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Photo-finish end for Jordon Lennox-Lamb in Zuera who claimed third in the Challenge Euro Rotax DD2, result that placed him 7 points short of the classification leader. The final sprint for the title campaign will take place next 7 September in Salbris (France) as Lennox put his name forward for the title.

CRG Racing Team harvested another spectacular result in the third round of the Rotax Euro Challenge held at Zuera (Spain) thanks to Jordon Lennox-Lamb. During the race, the British driver has also installed himself in the lead of the DD2 Final and at the sprint to the line he ended only 43 thousands of a second short of P2!

The photo-finish end of the race highlighted the competitiveness of Jordon Lennox-Lamb, a driver that is always quick no matter what category he is racing in, be it Rotax DD2, KZ or KF. Lennox stands now in the second place of the classification only 7 points short of the leader and the final round of the championship to be held next 7 September in France, at Salbris, will be decisive. Lennox will have a concrete chance to get the title thanks also to the mandatory joker of a result of the Prefinals and one of the Finals out of the 8 results of the whole season.



In Spain, Lennox started his weekend with a fifth place in qualifying, a result later on confirmed in qualifying heats. In Prefinal, he claimed a very good P2 securing therefore a front row start in the Final race. At the start of the Final he was on the dirty side of the track and had to concede a few positions, but he then managed to get them back installing himself in the lead of the race. In the duel for the victory Lennox had to concede the lead and then fought for the second place eventually crossing the line only 43 thousands of a second short of P2!

Regarding the other CRG works drivers competing in DD2, the Dutch rookie Milan Dontje ended 12th in the Final after gaining four places, while Alessandro Bizzotto ended in 23rd position.

The Final was won by Sean Babington from Ben Copper to Jordon Lennox-Lamb.

Euro Rotax Challenge DD2 Classification after 3 rounds:
1. Cooper points 247; 2. Lennox-Lamb 240; 3. Backman 232; 4. Babington 227; 5. Abbasse 215; 6. Christiansen 207; 8. Eerden 203; 9. Kalesis 188; 10. Kancsar 181.


The Polish driver in force at CRG Lukasz Bartoszuk obtained a very good 12th place in Rotax Senior, while Marcu Dionisios, had to retire in the Prefinal and later on ended 26th in the Final. The Rotax Senior Final was won by Harry Webb.

The Final round of the championship is scheduled for next 7 September in Salbris (France).

All results will be available at www.rotaxmaxeurochallenge.com


Press Office
22 July 2014

In the pictures: 1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, DD2; 2) DD2 Podium; 3) Lukasz Bartoszuk, Senior. (Ph. Timo Deck)



Right after the European KZ and KZ2 Championships held in Germany, CRG works team is already on track in Spain for the third round of the Rotax Euro Challenge. Among the main protagonists, Jordon Lennox-Lamb, second in the charts of DD2.

CRG Racing Team's on track commitments keep going full speed as the squad has moved from Wackersdorf in Germany, where the KZ-KZ2 Championship has been on stage last Sunday, to Zuera (Spain) for the third round of the Rotax Euro Challenge.

From Wackersdorf to Zuera, a whole 1.800 kilometers in one breath, CRG and its drivers will get on track this coming weekend for another important international Rotax appointment, where the Italian firm is a protagonist of the classifications.



Expectations are high in Zuera for Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been a great interpreter of Wackersdorf's KZ race on CRG-Maxter as he has been fighting for the podium until the end crossing the line in fifth place, right in the slipstream of the top four. In Spain he will be competing in DD2 together with his team mates: the Italo-Canadian Alessandro Bizzotto and the new-entry from Holland Milan Dantje.

The CRG works driver Jordon Lennox-Lamb is currently second in the standings of DD2 Euro Rotax, after the stunning victory leading Thonon in the season opener of Genk (Belgium) and the fifth place clinched in Italy at Castelletto di Branduzzo. After the first two rounds, Lennox is only 7 points short of the lead currently held by Cooper.

CRG will also be competing in the Rotax Senior category in Zuera with the Romanian driver Dionisios Marcu, who is among the CRG works drivers in the European KF Championship, and with the quick Polish driver Lukasz Bartoszuk.



Friday 18 July: Qualifying from 14.20 (GMT+2).
Saturday 19 July: Qualifying heats from 10.00.
Sunday 20 July: Repechage race from 10.10. Prefinals from 11.10. Finals from 13.05.




All results will be available at www.rotaxmaxeurochallenge.com

Press Office
17 July 2014


In the pictures: 1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb (Ph. CRG Press); 2) Helmet by Lennox (Ph. Cunaphoto); 3) Alessandro Bizzotto, DD2 (Ph. CRG Press); 4) Lukasz Bartoszuk, Senior (Ph. CRG Press).



Lennox has been protagonist of a good duel for the podium in the second round of the European Championship in Germany. Tiene has been hit from behind in the Final at turn one when in P3. Bitter end for Hiltbrand and Federer in KZ2. Dalè had to concede his classification lead.

Wackersdorf has not been so kind with CRG works team this year, despite the technical compartment of the Italian firm being particularly competitive and its drivers among the absolute quickest in the second round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championships. The best result of the weekend came thanks to Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who was fifth on CRG-Maxter at the end of a spectacular and exciting duel for the podium.



The prize for bad luck went to Felice Tiene, on CRG-Maxter, who has harvested a very good third place in Prefinal after recovering three places in qualifying heats. Unfortunately, the Italian has been hit from behind at turn one of the Final. As happened a week before to Forè in the German Championship, Tiene had the same bad experience at the first hairpin which vanished his chances of a good result and probably – judging by the competitiveness shown throughout the weekend – of a victory. What a real shame!

Jordon Lennox-Lamb put in a good race instead, and managed to get a lot of positions back since qualifying, heats and Prefinal, where he ended seventh. The British driver produced a highly spectacular and correct duel in the leading group, holding the second position and the third. He ended his effort in fifth position, right in the slipstream of the leading drivers Thonon, Dreezen, Lammers and Camponeschi.

Jorrit Pex, on CRG-TM, has also run a good race ended in P8. Davide Forè, on track with team DTK on CRG-TM, ended 11th. Yannick De Brabander, on CRG-TM, ended 13th after a good comeback in the initial part of the race. Felice Tiene ended 17th.

In consequence to former classification leader Ardigò's retirement, Rick Dreezer on Zanardi, inherited the lead with 58 points, Ardigò follows him in second at 43 lengths and Thonon is third at 36. Lennox is fourth at 34 points, Pex fifth at 33. The third and final round of the Championship – race be held in Sweden – will name the winner of the European KZ Championship at the end of the month.



The best result for CRG in KZ2 came from the privateer German driver Maik Siebecke, who was third after the penalty handed to the Czech Midrla. All turned badly for the privateeer on CRG-Maxter Andrea Dalè instead, who, after his dominion in Genk, had some difficulties in Wackersdorf. Dalè has been handed a double 10 seconds penalty due to incidents that pushed him out of the points. In the Prefinal he slipped down from P10 to P25, while in the Final from the 14th to the 20th place.

Pedro Hiltbrand and Fabian Federer, both CRG-Maxter, went out due to incidents after a series of good races. Hiltbrand had a stunning comeback in the heats but had a contact in the Prefinal and then also in the Final. Federer had a similar fate after winning easily the repechage race. The Final was won by the Lithuanian driver Juodvirsis, who brought the consolation of the victory of a Maxter engine to Tinini Group.

2012 European Champion Juodvirsis earned the lead of the charts in KZ2 as he totalled 42 points so far. Dalè is currently second at 35. The race of Kristianstad scheduled for next 27 July will decide the title winner.


KZ Final: 1. Thonon; 2. Dreezen; 3. Lammers; 4. Camponeschi; 5. Lennox-Lamb; 6. Hanley; 7. De Conto; 8. Pex; 9. Negro; 10. Torsellini; 11. Forè; ... 13. De Brabander; 17. Tiene.

KZ2 Final: 1. Juodvirsis; 2. Norris J.; 3. Siebecke; 4. Kremers; 5. Paawe; 6. Midrla; 7. Corberi; 8. Zanchi; 9. Piccini; 10. Carlton;... 20. Dalè; 28. Hiltbrand; 32. Federer.

KZ Championship: 1. Dreezen 58; 2. Ardigò 43; 3. Thonon 36; 4. Lennox-Lamb 34; 5. Pex 33; 6. Lammers 32; 7. Hanley 25; 8. Abbasse 18; 9. Kozlinski 17; 10. Torsellini 16; ... 17. Forè 6; ... 19. De Brabander 5.

KZ2 Championship: Juodvirsis 42; 2. Dalè 35; 3. Midrla 29; 4. Hansen 27; 5. Lundberg 26; 6. Norris J. 24; 7. Siebecke 22; 8. Kooijman 22; 9. Brenna 22; 10. Federer 16.

All results are available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com

Press Office
13 July 2014

In the pictures: 1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, KZ; 2) Felice Tiene and Jorrit Pex, KZ; 3) Fabian Federer, KZ2. (Ph. Cunaphoto.it)



Very good performance in KZ with Jorrit Pex and Felice Tiene after qualifying heats, but Lennox also started his comeback. Dalè and Hiltbrand protagonists in KZ2.

The challenge on track at the second round of the European Championship – race underway in Wackersdorf – highlighted the quality of CRG in qualifying heats held on Saturday after qualifying and practice on Friday. The two KZ drivers Jorrit Pex, on CRG-TM, and Felice Tiene, on CRG-Maxter, confirmed to be among the absolute quickest. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Maxter) started his comeback and therefore he will be certainly pushing hard in the final stages on Sunday.


The two KZ qualifying heats took place today in the category with 32 drivers on track, after the excellent result put in yesterday especially by Felice Tiene, who was absolute second with the quickest time of his session. The Italian driver has been protagonist of the two qualifying heats where he clinched an 8th and 5th place, but a good leap forward was mainly made by Jorrit Pex, who claimed a 5th and 7th, positions built up on the seventh place in qualifying. This result earned him the fourth absolute place in the starting grid of the Sunday's Prefinal. Felice Tiene is currently sixth after qualifying heats instead.


Eyes will also be on Jordon Lennox-Lamb, CRG-Maxter, who claimed the third spot of the podium in the previous race held in Genk and here is recovering from the P16 in practice. Thanks to a thirteenth and tenth place in the two heats, he climbed all the way to P11.

Davide Forè, on CRG-TM run by team DTK, ended 13th (11th and 15th his placings in the heats), while Yannick De Brabander (CRG-TM), has been relegated to the 27th position due to a retirement in the first heat and a P18 in the second one.


In KZ2, category with 64 drivers on track, things did not go very smoothly to Andrea Dalè (CRG-Maxter), who dominated the first round held in Genk. Dalè obtained the 7th time in his qualifying session but then claimed very good placings in the heats (twice third, and then 6th, 17th and 5th) clocking also two fastest laps of the race in the 5 heats he run. He is now 16th in the standings.

Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter) has been among the best too, as he claimed a third and two fourth places as well as other good positions (7th and 11th). In the classification he managed to climb from the starting P28 to the 11th place after the heats!

Fabian Federer (CRG-Maxter) has been fighting too, as he set two fastest laps of the race in the heats but then a retirement, a penalty and a 12th place will force him to run the repechage.

The Final stages will take place on Sunday 13 July starting from 11:10hrs (local time). First off on the schedule the two KZ2 Prefinals followed by the KZ Prefinal, while the Finals of KZ2 and KZ will take place starting from 13.50hrs.

Classification after the qualifying heats held on Saturday 12 July:
1. Marco Ardigò pen. 0
2. Rick Dreezen pen. 4
3. Bas Lammers pen. 6
4. Jorrit Pex (CRG-TM) pen. 12
5. Anthony Abbasse pen. 12
6. Felice Tiene (CRG-Maxter) pen. 13
7. Arnaud Kozlinski pen. 13
8. Jonathan Thonon pen. 16
9. Thomas Laurent pen. 18
10. Riccardo Negro pen. 18
11. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Maxter) pen. 23
13. Davide Forè (CRG-TM) pen. 26
27. Yannick De Brabander (CRG-TM) pen. 50

All results and Live Streaming will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com
Press Office
12 July 2014


In the pictures: 1) Felice Tiene e Jorrit Pex, KZ; 2) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, KZ; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ2 (Ph. Cunaphoto.it)



The second round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championships got underway in Wackersdorf (Germany). In Friday's qualifying, Felice Tiene posted a stunning lap granting him the second absolute position in KZ. Classification leader Andrea Dalè – seventh – was the best of CRG drivers competing in KZ2 instead. Heats will follow on Saturday, while Prefinals and Finals will take place on Sunday.

The challenge of the second round of the European CIK-FIA Championship KZ and KZ2 officially started on Friday 11 July in Wackersdorf with 32 drivers making it to the track in the highest category, KZ, and 64 in KZ2.

After a day one characterized by cold temperatures and rain, Friday's sessions took place on dry tarmac with an average temperature of about 23 degrees Celsius.


In KZ, Jorrit Pex (CRG-TM), on track for CRG Holland, was one of the quickest of the first qualifying session and posted the third time in 50''.076s, result that came at the end of a good duel with Dreezen (quickest time in 49”871s) and Kozlinski (who was second in 50”055s). The fifth quickest time was set by Davide Forè (CRG-TM), the driver in force at team DTK completed his best loop in 50”192s, that was 2 thousands of a second quicker than the time posted by the other CRG Holland's driver, Henri Kokko, who was sixth.

Felice Tiene (CRG-Maxter) put in a stunning performance in the second session and set the best time in 49”882s, at the end of a string of very quick laps that took the leadership off Ardigò's hands, as the latter ended 0”081s shy of the CRG driver. Felice Tiene obtained therefore the second quickest lap of the day, being only 11 thousands of a second short of the best time posted by Dreezen in the first session. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Maxter) has accumulated a bit of delay so far, as he stands in P9 with a 50”273s, that was 0”391s shy of Tiene. Yannick De Brabander (CRG-TM) ended 14th instead, in 50”630s with a gap of 0”748s.


Fabian Federer, on CRG-Maxter, has been the first to get on track for CRG in the first KZ2 session that he ended in P11 with a 50”538s, performance that was 0”599s shy of Simone Brenna's 49”939s quickest time in KZ2.

The provisional leader of the European KZ2 Championship Andrea Dalè, on CRG-Maxter, has been slightly slower this time around compared to the dominion shown in Genk. Dalè got on track for the second of the three sessions and posted the seventh time in 50”274s, 0”206s to the quickest time set by the Dutch Finn Kooijman of CRG Holland who posted a 50”068s. The Spaniard of CRG Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG-Maxter) obtained the 13th time instead in the same session as his best time was a 50”475s, that was 0”407s off the pace of the leader, despite a promising quickest time in the morning's free practice.

The quickest time in the last KZ2 session was set by Marcel Muller in 50”114s. The first driver on a CRG chassis was the German Maik Siebecke, who was third in 50”213s.

Qualifying heats are scheduled for Saturday 12 July, while Prefinals will start on Sunday 12 July at 11:10hrs (GMT+2) and Finals at 13:50hrs.


1. Rick Dreezen (Zanardi / Parilla / Bridgestone) 49.871
2. Felice Tiene (CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone) 49.882
3. Marco Ardigò (Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone) 49.963
4. Thomas Laurent (Tony Kart / Vortex / Bridgestone) 49.996
5. Arnaud Kozlinski (Intrepid / TM / Bridgestone) 50.055
6. Bas Lammers (FK / Parilla / Bridgestone) 50.072
7. Jorrit Pex (CRG / TM / Bridgestone) 50.076
8. Anthony Abbasse (Sodi / TM / Bridgestone) 50.100
9. Patrik Hajek (Praga / Parilla / Bridgestone) 50.146
10. Riccardo Negro (Top Kart /Parilla / Bridgestone) 50.171
12. Davide Forè (CRG / TM / Bridgestone) 50.192
16. Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone) 50.273
24. Yannick De Brabander (CRG / TM / Bridgestone) 50.630

European KZ Championship Classification: 1. Ardigò points 33; 2. Dreezen 29; 3. Lennox-Lamb 22; 4. Pex 18; 5. Hanley 15; 6. Abbasse 12; 7. Torsellini 10; 8. Kozlinski 10; 9. Lammers 8; 10. Aceto e Thonon 7.

European KZ2 Championship Classification: 1. Dalè points 35; 2. Hansen 27; 3. Lundberg 18; 4. Juodvirsis 17; 5. Federer 16; 6. Kooijman 14; 7. Brenna 10; 8. Johansson 9; 9. Midrla 9; 10. Davies 7.

All results and Live streaming are available at www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com
Press Office
11 July 2014

In the picture: Felice Tiene (CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone) (Ph. Cunaphoto.it)



The await is mounting ahead of the second round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championships to take place in in Germany, at Wackersdorf, on the weekend of 13 July. CRG is heading there with good potential in both categories. After Genk, Lennox is third in KZ, while Dalè leads KZ2 with full score.

The European CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 Championships are getting to their heart. After the season opener in Genk (Belgium), the most spectacular karting categories are now ready to compete in Germany on the quite diverse circuit of Wackersdorf that has been the theater of a lot of nice battles in the recent years.

Wackersdorf's round will take place on the weekend of 13 July as the second of the three rounds of the the European Championship, while the grand finale is set for the end of the month in Sweden at Kristianstad. The final classification will be defined on the basis of the best two results of qualifying heats and on those of the total three Finals. This means that two jokers will be available to drivers, one for the heats and one for the finals. The race of Wackersdorf is therefore going to be crucial for the classification.



CRG works team in KZ will include Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been particularly competitive so far and has pocketed a very good third place in Genk, and Felice Tiene, at the debut this year in the European KZ as he holds a wild card due to his participation in the European KF Championship. Both Lennox and Tiene will employ Maxter engine units equipped with the latest updates that are offering good performances.

In Germany, CRG will also be represented by the Belgian driver Yannick De Brabander (CRG-TM) and by the Dutch Jorrit Pex (CRG-TM), as the latter – fielded by CRG-Holland – is a sure candidate to slide among the main protagonists of Wackersdorf, venue where he won the European title back in 2012.


Team DTK will line Davide Forè (CRG-TM) up, who has been among the front runners in Wackersdorf during last week's race valid for the German Championship. Forè has been in fact very quick and clinched the victory of the first Final. The Italian driver had to give up in the second Final though as he was hit from behind at the first corner, but his performance has been quite encouraging ahead of the race valid for the European championship of this coming weekend.



Andrea Dalè has been the absolute ruler in KZ2 of Genk's opener on CRG-Maxter and has been absolutely uncatchable by everyone. The goal for Dalè is now to repeat the good performance put in at Genk and, perhaps, to secure the title. We will see if the Italian driver will manage to complete the feat but, for now, one thing is set: Dalè displayed a good superiority in Genk posting laptimes that were even quicker than those of KZ!

Fabian Federer will also be racing in KZ2 among the ranks of CRG works team on CRG-Maxter. He has produced a very good performance in Belgium where he deservedly got a podium finish. The main goal for Federer will be to get a good result in Wackersdorf and recoup some ground in the classification where he is currently fifth. The Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand will also be present in Germany on CRG-Maxter.

European KZ Championship Classification: 1. Ardigò points 33; 2. Dreezen 29; 3. Lennox-Lamb 22; 4. Pex 18; 5. Hanley 15; 6. Abbasse 12; 7. Torsellini 10; 8. Kozlinski 10; 9. Lammers 8; 10. Aceto e Thonon 7.

European KZ2 Championship Classification: 1. Dalè points 35; 2. Hansen 27; 3. Lundberg 18; 4. Juodvirsis 17; 5. Federer 16; 6. Kooijman 14; 7. Brenna 10; 8. Johansson 9; 9. Midrla 9; 10. Davies 7.

All results and Live Streaming will be available on www.cikfia.com and www.cikfiachampionship.com



2013: Max VERSTAPPEN (NL), KZ - CRG / TM / B’stone
Rd1 Wackersdorf (D), 19.05.2013
Rd2 Genk (B), 30.06.2013

2012: Pex JORRIT (NL), KZ1 - CRG / TM / B’stone
Wackersdorf (D), 10.06.2012

2011: Fabian FEDERER (I), KZ2 - CRG / TM / Dunlop
Wackersdorf, (D), 12.06.2011

2008: Jonathan THONON (B), KZ1 - CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Rd1 Angerville (F), 04.05.2008
Rd2 Mariembourg (B), 29.06.2008

2003: Alessandro MANETTI (I), Super ICC - CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Rd1 Ugento (I), 25.05.2003
Rd2 Varennes (F), 27.07.2003

2001: Alessandro PICCINI (I), Formula C - CRG / TM / B’stone
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 22.04.2001
Rd2 Sosnova (CZ), 13.05.2001
Rd3 Carole-Paris (F), 01.07.2001

2000: Valerio SAPERE (I), ICC - CRG / Pavesi / Vega
Rd1 Mariembourg (B), 09.04.2000
Rd2 Val Vibrata (I), 14.05.2000
Rd3 Carole-Paris (F), 25.06.2000

1996: Alessandro PICCINI (I), Formula C - CRG / Pavesi / B’stone
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 31.03.1996
Rd2 Bydgoszcz (PL), 19.05.1996

1996: Stefan HAAK (D), ICC - CRG / TM / Dunlop
Rd1 Corridonia (I), 31.03.1996
Rd2 Bydgoszcz (PL), 19.05.1996
Rd3 Salbris (F), 01.09.1996

1993: Stefano MARCOLIN (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / TM / Dunlop
Val Vibrata (I), 05.09.1993

1992: Stefano RODANO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / TM / Dunlop
Mariembourg (B), 06.09.1992

1989: Gianluca PAGLICCI (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Kalì / B’stone
Olomouc (CZ), 03.09.1989

1988: Vincenzo SAITTA (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Vega
Kecskemét (H), 04.09.1988

1987: Paolo PULLIERO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / B’stone
Magione (I), 30.08.1987

1986: Lamberto DI FERDINANDO (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / B’stone
Pomposa (I), 31.08.1986

1985 Stefan FRIETSCH (D), Int.-B – Kalì Kart / Komet / Dunlop
Valence (F), 21.04.1985

1984: Richard FRANCHINI (I), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Axamo (S), 09.09.1984

1979: Giancarlo VANARIA (I), FC - Kalì-Kart / Rotax / B’stone
Bydgosczc (POL), 02.09.1979

1979: Jan SVANEBY (S), ICC - Kalì-Kart / Rotax / B’stone
Bydgosczc (POL), 02.09.1979

Press Office
9 July 2014


In the pictures: 1) Jordon Lennox-Lamb, KZ2 (Ph. Pastanella); 2) Davide Forè, KZ (Ph. DKM); 3) Felice Tiene, KZ (Ph. Gaboriaud); 4) Andrea Dalè, KZ2 (Ph. Cunaphoto.it); 5) Jorrit Pex, KZ (Ph. Pastanella); 6) Fabian Federer, KZ2 (Ph. Cunaphoto.it).



Team Gamoto and CRG on top of 60 Mini charts with the Norwegian driver Dennis Hauger after the second round of the Italian Championship in Sarno. Good final-1 for Hiltbrand in KZ2, Gomez close to the podium in KF2.

Sarno (Salerno, Italy). In the second round of the Italian Karting Championship, CRG colors have been defended by the Spaniard Pedro Hiltbrand in KZ2 and by the Venezuelan Sidney Gomez in KF2, while team Gamoto fielded Dennis Hauger – who confirmed himself as classification leader – Muizzuddin Mussyaffa Abdul Gafar and Leonardo Marseglia in 60 Mini.


Team Gamoto confirmed to be on top of the crowded 60 Mini, the class in which the team fielded all its drivers on CRG-Lke. Muizzuddin was unfortunately involved in an incident during race-1.The driver did not have physical consequences though, even if the initial moments raised some concerns about his health. Final-1 had to be split in two fractions due to the incident occurred to Muizzuddin. Hauger eventually ended sixth after holding P3, while Marseglia was relegated to the 19th place due to a penalty. In the second Final, that saw Muizzuddin regularly at the start, Hauger has played again the protagonist and crossed the finish line in fifth place, leading team mate Marseglia, while Muizzuddin ended with a solid 12th place at the end of a come back race started from the end of the grid.

Hauger still keeps the classification lead, thanks to the placings in Sarno and the double podium obtained in Muro Leccese.




Out of the 58 drivers present in KZ2, Pedro Hiltbrand – on track with Maxter engine – put in a bold performance that earned him the 9th place in the first of the two finals completing a good comeback from the 21st position held in qualifying and the 14th at the end of heats. A technical problem to the gearbox forced the Spaniard to the retirement in race-2 instead, when he had already started gaining some positions. Hiltbrand is currently seventh in the standings.


Sidney Gomez displayed good competitiveness too in KF2, as he produced an excellent final-1 where he was very close to clinching P4. The Venezuelan driver hammered down in race-2 completing a string of very quick laps up to half-way through, when he had to concede some positions. He crossed the line in eighth place. Gomez is sixth in the standings.

60 Mini Championship: 1. Hauger points 86; 2. Fusco 79; 3. Abrusci 69; 4. Michelotto 55; 5. Bogdanov 53; 6. Carenini 47; 7. Moretti 38; 8. Muizzuddin 36; 9. Skeed 35; 10. Serravalle 30; ... 14. Marseglia 12.

KZ2 Championship: 1. Camplese points 112; 2. Celenta 66; 3. Tilloca 61; 4. Zanchetta 56; 5. Torsellini 42; 6. Iglesias 38; 7. Hiltbrand 35; 8. Giulietti 30; 9. Mazzali 24; 10. Sani 23.

KF2 Championship: 1. Moretti points 77; 2. Maestranzi 61; 3. Villa Zanotti 58; 4. Albano 45; 5. Lanza 39; 6. Gomez 38; 7. Martucci 31; 8. Romanucci 28; 9. Lovchaliev 24; 10. Cenedese 18.


The Italian Championship will resume next 20 July at the Circuit of Siena.

All results of the Italian Championship are available at www.acipsotitalia.it

Press Office
26 June 2014

In the pictures: 1) Dennis Hauger, Mini (Ph. CRG Press); 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ2 (Ph. CRG Press); 3) Sidney Gomez, KF2 (Ph. CRG Press); 4) Leonardo Marseglia, Mini (Ph. CRG Press); 5) Muizzuddin, Mini (Ph. Cunaphoto.it).



The season opener of the KZ and KZ3 European Championship in Genk, joint event with the third round of the European KF, gave very good indications to CRG. The only disappointment has been the vanished chance to fight for the KF title as Tiene has been put out of the games by a contact in Genk.

CRG colors lived a bitter-sweet weekend in Genk: things have been quite exciting in KZ and KZ2, but also frustrating as regarding the epilogue of KF where Felice Tiene could have confirmed himself as one of the protagonists of the Championship aiming to the final victory.

The balance is very positive anyway due to the very good technical and sportive indications obtained in all three categories. CRG drivers have been competitive and the technical material turned out to be strong, not only due to the very high standards of CRG chassis, but also due to the performance of Maxter engines both in KZ and KZ2, that welcomed the positive comeback to KF for the motorization by KVS.



The best result for CRG came from KZ2 thanks to the performance of Andrea Dalè, the privateer that managed to get the most out of the CRG chassis and of the latest release of the Maxter engine prepared by TecSav by Savard. Dalè put in a bold performance that had the absolute quickest time of the weekend (52”801) as icing on the cake, as well as the fastest lap of the race in the Final: a 53''017 that turned out to be even quicker than the best time of 53”020 posted by CRG's Yannick De Brabander in KZ.

The third place of Fabian Federer – CRG works driver after the European title won in 2011 and always supported by CRG – in KZ2 deserves also some credit. Federer has also been using a Maxter engine unit in Genk with very good success.

The other CRG driver Daniel Formal has been quite unlucky instead, as he was stopped by an incident in the Prefinal.

KZ2 Classification after the 1st Round of Genk: 1. Dalè points 35; 2. Hansen 27; 3. Lundberg 18; 4. Juodvirsis 17; 5. Federer 16; 6. Kooijman 14; 7. Brenna 10; 8. Johansson 9; 9. Midrla 9; 10. Davies 7.



Another good podium for CRG arrived in KZ thanks to Jordon Lennox-Lamb, who has been tenacious as always and put in a good performance, ended with the third place in the Final behind Ardigò and Dreezen. He also set a very good lap times on his CRG chassis with Maxter engine unit prepared by the factory: his 53.040s, turned out to be the third quickest of the Final.

Jorrit Pex has been very quick too with CRG Holland as he ended fourth absolute in the Final getting the fourth place in the classification, right behind Lennox.

Davide Forè slipped down to P16 due to a 10s time penalty instead, while Yannick De Brabander had to retire after being among the quickest.

European KZ Classification: 1. Ardigò points 33; 2. Dreezen 29; 3. Lennox-Lamb 22; 4. Pex 18; 5. Hanley 15; 6. Abbasse 12; 7. Torsellini 10; 8. Kozlinski 10; 9. Lammers 8; 10. Aceto and Thonon 7.



The bitter note of the weekend came from KF though, even if this result did not raise any question on the performance of chassis and engine, nor on drivers' quality. Felice Tiene was the only CRG driver still in the championship fight but he has been sent off track by a rival at the start of the Final. This was a real shame even though his performance was first class as confirmed in the short run he was conceded in the Final. The Italian driver posted in fact the third absolute time in 53”997, breaking the wall of 54s. This result is quite eloquent and confirms to CRG the quality of engines prepared by KVS.

Tiene's experience in this European Championship has been unfortunately spoiled by some other racers' behaviour. He was in fact hit in Muro Leccese's opener during the Prefinal, then again at the start of one heat in Genk and in the Final. This put the word end to his chances in the title campaign.

The objective now is to keep developing the material eying the season finale and the World Championship, scheduled for next 21st September in Essay (France).

Pedro Hiltbrand has also been defending CRG colors in Genk and ended 11th, while Dionisios Marcu was 15th.

KF Classification after three rounds: 1. Nielsen points 76; 2. Ilott 67; 3. Joyner 53; 4. Norris 53; 5. Kari 48; 6. Lorandi A. 37; 7. Tiene 37; 8. Hiltbrand 29; 9. Van Leeuwen 25; 10. Basz and Janker 18.



Euan Jeffery: “We had a winning weekend in KZ2 thanks to a stunning Andrea Dalè who proved that this year the Italian driver can take the European Title home. He has always been the quickest, displaying a fair and square superiority. Fabian Federer has also been very quick, showed good progress and managed to claim a good third place in the Final. Both drivers confirmed the quality of CRG chassis and Maxter engines. Conversely, we had a more troubled weekend in KZ, especially as a lot of drivers were packed within a tenth of a second. CRG got the podium with Jordon Lennox as our driver did not make any mistake and his result is truly deserved, as the fourth place of Jorrit Pex at the end of a good weekend for him. Yannick De Brabander struggled a bit in the heats but has been very quick in the Final, even if he was forced to the retirement in the final stages. Felice Tiene has been flawlessly stopped by an incident in the Final of KF. He could have fought for the victory, as his race pace was exceptional. Pedro Hildebrand had some issues in qualifying, as Dionisios Marcu, but then both managed to claim good positions in the Final. Now we count on closing at best the European Championship in KF and look full of hopes at the World Championship.”

All results will be available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
17 June 2014

In the pictures: 1) Andrea Dalè and Fabian Federer, KZ2 podium; 2) Andrea Dalè, KZ2; 3. Jordon Lennox-Lamb, KZ; 4) Felice Tiene, KF; 5) From left, Pedro Hiltbrand, Marcu Dionisios, Felice Tiene, Fabian Federer, Jorrit Pex, Davide Forè, Stan Pex; 6) De Brabander, Pex, Lennox, KZ. (Ph. Cunaphoto.it)




Andrea Dalè, privateer driver on CRG-Maxter, dominated the Belgian weekend in Genk winning also the Final, after claiming pole position and victory in all four heats. Federer was also on the podium of KZ2. Felice Tiene stopped by an incident in KF. Jordon Lennox-Lamb on the KZ podium in third place, ahead of Jorrit Pex.

The weekend in Belgium at the Circuit of Genk ended with a triple podium marked CRG-Maxter, thanks to a dominant Andrea Dalè, the third place of Fabian Federer in KZ2, and the third of Jordon Lennox-Lamb in KZ, who proceeded Jorrit Pex. Very tough luck for Felice Tiene in KF, who was involved in an incident when he was about to attack the front-runners in a Final whereby he would have certainly been among the protagonists.


Andrea Dalè, privateer loyal to CRG colors since his involvement as works driver for the Italian firm, had the upper hand on all his rivals. The driver from Brescia, on CRG-Maxter, got full haul in Genk as he started from the pole position, kept his momentum with 4 wins out of four heats, won the Prefinal and then claimed a fair and square victory in the Final, setting also the fastest lap of the race. Nothing is left to say... “well done!” Really uncatchable by everybody, Dalè has been the “king” of the Belgian weekend winning the first of the three rounds of the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship.

Remarkably enough, Andrea Dalè has been the quickest of all the weekend, even compared to the racers of the higher category KZ, both in qualifying when he posted the laptime of 52”801 – that was the absolute record of the event – and in the Final where he posted a 53”017.

Fabian Federer has been very good in KZ2 on CRG powered by Maxter supported directly by the factory, as he ended third in the Final, after a stunning comeback started from P10 due to the fifth place in Prefinal-2.

Some tough luck hit the Costa Rica's driver Daniel Formal, who was involved in an incident at the start of the Prefinal and then did not make it to the Final. Very good performance for CRG Holland's Finn Kooijman, on CRG-TM, who was fourth in the KZ2 Final after also holding the second position. The German Maik Siebecke, on CRG-Modena, put in a good Final ended in tenth place. Good growth also for Stan Pex, who is the younger brother of Jorrit Pex, good 19th on CRG-TM.

KZ2 FINAL RESULT: 1. Dalè (CRG/Maxter/B'stone); 2. Andreas (Tony Kart/Vortex/B'stone); 3. Federer (CRG/Maxter/B'stone); 4. Kooijman (CRG/TM/B'stone); 5. Juodvirsis (Energy/Maxter/B'stone); 6. Lundberg (Alpha/Parilla/B'stone); 7. Johansson (Righetti/Parilla/B'stone); 8. Brenna (TB Kart/Modena Engines/B'stone); 9. Davies (DR/TM/B'stone); 10. Siebecke (CRG/Modena Engines/B'stone).



Felice Tiene could not lunge in KF after starting from the eighth spot of the grid in the Final following a good comeback in Prefinal, where he was 19th on the grid due to an incident in one heat. The Italian driver – who has been racing with KVS engine for his title hunt – was quite ready in the Final to gain P7 at the start closing in on the front runners. Unfortunately, an incident blocked him at the start of the second lap. He then finished in 25th place. This was a real shame as Tiene could have certainly been capable of fighting for the victory to aim to the title in the final race scheduled for the end of August in England.

The Spanish CRG driver Pedro Hiltbrand, had a solid weekend in KF. He managed to gain access to the Final in the repechage race recovering from P20 to third! He later on ended 11th in the Final race. Dionisios Marcu also had a good comeback, as he finished 15th in the Final after getting off from P26.

KF FINAL RESULT: 1. Nielsen (Kosmic/Vortex/Dunlop); 2. Callum (Zanardi/Parilla/Dunlop); 3. Joyner (Zanardi/Parilla/Dunlop); 4. Lorandi A. (Tony Kart/Parilla/Dunlop); 5. Van Leeuwen (Zanardi/Parilla/Dunlop); 6. Darras (ART GP/TM/ Dunlop); 7. Aubry (Tony Kart/Vortex/Dunlop); 8. Daruvala (FA Kart/Vortex/Dunlop); 9. Mazepin (Tony Kart/Vortex/Dunlop); 10. Norris (FA Kart/Vortex/Dunlop)... 11. Hiltbrand (CRG/Parilal/Dunlop)... 15. Marcu (CRG/Parilal/Dunlop)... 25. Tiene (CRG/Parilal/Dunlop).



Jordon Lennox-Lamb put in a good performance in KZ. The British driver, on CRG powered by Maxter with the factory support, managed to claim the third step of the podium recovering from the initial eighth position in a very good weekend for CRG.

Lennox proceeded Jorrit Pex on CRG-TM, as the latter ended fourth. The two drivers have been among the main racers of the highest category with the shift throughout the weekend. Davide Forè on CRG-TM run by team DTK ended 16th instead (+10”), while Yannick De Brabander also on CRG-TM could not materialize the starting seventh place and conceded some positions until the final lap when he was forced to the retirement. The Final was won by Ardigò, who has always been among the front runners and closed ahead of Rick Dreezen, while the third place – as said – went to Jordon Lennox-Lamb.

KZ FINAL RESULT: 1. Ardigò (Tony Kart/Vortex/B'stone); 2. Dreezen (Zanardi/Parilla/B'stone); 3. Lennox-Lamb (CRG/Maxter/B'stone); 4. Pex (CRG/TM/B'stone); 5. Hanley (ART GP/TM/B'stone); 6. Torsellini (ART GP/TM/B'stone); 7. Abbasse (Sodi/TM/B'stone); 8. Lammers (FK/Parilla/B'stone); 9. Camponeschi (Tony Kart/Vortex/B'stone); 10. Aceto (Righetti/Parilla/B'stone)... 16. Forè (CRG/TM/B'stone); 21. De Brabander (CRG/TM/B'stone).

13.07.2014 CIK-FIA EURO KZ-KZ2 (Rd.2) Wackersdorf (D)
20.07.2014 ROTAX EURO CHALLENGE (Rd.3) Zuera (E)
27.07.2014 CIK-FIA EURO KZ-KZ2 (Rd.3) Kristianstad (S)
31.08.2014 CIK-FIA EURO KF-KFJ (Rd.4) PF International (GB)

All results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
15 June 2014

In the pictures: 1) Andrea Dalè (CRG-Maxter), KZ2; 2) Dionisios Marcu (CRG-Parilla), KF; 3) Jorrit and Stan Pex, KZ &KZ2. Ph. Cunaphoto.it




Podium KZ2: 1. Dalè (CRG-Maxter); 3. Federer (CRG-Maxter). Podium KZ: 3. Lennox (CRG-Maxter). Ph. Pastanella



Following the pole position, Dalè had the upper hand in KZ2 where the privateer driver secured a poker of victories on CRG-Maxter. Federer has also been very strong, despite a DNF that penalized his classification in the heats. Lennox put in a great comeback race in KZ. Tiene was sent out in a heat of KF and will be forced to start the Prefinal from P19.

CRG colors had a very positive eve of the first round of the European Championship, race that is currently underway in Genk. In KZ2 Andrea Dalè, privateer driver on CRG with Maxter engine, took the luxury of winning three heats on Saturday, following the pole position and the victory in the first heat on Friday.


Thanks to a poker of victories, Dalè is going to be the number 1 contender for the KZ2 Final stage on Sunday. He gave a stunning proof of how even a privateer driver – when provided with the right material (i.e. CRG chassis and Maxter engine) – can come to the fore in a tight championship like this European whereby he kept 78 other drivers behind.


The 2011 European Champion Fabian Federer, also on CRG-Maxter, had a solid day and secured two second places and a third in the heats. Unfortunately, a retirement in the first heat on Saturday due to a technical problem to the shift relegated the Italian driver to the 16th place at the end of heats.

Some tough luck also hit Daniel Formal, who was forced to an early retirement in his final heat on Saturday due to an incident. The CRG Holland driver Fiin Kooijan, on CRG-TM, is tenth instead.

KZ2. Classification after the heats: 1. Dalè; 2. Midrla; 3. Lundberg; 4. Hansen; 5. Juodvirsis; 6. Romkema; 7. Zanchi; 8. Specken; 9. Brenna; 10. Kooijman; ... 16. Federer; ... 58. Formal.



Jordon Lennox-Lamb, on CRG-Maxter, produced a very good comeback race as he was tenth in qualifying and climbed up to fifth after the two heats, as he now stands behind Kozlinski, Dreezen, Ardigò and Thonon. The sixth absolute place is currently held by Jorrit Pex, on CRG-TM, who is ready to charge in the final stages.

Yannick De Brabander (CRG-TM) is currently ninth absolute, while Davide Forè (CRG-TM) is standing in 15th place after the heats. The two CRG drivers will be starting from the back, but are definitely not to be ruled out of the games for Sunday's Prefinal and Final.

KZ. Classification after the heats: 1. Kozlinski; 2. Dreezen; 3. Ardigò; 4. Thonon; 5. Lennox-Lamb; 6. Pex; 7. Hanley; 8. Abbasse; 9. De Brabander; 10. De Conto; ... 15. Forè;



Felice Tiene has been very unlucky in the first KF heat of the day as he was stopped by an incident. He later on claimed the sixth place in the other heat and this result, together with the second place harvested on Friday, earned him the 19th absolute place after the heats. Things are not going to be easy, but the very quick lap times set by Tiene allow for optimism ahead of Prefinal and Final.

Callum Ilott, on Zanardi-Parilla will be starting from the pole position. Among the other CRG drivers, Dionisios Marcu earned access to the final (he is 25th), while Pedro Hiltbrand has been forced to partake in the repechage race due to a technical problem (from twentieth to third!).

KF. Classification after the heats: 1. Ilott; 2. Norris; 3. Janken; 4. Nielsen; 5. Kari; 6. Lundqvist; 7. Van Leeuwen; 8. Lundgaard; 9. Daruvala; 10. Cristofaro;... 19. Tiene; ... 25. Marcu; ... 48. Hiltbrand.

CRG TEAM IN GENK (B), 15.06.2014

5 - Jorrit Pex (NL) (CRG / TM / Bridgestone)
7 - Davide Forè (I) (CRG / TM / Bridgestone)
8 - Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB) (CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone)
16 - Yannick De Brabander (B) (CRG / TM / Bridgestone)

331 - Fabian Federer (I) (CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone)
332 - Daniel Formal (PRI) (CRG / Maxter / Bridgestone)

104 - Felice Tiene (I) (CRG / Parilla / Dunlop)
115 - Pedro Hiltbrand (E) (CRG / Parilla / Dunlop)
128 - Dionisios Marcu (RO) (CRG / Parilla / Dunlop)


Sunday 15 June. 9.40hrs (GMT+2) KZ2 Prefinal1; 10.05hrs KZ2 Prefinal2; 10.30hrs Academy Prefinal; 10.55hrs KF Prefinal; 11.20hrs KZ Prefinal; 13.40hrs KZ2 Final; 14.,30hrs Academy Final; 15.20hrs KF Final; 16.10hrs KZ Final.

All results and web streaming will be available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
14 June 2014

In the pictures: 1) Andrea Dalè (CRG-Maxter), KZ2; 2) Fabian Federer (CRG-Maxter), KZ2; 3) Jordon Lennox-Lamb (CRG-Maxter), KZ; 4) Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla), KF. Ph. Cunaphoto.it

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