tm) 15; ...13. Tiene (CRG/Tm) 9; ...16. Palou (CRG/Parilla) 6; 17. Lennox-Lamb (CRG/Tm) 5.

All results are available on the websites www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com.

Press Office
23rd November 2013

In the pictures: 1. Max Verstappen; 2. The start of the Final, Verstappen on the left, Joyner on the right; 3. Felice Tiene; 4. Jordon Lennox-Lamb; 5. Tom Joyner (Ph_CRG_Press).



Max Verstappen recovered the gap he accumulated in an unlucky qualifying and put in two solid wins in the heats. The Dutch driver secured in this way the first row in the Prefinal. Good heats also from Felice Tiene who is currently 6th overall, and Jordon Lennox-Lamb, 11th. Prompt recover for Dionisios Marcu in KF Junior.

Sakhir (Bahrain). A strong Max Verstappen, as usual on an excellent and winning CRG chassis pushed by a TM engine unit by GFR, got the situation back in his hands in Bahrain at the spectacular Sakhir's circuit in the qualifying heats of the KF World Championship. He gave everybody a very good proof of his competitiveness with a character performance and excellent driving.


Verstappen started his heats with a bit of penalty coming from an unlucky qualifying and in the three races of the day he managed to fill the gap putting in two stunning victories after the fifth time in heat-1. The French driver Dorian Boccolacci has been his main rival throughout but Verstappen managed to keep him behind in the two final heats.

VERSTAPPEN IN FRONT ROW. Max Verstappen managed to secure the front row in the Prefinal that will take place on Saturday's afternoon, an exciting accomplishment for the Dutch driver that has been the “king” of this season winning the KZ World Championship, the European KZ and KF championships, the KZ1 WSK Euro Series and KZ2 WSK Master Series.

His main rival in the championship, Nicklas Nielsen, will start the Prefinal from the seventh place. Ben Hanley, currently third in the standings, will get away from the 19th spot of the grid.


GOOD PERFORMANCE BY TIENE AND LENNOX. Felice Tiene showed a positive and combative spirit in all the three heats where he obtained three eighth places that were worth a promising sixth spot of the Prefinal's starting grid.

Combative heats for Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been penalyzed a bit when he lost a few positions in the heat of the races. In the final ranking following the heats Lennox is currently 11th, but the British driver will certainly use up all his resources to get back to the front where he belongs.


DIONISIOS' RECOVER. In KF Junior Dionisios Marcu obtained very interesting placings as an eighth, an eleventh and twelfth place in the four heats he took part in, recovering from a troubled qualifying. The retirement in the first heat held on Thursday relegated Dionisios a bit to the back on the Prefinal's starting grid. Access to the Final remains the main target of the Romanian driver.

VERSTAPPEN'S COMMENT. Max Verstappen appeared evidently reassured after qualifying heats and ready to fight for the title. “At the start of the first heat I experienced some problems and had to go on the sand of the dirty part of the track losing contact with the first four drivers. Later on I was catching them so the speed was not too bad after all. In the second heat I had a good start and despite the adjustments to the chassis did not pay off we managed to win the heat anyway. I hit another good start in the third heat and then I was slowly catching the front runner and in the last lap I got past him. In the end things were good, and people behind me in the championship like Nielsen and Hanley are a little bit further away which is good. Tomorrow we will try to stay in front of the other people to get the championship”.

Standings of the KF World Championship after the first round of PF International:
1. Verstappen (CRG/Tm) points 25; 2. Nielsen (Kosmic/Tm) 20; 3. Hanley (Art GP/Tm) 13; 4. Stupenkov (Energy/Tm) 13; 5. Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) 11; 6. Hansen (Tony Kart/Vortex) 10; 7. Tiene (CRG/Parilla) 9; 8. Hiltbrand (LH/Tm) 8; 9. Boccolacci (Energy/Tm) 7; 10. Palou (CRG/Parilla) 6; 11. Basz (Tony Kart/Vortex) 5; 12. Joyner (Zanardi/Tm) 4; 13. Russell (Kosmic/Tm) 3; 14. Romanov (Energy/Tm) 2; 15. Besancenez (Tony Kart/Tm) 1.

All results are available on the websites www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com.

Press Office
22nd November 2013

In the pictures: 1, Max Verstappen; 2, Felice Tiene; 3, Jordon Lennox-Lamb; 4, Marcu Dionisios (Ph_CRG_Press).



The super-modern facility of Bahrain housed the night qualifying on Thursday and current classification leader Max Verstappen set the ninth quickest time, Felice Tiene followed him with the tenth. Jordon Lennox-Lamb slightly delayed. Troubled start for Marcu Dionisios in his first heat in KF Junior.

Sakhir (Bahrain). After two days spent with free practice, the second round of the KF&KF Junior Championships got to their heart in Bahrain with Thursday's qualifying held in the night. The sessions took regularly place despite the quite unusual and violent downpour that flooded several sectors of the track. The situation was sorted in record time though.


A F1 TRACK FOR KARTS. The circuit is located in the facility that also houses the Formula 1 track in a quite unique context for karting. The super-modern track is full of up and down hills and inherited several concepts from the bigger circuit, starting from run-off areas that are all very wide and covered with asphalt which allowed several drivers to get advantage of the extra space following un-ortodox trajectories. The impression is of high uncertainty for the final result that is everything but granted.


VERSTAPPEN RUNNING-UP. Thursday's qualifying did not have a particularly positive outcome for the classification leader of CRG Max Verstappen, who won the first round in England but had some setup problems here and obtained the ninth time after being under the spotlight in the previous days. The time set by Felice Tiene was virtually the same as the one clocked by the Dutch driver, as the Italian was just a thousand of a second shy of his team mate. Jordon Lennox-Lamb ended a little bit more to the back, at 0.385s from the pole position. The three CRG color bearers – all on a TM engine prepared by the Scottish “wizard” GFR – count on putting in a recover starting from the heats scheduled for Friday that will be crucial to secure a good starting position for the final stages of Saturday.


DIONISIOS IN KF JUNIOR. In KF Junior CRG's works team lined up Marcu Dionisios, on TM engine by Galiffa Racing. The young Romanian driver set the 23rd time in qualifying, but had to retire in the first heat of the day. An unlucky start that Dionisios will have to turn around.

The pole position of KF went to the French Dorian Boccolacci (Energy), who was 2 thousands quicker than Andreas Sebastian Hansen (Tony Kart), while the third time was set by Verstappen's main rival in the standings, Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic). From what seen so far this KF race will have to be followed from lights to flag. In KF Junior the pole position was set by the British Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart).

Standings of the KF World Championship after the first round of PF International:
1. Verstappen (CRG/Tm) points 25; 2. Nielsen (Kosmic/Tm) 20; 3. Hanley (Art GP/Tm) 13; 4. Stupenkov (Energy/Tm) 13; 5. Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) 11; 6. Hansen (Tony Kart/Vortex) 10; 7. Tiene (CRG/Parilla) 9; 8. Hiltbrand (LH/Tm) 8; 9. Boccolacci (Energy/Tm) 7; 10. Palou (CRG/Parilla) 6; 11. Basz (Tony Kart/Vortex) 5; 12. Joyner (Zanardi/Tm) 4; 13. Russell (Kosmic/Tm) 3; 14. Romanov (Energy/Tm) 2; 15. Besancenez (Tony Kart/Tm) 1.

All results are available on the websites www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com.

Press Office
21st November 2013

In the pictures: 1, Max Verstappen in Bahrain; 2, Felice Tiene; 3, Jordon Lennox-Lamb; 4, Marcu Dionisios (Ph_CRG_Press).



CRG is heading to Bahrain for the final round of the World Championship that will take place next Saturday 23rd November. Max Verstappen is the current championship leader and is well motivated to get an historic en-plain! On track also Jordon Lennox-Lamb, Felice Tiene and Yuta Shiraishi with the technical novelty of TM engine. In KF Junior Marcu Dionisios to defend CRG colors.

All is set for CRG's charge to the last title of CIK-FIA available for season 2013. The modern track of Sakhir in Bahrain is in fact about to house the KF and KF Junior World Championships. CRG and its drivers will compete in this final race of the season with the usual professionalism and an interesting technical novelty.


VERSTAPPEN LEADING THE STANDINGS. CRG will get to Bahrain with Max Verstappen as championship leader after the round held at the PF International Circuit of Brandon, England, where the Dutch champion dominated the scene on CRG chassis powered by the TM engine prepared by GFR Engines of the Scott Gordon Finlayson.

This is going to be the last round of an amazing season for Verstappen as he won the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship and the two CIK-FIA European Championships KZ and KF, as well as the KZ1 WSK Euro Series and the KZ2 WSK Master Series.

A real record in karting that is even more stunning as it has been scored by a 15 years old driver. The target is only one, trying and win this final title too to score an historic hat-trick!


TECHNICAL NOVELTY IN BAHRAIN. The Dutch champion will be supported by Jordon Lennox-Lamb and Felice Tiene, that will be racing with a big technical novelty: the two drivers will be racing in Bahrain for the first time on the TM engine prepared by GFR, which is going to be a good chance for them to show all their value. They will certainly be hunting the full result too and who knows what surprise might come for all CRG fans!

The Japanese Yuta Shiraishi will be racing in KZ with CRG's works driver, while Marcu Dionisios will defend CRG's colors in KF Junior, both drivers experiencing for the first time the TM engine unit.


READY FOR 2014. Euan Jeffery, team manager CRG, commented in this way the eve of this appointment while eyeing 2014: “The decision was made to give a TM engine to all our drivers in this final race of the season, a round that is very important to CRG. We do not want to leave any stone unturned to try and bring home also this World Championship after winning the KZ1 title with Max Verstappen. We are also working for 2014, devising drivers' lineups and sportive programmes. We will be present as usual in the CIK-FIA Championships and in WSK Euro Series, but also in the Rotax Euro Challenge were we will be fielding a specific works team. In a few weeks time we will unveil the names of CRG drivers for KZ and KF and for the Rotax championship where we count on being present with a top class lineup”.

Standings of the KF World Championship after the first round:
1. Verstappen (CRG/Tm) points 25; 2. Nielsen (Kosmic/Tm) 20; 3. Hanley (Art GP/Tm) 13; 4. Stupenkov (Energy/Tm) 13; 5. Stroll (Zanardi/Tm) 11; 6. Hansen (Tony Kart/Vortex) 10; 7. Tiene (CRG/Parilla) 9; 8. Hiltbrand (LH/Tm) 8; 9. Boccolacci (Energy/Tm) 7; 10. Palou (CRG/Parilla) 6; 11. Basz (Tony Kart/Vortex) 5; 12. Joyner (Zanardi/Tm) 4; 13. Russell (Kosmic/Tm) 3; 14. Romanov (Energy/Tm) 2; 15. Besancenez (Tony Kart/Tm) 1.

All results will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com.

Press Office
19th November 2013

In the pictures: 1, from left Max Verstappen, Alex Palou, Felice Tiene, Jordon Lennox-Lamb (Ph_Cunaphoto.it). 2, Max Verstappen (Ph_Cunaphoto.it). 3, Felice Tiene (Ph_Chris Walker). 4, Jordon Lennox-Lamb (Ph_Chris Walker).



A spectacular show has taken place in USA at the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. CRG has been partner of the event in category DD2, where the victory was obtained by the Lithuanian driver Juodvirsis from the American Wimsett to the Spaniard Dalmau Caballer. Several excellent victims as the Canadians Cooper, that has been World Champion in 2012, and Ouellette, Champion in 2011.

The karting track located at the of Nola Motorsports Park of Avondale, New Orleans, housed a spectacular show in occasion of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals, that took place in a particularly fascinating setting that had a lot of success in terms of participation with CRG partner of the event as chassis supplier for the category DD2.


A record participation of nearly 360 drivers coming from all over the world, with the best coming from the selections of the Rotax National Trophies completed the success on the technical level where in the most powerful category, DD2 with the shift, CRG shone with the competitiveness and reliability of its karts that have been protagonists in several close races.

VICTORY FOR JUODVIRSIS IN DD2. The rain fallen on-off during the weekend of New Orleans made the event even more interesting and challenged several protagonists. The victory on CRG's chassis in DD2 eventually went to the Lithuanian driver Simas Juodvirsis, who has been 2012 European Champion in KZ2 CIK-FIA and in WSK Euro Series.

Podium finish also for the American Joey Wimsett, second in a sprint finish with the Spanish driver Oriol Dalmau Caballer.


EXCELLENT RETIREMENTS. Among the most awaited protagonists, the Canadian with British origins Ben Cooper, who was the reigning champion and three time winner of the Grand Finals, was forced to the retirement after leading the race from the first lap; similar fate for the other Canadian Pier-Luc Ouellette, crowned champion in 2011. That has been a pity as Cooper and Ouellette got to New Orleans as the main contenders to the final win after setting the second and third place in qualifying, right behind the pole man Daniel Formal. The American also had to quit early the Final.

Quite unlucky the Belgian driver Xen de Ruwe, who was racing as CRG works driver at the CIK-FIA KZ2 world championship held in Varennes, as he had to retire in the Final after shining in qualifying heats where he put in a victory and two good placings that gave him the sixth place in the standings after the heats.


Italy was represented by DD2 National winner Alex Beggi, but for an unlucky series of events the Italian driver could not get among the finalists despite a good 24th time in qualifying.

THE WINNERS OF THE OTHER CATEGORIES. The winners of the other categories of the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals were: the Briton Oliver Hodgson in Senior, the South African Cristiano Mongado in DD2 Masters, the American Juan Correa in Junior, while in the smallest categories the victory went to David Malukas in Mini Max and to another American, Dylan Tavella, in Micro Max.

Press Office
18th November 2013

In the pictures:
1. Juodvirsis, the DD2 winner on CRG chassis in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals.
2. DD2 podium at Rotax Grand Finals, Juodvirsis (in the middle) between Wimsett and Dalmau Caballer.
3. The Canadians Cooper (facing backwards) and Ouellette at the Rotax Grand Finals.
4. Alex Beggi, the Italian representative at Rotax Grand Finals.
(Ph Media RMCGF BRP).



Davide Forè and team DTK win the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie on CRG-Tm in KZ2 and the absolute Trophy “Memorial Carlo Fabi”. CRG colors on the podium also with Marcel Mueller on CRG-Modena. Jorrit Pex ended fourth for CRG Holland. In 60 Mini Gamoto close to the podium with Muizzuddin.

Another very good victory was obtained by CRG colors in an International KZ2 race, this time with Davide Forè who run the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie – the race organized by Parma Karting at South Garda Karting of Lonato – with team DTK.


The Italian driver on CRG-Tm managed to get a good satisfaction putting the icing on the cake in this season where he has mainly been racing with the Polish team DTK, with which he won the last round of the WSK Euro Series in Genk earlier and got the pole position at the World Championship held in Varennes.

FORE’, AN IMPORTANT SUCCESS. An important and deserved success was obtained at the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie by the four times world champion Davide Forè where he got the victory in KZ2 as well as in the absolute “Memorial Carlo Fabi” Trophy during a weekend that was run in difficult and changing weather conditions that saw him always as protagonist despite an International lot of rivals including his colors-mate at CRG Holland Jorrit Pex – that is the three times German Champion, European and WSK Series 2012 Champion – and the former European Champion Roberto Toninelli on Birel on top of several other Internationally recognized drivers like Marcel Mueller on CRG-Modena, Andrea Dalè on CRG-Tm and Marco Zanchetta on Maranello.

“I am very happy, things went fine – said a shining Forè right after his victorious finish – it has been a great weekend. I got a nice victory which is what I also needed from a psychological viewpoint after getting close to several wins during the season as last weekend in the WSK FInal Cup where the victory slipped off my hands at the very last corner or being hit by unlucky racing contacts as at the recent World Championship. At the Trofeo delle Industrie I just missed the pole position under the rain but then I won all my qualifying heats, the Prefinal and the Final where I managed to keep those meters needed to cross the finish line on top. Before the end of the season I will now have to run another very important race in Las Vegas, on CRG USA, and then I will be heading to Brazil for the 500 miles and the International race in KZ2.”


DOUPLE PODIUM FOR CRG. Jorrit Pex racing with CRG Holland certainly deserved something more as he set a stunning pole position and later on harvested the victory in one heat, was then second in the Prefinal while in the Final he was fourth. Pex was proceeded at the flag by Marcel Mueller (CRG-Modena) who therefore managed to award CRG with a double podium, together with Forè. The second place was obtained by Roberto Toninelli (Birel).

Andrea Dalè, on CRG-Tm, closed within the top ten in P8 after being among the protagonists throughout the weekend.

GAMOTO CLOSE TO THE PODIUM. CRG Hero chassis shone also in the smallest of the categories on track at the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie, the 60 Mini, with team Gamoto Racing who fought for the podium with the Malaysian driver Abdul Gafar Muizzuddin who eventually ended fifth in the final race after the second place obtained in the Prefinal.

The Final Classification of the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie in KZ2.
1. Davide Forè (CRG-Tm)
2. Roberto Toninelli (Birel-Tm) 1.054
3. Marcel Mueller (CRG-Tm) 4.834
4. Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) 5.129
5. Enrico Bernardotto (Maranello-Tm) 6.780
6. Lorenzo Lapina (Maranello-Modena) 7.389
7. Paolo Bonetti (Tony Kart-Vortex) 8.417
8. Andrea Dalè (CRG-Tm) 8.571
9. Maxa Radim (Praga-Parilla) 12.567
10. Luca Bombardelli (CKR-Tm) 12.765

Press Office
15th November 2013


In the pictures:
1. Davide Forè victorious at the finish line of the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie;
2. Double podium for CRG in KZ2 at the 42nd Trofeo delle Industrie, with Davide Forè (in the middle) and Marcel Mueller (on the right). On the left, Roberto Toninelli.
3. Jorrit Pex of CRG Holland, final fourth.
4. Davide Forè and CRG Smurf kart obtained as prize for the absolute victory in the “Memorial Carlo Fabi” Trophy.
(Ph. Michele Panzera Sportinphoto)



CRG is partner of Rotax for the Grand Finals, the worldwide event that will take place in the United States, New Orleans (Louisiana), where it will provide the chassis of the blue riband category, the DD2. The Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals is the ultimate international event that will see 288 drivers on track coming from 60 different countries.

CRG will be protagonist in the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals 2013, the CIK-FIA event to take place in the United States of America in Louisiana, New Orleans, that announces to be among the greatest of the already prestigious Grand Finals Rotax, the most important and widespread one-brand trophy that will celebrate this year the 30th anniversary of Rotax engines in karting.


CRG AS ROTAX'S PARTNER IN DD2. CRG is technical partner of the event and chassis supplier for the most powerful category, the DD2 with the shift, that represents at best the competitiveness of the Italian firm.

CRG is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and distribution of karts, thanks to the constant research of new solutions and the high quality of its products, features that have always characterized the brand that won 75 CIK-FIA International titles in 35 years of business.

CRG's range of products is able to satisfy every request, even the most particular ones: from karts designed for very young drivers to competition karts, developed for drivers ranging from entry-level to professionals. CRG chassis have been chosen by drivers from all around the world and CRG distribution network is always growing, featuring at the moment 70 importers located in the five continents.

GRAND FINALS, A PLANETARY EVENT. A total of 288 drivers will be racing in the 4 categories of the event, that are the Junior, Max, DD2 Masters and DD2 reserved to drivers aged from 15. 72 drivers will be using CRG's chassis, for a total of about 60 countries represented, that is virtually the whole world. All the best drivers of Rotax national championships will partake in the event. The venue of this race will be New Orleans, more specifically the Nola Motorsports Park structure of Avondale, on the 1.531 meters long karting track. For the third year in a row the very young drivers coming from United States, Canada and Mexico will also compete in the categories Micro and Mini as part of the event.

SEVERAL TITLE CONTENDERS. Among the 72 drivers entered in DD2 on CRG chassis and the long list of title contenders, some big names shine as that of the three times Grand Final Rotax International Champion, the Canadian with British origins Ben Cooper, that is the current DD2 reigning champion, and that of the strong Canadian driver Pier-Luc Ouellette, who has been DD2 Champion in 2011. The Italian flag in the campaign will be waved by Alex Beggi, the winner of the Rotax Italy 2013 Trophy.

CRG President Giancarlo Tinini's comment at the eve of the Grand Finals Rotax follows: “The collaboration between CRG and Rotax has been quite well consolidated over the years and this is the reason why we decided to be partners in the Rotax Grand Finals also in 2013. This event celebrates the nowadays most worldwide known one-brand championship. CRG and Rotax want to carry out an idea of competition open to all the drivers around the world and, at the moment, Grand Finals is the only CIK-FIA recognized event able to represent all the five continents in what is becoming the most important race of the karting field. This year the event will be even more interesting, because after many years finally we have once again an international race with direct drive karts in USA. The choice to have all the participants competing with the same material makes the race even more winning, because all the drivers start truly on the same level and can show their driving abilities.”


The programme of the event will start on Wednesday 13th November with free practice, qualifying heats will take place on Thursday 14th and 15th November while Prefinals and Finals will follow on Saturday 16th November.

Press Office
12 th November 2013

In the pictures:
1. CRG Rotax DD2 chassis in the new livery designed for the worldwide event Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals of New Orleans.
2. CRG Rotax DD2 chassis ready for the Grand Finals.
3. CRG technicians in New Orleans.
(Ph_Cody Schindel/CanadianKartingNews.com).



The Italian driver, pipped when in sight of the finish line, ended in second place. Very good level of competitiveness of CRG's chassis with Forè protagonist in the final race of WSK. In KFJ Dionisios and Kostantinos out of the Final due to incidents. In 60 Mini Noah Watt of Gamoto Racing the best of CRG/Hero drivers.

Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia, Italy). The victory slipped off Davide Forè's hands for him to be fully satisfied at the end of a weekend always on top in the WSK Final Cup held in Castelletto di Branduzzo. The Italian driver on CRG-Tm belonging to team DTK just missed out on the win at one corner to the flag in the Final after a nice battle with Hajek to whom he stole P1 in the initial stages.

The epilogue in the Final has been quite exciting but not happy at all for Davide Forè, as the Italian driver could not fend off Hajek's attack – when already in sight of the finish line – and obtained a second place right in the slipstream of the Czech driver.

After getting just two thousands short of the pole position, Forè confirmed to be protagonist also in the qualifying heats of Castelletto where he obtained the second absolute place and then the second in the Prefinal.


In the Final he has been leading the race on and off, exchanging his position with Hajek. During the final 7 laps Forè led the race until the final corner. He obtained anyway a truly deserved podium closing ahead of Mirko Torsellini.

CRG colors are also present in the top ten of WSK Final Cup with the Austrian Marcel Mueller, who produced a good race ended in tenth place.

The KZ2 Final held in Castelletto di Branduzzo has been a nice one, another race where CRG chassis has been under the spotlight in an international event closing the WSK season, a series where the Italian firm obtained a lot of satisfaction in this successful season with the titles obtained by Max Verstappen in Euro Series KZ1 and in WSK Master Series KZ2, on top of some rounds victories clinched by Felice Tiene in WSK Euro Series' round of Zuera in KF and by Davide Forè in Genk's KZ1.

Davide Forè's comment follows: “I have been a real... jerk! I run a great race, a very close Final as well as a fair one. I realized that I was leading by a few meters in the last lap after pushing hard in the previous ones and at the braking proceeding the right-hand hairpin I run wide as opposed to the narrow trajectory I meant to follow. Hajek got closer to me and in the double corner before the finish line I knew my rival would have attempted a move but I did not think he was so close, he put his kart in and things went fine for him. My mistake, not at that point though but in the previous hairpin. A victory given away...”



In KF Junior, CRG official colors were present for the first time on TM engines by Galiffa Kart. Marcu Dionisios and Kostantinos unfortunately did not manage to qualify for the Final due to some incidents they have been involved in during the Prefinal. Dionisios was quite disappointed as his eighteenth final place was just one position short of the qualification to the Final. Positive experience for the Greek driver Kostantinos instead, who came from 60 Mini for his debut in KFJ.

Noah Watt, fourth, has been the best among the Gamoto Racing drivers on CRG/Hero competing in 60 Mini – the very tight category reserved to the youngest drivers – while Abdul Muizzuddin was seventh, Fetisov Bogdan ninth and Nazim Azman 13th. Moreover, DR Racing's Ivan Grigorev ended 18th and Leandro Anderruti of Lindi Rancing was 19th.

WSK Final Cup, final classification KZ2:
1. Patrik Hajek (Praga-Parilla)
2. Davide Forè (CRG-Tm) 0.111
3. Mirko Torsellini (Art GP-Tm) 1.074
4. Ricardo Romkema (Energy-Tm) 1.290
5. Sauro Cesetti (Top Kart-Tm) 2.239
6. Lorenzo Camplese (Intrepid-Tm) 2.635
7. Jonathan Thonon (Praga-Parilla) 4.797
8. Alexander Schmitz (Tony-Vortex) 5.710
9. Alexandre Arrue (Praga-Parille) 7.192
10. Marcel Mueller (CRG-Modena) 8.013


In KFJ the Final was won by Robert Shwartzman (Tony Kart-Tm), in KF the victory was clinched by Callum Ilott (Zanardi-Parilla) and in 60 Mini by Giuseppe Fusco (Lenzo-Lke).

All results are available at www.wskarting.it

Press office
3rd November 2013

In the pictures: 1. Davide Forè on CRG-Tm leading the Final of WSK Final Cup; 2. Davide Forè (on the left) on the podium: 3. Marcu Dionision in KF Junior; 4. Kostantinos (Ph. CRG Press).

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