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Paolo De Conto and CRG ended an exceptional comeback race started from P18 in P2 on the wet in Australia. After two editions of the “Race of Stars” won by De Conto, the Italian driver confirmed his place among the main protagonists of this Australian event.

Paolo De Conto put in another exceptional performance with CRG in Australia at the “Race of Stars” held in Gold Coast. This time around he did not secure the famous surfboard, but the Italian driver, supported by CRG Australia, remarkably recovered from P18 to P2 making CRG colors shine on the KZ2 podium of this event.

Paolo De Conto has once again displayed a great competitiveness at the “Race of Stars” on a track that was very difficult due to the rain that has fallen in the closing stages of this event. De Conto posted the second quickest time in qualifying, behind Camplese and ahead of fellow-countryman Pollini. Unfortunately, an unlucky heat affected De Conto’s starting position and relegated the Italian to the 18th spot of the grid. De Conto’s recover under the rain deserved a round of applause, as he managed to eventually inherit P2 following a penalty handed to Kremers for the dropped front fairing.


After winning the past two editions of the “Race of Stars”, De Conto managed to claim a good second place behind the winner Abbasse and ahead of Hays, who rounded off the podium.


Complete results are available at https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1603775

Press Office
October 15th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto in KZ2 at “Race of Stars” in Australia; 2) 3) Paolo De Conto at the “Race of Stars” in Gold Coast.
Ph. Cooper’s Photography.



The Endurance meeting by CRG ended with a great success, as 30 teams coming from 10 different Nations gathered in Pomposa. The victory went to Red Enemy 1, the team made by Zipoli, Kanah and Santolini had in fact the best of the Danish ATR team Brask.

An atmosphere typical of great events welcomed in Pomposa 30 teams taking part in the Rental Kart World Contest 2018, the International Endurance meeting organized by CRG for teams selected on Endurance championships employing CRG karts all over the world.

The images of the Drivers Parade, the excitement of a Le Mans type start, strategies, pit stops and on-track duels on the edge of seconds will stay in the memory of all participants for a long time. The event met the unanimous consent of teams both in terms of organization and CRG Centurion Karts used for the race under the central technical assistance by CRG racing team. All these aspects contributed to place the CRG World Contest among the most prestigious International karting events.

Representatives from Mexico, China, Spain, Germany, Romania, Czech Republic, Swiss and Italy, including the winners of last year’s World Contest Red Enemy 1, made it to the track to challenge each other for the two titles up for grabs (i.e. the overall classification and Silver Cup for amateurs teams).


The reigning champion lineup made by Kanah, Zipoli and Santolini kicked off the 2018 event in the best possible way posting the pole position 0.076s clear of the Dane ATR Team Brask, that won the 24 Hours CRG Endurance of Adria. The third spot of the starting grid went to the Czech Republic’s team Steel Ring Gold, that proceeded Allianz, the Spanish team Gran Canaria Karting and Raceland Vicenza.

The race last 10 Hours with regulations open to several strategies: basically, the main rule was a minimum of 10 driver changes for the overall classification and 12 for the Silver Cup. The start of the race took place on a dry circuit soon after the spectacular Drivers Parade and the official picture on the starting grid. Red Enemy 1 took the lead of the race with ATR team Brask chasing them.

Heavy rain turned strategies upside down two hours into the race and driving stints got longer due to a lower fuel consumption, while several excursions changed a lot the classification. Team Allianz slipped out of the top ten in this phase, while Gran Canaria Karting installed themselves in P3 ahead of Steel Ring Gold, Lhasa, Raceland and the German team Arena of Speed Gold.


Rain stopped late in the afternoon and the classification did not change in the closing stages, as Red Enemy 1 with Zipoli, Santolini and Kanah took the win for the second year running with a one-lap advantage on ATR Team Brask, made by the Endurance specialists Paoleschi, Morin and Andersen. The third step of the podium went to Steel Ring Gold’s Polasek, Kurka, Matyas, Birgus, Mikula, Richter and Midrla, while the Italian team PKI was fourth with Mocchiutti, Riva and Turchetto exchanging behind the wheel. Raceland Vicenza secured the fifth place and was guided from the pits by CRG World Champion Paolo De Conto. The 6th place went to team DMS Motorsport of Stefano Perseghin, while the first of the two teams of the Arena of Speed German circuit was 7th. ATR V2 was 8th and led Lugano Karting Club 2 and Gran Canaria Karting.


The victory in Silver Cup went to the Italian Team BRT (Beretta Group) composed by Ledda, Montanari and Cavallini, that pipped the Arena of Speed Silver team made by Becker, Biering, Maushardt and Borne. The third place of the Silver classification went to team Allianz that proceeded Red Enemy 2 and Romania’s Webasto.

The comment of protagonists:

Edgard Kanah (team Winner - Red Enemy 1): “CRG karts have been great to drive and worked very well today also on the rain. We did not have any problem on our kart, which has been perfect in qualifying as well as in the race all the way to the flag. Organization has been great as always and it is a huge satisfaction to confirm team Red as the champions of such a prestigious event featuring several big names of endurance karting, like our rivals to the final win ATR Team Brask.”

Igor Ledda (team Winner Silver Cup - BRT): “Taking part in this International event has been an amazing experience. The event has been top class both in terms of organization and level of teams on track. Winning our category and being close to the top ten makes us very happy. It has been an hard-fought battle with Arena Of Speed and Allianz and the good thing is that we played our cards on track, with strategies and pushing hard in the driving stints, without technical issues affecting the end result of anybody. CRG deserves our huge compliments for the Karts they provided us with.”

Marco Angeletti (Marketing CRG): “This event ended with a great organization and technical success. A lot of drivers sent us their appreciation regarding organization of the event, the good atmosphere and the excellent services provided on track, but we are also delighted for the positive feedback that we keep receiving regarding the quality of the material and driving sensations provided by our karts. We put on a fantastic race with teams coming all the way from China, Mexico and several European countries, which placed this event among the most important International Endurance Races. From a technical standpoint, we we are very proud for the fact that all teams ended the race without technical issues and that the performance of our karts has been quite level. To us, this is a very important point of Endurance racing, as we do not like formats featuring a lot of kart changes, which would mean that karts do not provide a good enough performance equilibrium or reliability. The sporting activity of our Rental range is very important in our marketing strategy and, together with partner racetracks, we are defining very ambitious and interesting programs for all karting enthusiasts. We will introduce some interesting novelties for season 2019 within October."

Complete results are available at: www.youcrono.it

Press Office
October 8th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) 2) Racing action at the Rental Kart World Contest 2018; 3) Team Red Enemy 1, the winners of the World Contest; 4) Podium Silver Cup team BRT (Beretta Group).



The challenge among the best international Endurance teams selected through the CRG events all over the world will take place on a 10 Hours race.

Everything is ready on the Pomposa track, on the Adriatic sea, where the 2nd edition of the Rental Kart World Contest will take place on Saturday 6th of October. It is an event organized by ASI, a sports promotion institution that manages activities linked to many rental kart Championships and events organized with CRG karts, and the international agency CNC Events.

30 teams will represent 9 different countries, selected by the CRG tracks and events all over the world during the season. It will be a 10 Hours race with an international regulation: 10 driver changes for “pro” teams and 12 for the teams of the Silver Cup category (made of gentleman drivers).


The karts will be supplied by the CRG racing team that will provide a central technical assistance. In the entry list there are 13 Italian teams selected in the Endurance Kart Cup championship (including the winners Miout and BRT) and in the 24 Hours Karting of Italy, besides the winners of last year’s edition of the World Contest, the Red Enemy team.

But also the teams coming from abroad are very competitive, with the winner of 24 Hours ATR Team Brask and the winner of the CRG Series organized in China by Nexus, besides teams coming from Mexico, Germany, Czech Republic, Romania, Spain, Denmark and Switzerland.

The organization level will be very high for this international meeting and the show on the track will be exciting. The entry to the circuit will be free, while for those who can’t be present, there will be the live timing service and updates from the track on the CRG social channels.


Live timing: www.youcrono.it

Official time schedule
07:30 – 09:00 Administrative checks 1h30’
09:00 – 09:30 Briefing 30’
10:00 – 11:00 Free practice 1h
11:10 – 11:20 Superpole 10’
11:25 Drivers’ Parade
13:00 – 23:00 Endurance Race 10h
23:30 Prize ceremony

Ufficio Stampa
5 October 2018

In the pictures: Rental Kart World Contest.



The dream team made by Paolo De Conto, Pedro Hiltbrand, Callum Bradshaw and Andrea Rosso secured the pole position and the third place in the race that named the winner of the FIA Karting Endurance Championship 2018.

CRG Racing Team has made it to the track in Le Mans for the 24H FIA Karting Endurance Championship aiming to bounce back from last year’s blow (when the victory vanished only in the closing stages for a few seconds), but despite an exceptional lineup made by drivers of the likes of World Champions De Conto and Hiltbrand, Bradshaw and Rosso, and very strong performances put in during all racing stages, some unlucky episodes prevented the Italian outfit to secure the victory.

The 24H Karting of Le Mans is a race valid for the FIA Karting Endurance Championship and CRG Racing Team took part in its highest class, that follows the International OK technical regulations. Regarding engines, the Italian team has benefited from the direct support of the Italian factory TM Racing. The long racing weekend kicked off in the best possible way for CRG, as its lineup put in very strong performances in free practice both in terms of single lap performance and race simulations. This supremacy was converted into the pole position in qualifying that was obtained by posting the quickest time in the four sessions, one by each driver, namely: Q1, Q2, Q3 and Q4.


The race started with Hiltbrand behind the wheel in the first stint and then continued with De Conto, Callum Bradshaw and Andrea Rosso exchanging driving duties every 45 minutes. Despite two little technical issues, the team always kept in the top 3 until sunset.


When the night was falling an engine problem caused a stop in the sector opposite the pit lane and a further problem to the axle ended up in an eight lap delay for the team. Despite an impressive race pace this gap was difficult to fill. The lineup secured nevertheless a great P3 that rewarded all the staff for their hard work and confirmed CRG on top of the most prestigious International Karting events.


The comment of protagonists:

Pedro Hiltbrand: “Le Mans is an incredible experience for a driver: it requires speed as the rhythm is always high, but at the same time the mechanical parts of the kart and tyres must not be stressed too much, which is quite hard to do since the setup is effectively a compromise among the needs of four drivers. This creates an exceptional bond with team mates, engineers and staff as the whole group works towards the same goal. CRG has been exceptional once again. We just needed that little bit more of luck, but I think that the speed and race management we had have been absolutely amazing.”

Glenn Keyaert (team Manager): “The 24H of Le Mans adheres to the International OK Regulations and it is an exceptional test-bench for the material. Every year we collect a lot of interesting data and we are happy on how fast we were, despite managing tyres, brakes and all the technical parts very well. Our drivers have been exceptional as our staff, including TM Racing’s personnel that provided us with the official support of the Factory regarding engines. We wanted to win and tried hard to do that, but two issues made us lose contact with our direct rivals, that were more lucky than us, as they experienced issues when close to the Pit Lane. We will have another go next year.”

Press Office
October 3rd, 2018

In the pictures: 1) CRG Racing Team celebrating the pole position claimed at the 24h of Le Mans FIA Karting Endurance Championship; 2) CRG Racing Team; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand (2); 4) Podio 24h Le Mans FIA Karting Endurance Championship. Ph. KSP – FIA Karting.



The CIK-FIA 24 Hours Endurance race will take place in Le Mans on September 29th-30th. CRG will take part in the competition with a team made by Paolo De Conto, Pedro Hiltbrand, Callum Bradshaw and Andrea Rosso. The start on Saturday September 29th at 15:00.

CRG International commitments continue this coming weekend, on September 29-30th, at the International Circuit of Le Mans for the 24 Hours Karting, CIK-FIA Endurance Championship GP1.

CRG will be present in Le Mans with its racing team that in the past three years has been among the absolute protagonists. The #2 team will include two World Champions of the likes of Paolo De Conto and Pedro Hiltbrand and the quick and competitive Callum Bradshaw and Andrea Rosso, on CRG chassis powered by TM engines in OK. This is going to be a high level sporting and technical challenge.


This is certainly one of the most challenging races for drivers and karts. Driving shifts will last at most 45 minutes, for a maximum of 8 hours per driver. Karts will fit LeCont tyres, 6 sets of slick tyres and 6 rains will be allowed. Time penalties will involve the Stop&Go procedure to be served into the pits.

The program
Friday, September 28th: Qualifying at 17:25. Saturday, September 29th: start at 15:00. Sunday, September 30th, finish at 15:00, prize ceremony at 15:15.

Complete results will be available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
September 27th, 2018

In the pictures: Racing action at the CIK-FIA 24 Hours Karting 2017. Ph. KSP.



Gabriel Bortoleto secured the third place at the OK-Junior World Championship in Sweden. Great performances were also put in by Bradshaw and Galli in OK. Hiltbrand completed a great comeback. Rosso retired due to the failure of the drive chain.

CRG Racing Team obtained great results in Sweden at the Circuit of Kristianstad where the OK and OK-Junior World Championships reached their conclusion with record numbers: 102 drivers in OK and 113 in OKJ.

CRG drivers put in very strong results also in this round and virtually all of them managed to qualify for the final stages. The podium arrived in OK-Junior with the young and promising driver Gabriel Bortoleto, who is at his third European Championship and now has a third place in OKJ under his belt, a result that confirms his speed and the quality of the CRG-TM package.


The level of performance in OK was also very high and Callum Bradshaw, who was eventually sixth in the Final after recovering 10 places, could have aimed to the podium if his starting position had not been badly affected by the result of the closing heat.

Olin Galli Vieira also finished within the top ten taking an amazing ninth place after starting from P30. Several hiccups in qualifying relegated Pedro Hildbrand to start from the back of the grid, but he also put in an exceptional comeback race ending 13th after recovering a stunning 18 places. Andrea Rosso had to retire from the Final due to the failure of the drive chain, but he put in great performances during the whole weekend. Ayrton Fontecha could not qualify for the Final instead.


Alongside the third place obtained by Gabriel Bortoleto, other good satisfactions could have come from OK-Junior’s Final, but several issues did not allow the other drivers of the Italian outfit to shine as they would have deserved. A positive performance was eventually put in by Enzo Riccardo Scionti, who ended the Final in 14th place, while Enzo Trulli was 25th at the end of a good qualifying. Alfio Andrea Spina was penalized first and disqualified later on due to the front fairing dropped after a contact, which is still quite a debated and controversial topic. Christian Ho Zong Sean, Tyler Gonzalez, Tyler Maxson and Xizheng Huang could not qualify for the OK-Junior Final instead.



Gabriel Bortoleto (OKJ): “Ending third out of more than 110 of the best drivers in the World is a great result and I am very happy about it. The podium at this World Championship is a great end to a season in which we have always been among the protagonists, starting from WSK races all the way to the 3rd place at the European Championship. Unfortunately, I was on the outside at the start of this Final and I lost contact with the front runners, therefore I had to push hard early on to fill the gap and towards the end I had a slight performance drop. I want to really thank the team that made me grow as a driver in the past couple of years and TM that provided us with an excellent support regarding engines. After this good result I am ready to make my debut in OK in the season’s finale.”

Callum Bradshaw (OK): “I am very happy about the 6th place and my driving in the Final that allowed me to get a lot of places back. The team did an exceptional work for the whole weekend and, despite the changing weather conditions, we always had excellent performances. Unfortunately, we did not finish one heat due to some tough luck and this prevented us to start the Final from the top ten. I am pretty sure we could have fought for the podium.”

Glenn Keyaert (Team manager): “The most positive aspect is that we placed nearly all our drivers on the starting grid of the Final. With more than 100 drivers on track, being among the top 34 is definitely not a sure thing. Our technical package has been versatile in all conditions. From the wet to the dry it always provided drivers with a good feeling on track and podium performances in both categories. I would like to thank the staff of the racing team that accomplished a great work in this World Championship, as well as our technical partners. I congratulate Gabriel Bortoleto for this great race that confirmed him among the most interesting drivers of OK Junior."

Press Office
September 25th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Gabriel Bortoleto on the podium of the OKJ; 2) Callum Bradshaw, OK; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand (3) and Andrea Rosso (20), OK; 4) Gabriel Bortoleto, OKJ. Ph. Cunaphoto.



Edition 2018 of the OK and OKJ World Championship is scheduled for this week from September 20th to 23rd in Kristianstad. The drivers of CRG Racing team and partner teams are ready to run a weekend as the protagonists in both categories.

More than 220 drivers, the most prestigious brands and competitive teams will be the protagonist of the forthcoming World Championship for classes OK and OKJ in Kristianstad (Sweden).

This is the most important event of the International racing season for direct drive classes, the race that can launch the new future Motorsport stars and that has the highest return for the operators of this sector.

Since the introduction of the new OK engines, this is the edition with the highest number of entered drivers, which is a positive aspect that should further encourage national ASNs towards this sporting and technical choice for the National championships.


Following the excellent performances put in at the CIK-FIA European Championship with Pedro Hiltbrand and Gabriel Bortoleto, that were respectively third in OK and OKJ, CRG is aware of having what it takes to be the protagonist at the eve of this important event. The pre-race tests held in Kristianstad also confirmed the good potential of the CRG-TM package, that won the national race in August with Bortoleto in OKJ and put in great laptimes with all factory and satellite team’ drivers in collective tests.

The racing format of the World Championship to be run in one single event does not leave room for error though and will require the highest focus by drivers and engineers since free practice. The central day of the event will obviously be Sunday September 23rd, where the 34 finalists battling out the title will be defined after qualifying heats. The circuit of Kristianstad will certainly offer an excellent spectacle thanks to its many overtaking chances and technical sectors that will highlight the value of drivers and materials.


CRG drivers on track
CRG Racing Team will field Pedro Hiltbrand (OK n. 4), Callum Bradshaw (OK n. 11), Andrea Rosso (OK n. 20), Ayrton Fontecha (OK n. 39), Olin Galli Riveira (OK n. 101), Gabriel Bortoleto (OKJ n. 203), Enzo Trulli (OKJ n. 223), Tyler Maxson (OKJ n. 246), Alfio Andrea Spina (OKJ n. 248), Enzo Riccardo Scionti (OKJ n. 255), Tyler Gonzalez (OKJ n. 266), Xizheng Huang (OKJ n. 269), Christian Ho Zong Sean (OKJ n. 288).


Pedro Hiltbrand (OK): “As seen in KZ in Belgium, the World Championship in one round does not allow for errors and every technical itch costs dearly. The whole path towards the Final must be perfect. This was the case two years ago when I won the title in Bahrain with CRG and I hope I can live a similar weekend this time too in Sweden. We know we have a great potential both in terms of chassis and TM engine. We are focused and will do our best to get the highest possible result.”

Callum Bradshow: “I like a lot the track and after the recent tests I am positive for the work done with the team and chassis balance. We also had some good feedback in some engine tests and are ready for this exciting challenge. It would be great to kick off the weekend with the pole position as done last year, but it is more important to do a solid job in qualifying heats to get a good starting place on Sunday’s grid. We know that weather could be variable and that the race is going to be very difficult because the level of rivals is very high and this track is not used much, therefore grip conditions will change a lot over the course of the racing weekend.”

Gabriel Bortoleto (OK-J): “This is my second complete season with CRG Racing Team in OK Junior and I would like to capitalize on the work done and on my growth as a driver, getting the most of what the team has taught me so far. I am focused and positive about our potential, material, competence and experience of all our engineers and mechanics. I cannot wait to get on track."


Friday September 21st will be dedicated to qualifying and racing action will be available through the Live Timing feed at www.cikfia.com
The Live Streaming service will be available from Saturday all the way to the Final on Sunday. Images and commentary from the circuit will cover qualifying heats on all devices. Backstage news, previews, images and special content from the CRG paddock will be posted on the social media and on CRG’s official website.


1984: Joern HAASE (DNK), FK 135cc CRG Kalì-Kart / Komet / Dunlop
1984: Gabriele TARQUINI (ITA), FC 125cc CRG Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
1985: Mike WILSON (GBR), FK 135cc CRG Kalì-Kart / Komet / Dunlop
1985: Piermario CANTONI (ITA), FC 125cc CRG Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
1988: Mike WILSON (GBR), FK 135 cc CRG / Komet / Dunlop
1988: Emmanuel COLLARD (FRA), F. Super 100 CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
1989: Mike WILSON (GBR), FK 135cc CRG / Komet / Dunlop
1989: Gianluca GIORGI (ITA), FC 125cc CRG Kalì-Kart / Kalì / Dunlop
1990: Jan MAGNUSSEN (DNK), FK 135 cc CRG / Rotax / B’stone
1990: Danilo ROSSI (ITA), FA 100cc CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
1992: Danilo ROSSI (ITA), FK 135cc CRG / Rotax / Dunlop
1992: Danilo ROSSI (ITA), FC 125cc CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
1993: Alessandro PICCINI (ITA), FC 125cc CRG Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
1994: Alessandro MANETTI (ITA), FSA 100cc CRG / Rotax / Vega
1997: Danilo ROSSI (ITA), FSA 100cc CRG / CRG / Dunlop
1999: Danilo ROSSI (ITA), FSA 100cc CRG / CRG / Dunlop
2001: Vitantonio LIUZZI (ITA), FSA 100cc CRG / Maxter / B’stone
2002: Giedo VAN DER GARDE (NLD), FSA 100cc CRG / Maxter / B’stone
2003: Wade Grant CUNNINGHAM (NZL), FA 100cc CRG / Maxter / B’stone
2009: Arnaud KOZLINSKI (FRA), SKF 125cc CRG / Maxter / B’stone
2010: Nyck DE VRIES (NLD), KF2 125cc Zanardi / Parilla / Dunlop
2011: Nyck DE VRIES (NLD), KF1 125cc Zanardi / Parilla / B’stone
2011: Matthew GRAHAM (GBR), U18 125cc Zanardi / WKE / LeCont
2013: Max VERSTAPPEN (NLD), KZ 125cc CRG / TM / B’stone
2013: Tom JOYNER (GBR), KF 125cc Zanardi / TM / Vega
2015: Pex JORRIT (NLD), KZ 125cc CRG / TM / Bridgestone
2016: Paolo DE CONTO (ITA), KZ 125cc CRG / TM / Vega
2016: Pedro HILTBRAND (ESP), OK 125 cc CRG / Parilla / Vega
2017: Paolo DE CONTO (ITA), KZ 125cc CRG / TM / Bridgestone
2017: Danny KEIRLE (GBR), OK 125cc Zanardi / Parilla / LeCont

Press Office
September 19th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK, Ph. Cunaphoto; 2) Callum Bradshak, OK, Ph. CRG Press; 3) Gabriel Bortoleto, OKJ, Ph. CRG Press.



Less than one month is left before the International Kart Endurance event by CRG that will take place in Pomposa (Italy) next October 6th. The official Entry List is closing shortly and the final organizational details are being defined.

The 2nd edition of the Rental Kart World Contest is going to be an event not to be missed by all the Kart Endurance fans. The International Final to be run on Saturday October 6th on the karting circuit in Pomposa is reserved to teams selected all around the world in events run on CRG Karts.

It will be a 10 Hours Endurance race employing brand new CRG Centurion Karts managed by the racing department of the Italian factory. Among the qualifying events, the 24 Hours Karting of Italy held in Adria (Italy) qualified the Danish team ATB and some other teams entered as wild cards, and the Endurance Kart Cup series managed by CNC Events was another qualifier.

Several teams will come to Pomposa from all over the World. Teams from China, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Germany, France, Romania have already confirmed their presence alongside several other Countries that run the qualifying events.


The official entry list will be disclosed in the coming days as the final 10 places available are still to be defined. Alongside teams winning CRG events, teams that took part in official events using CRG Karts will be entitled to enter as wild cards.

This is going to be a karting Endurance celebration and a high level International event with the presence of the best teams coming from all over the world. The event will include 1 hour of free practice, a Superpole session and the Endurance 10 hours race.

Regulations are very simple and only impose a minimum of 8 Pit Stops with driver change. A Silver category has been set up for amateurs that will require a minimum of 12 driver changes. Organizers defined an official program and an additional free practice session on Friday October 5th with racing karts allocated by lot; this session is optional and upon payment.

CRG is currently coordinating several high level activities, both regarding services and communication and has created a Secretariat that will provide all participants with information and logistic support (Tel. +39.030.9912604 - crg@kartcrg.com). All bulletins, official regulations and entry forms are available at the following CRG’s website: http://www.kartcrg.com/it/com-news/rental-kart-world-contest-2018

Useful information:
• Entry fees for Teams winning qualifying events: Euros 990,00 (tax included).
• Entry fees for Wild Cards: Euros 1980,00 (tax included). Interested teams should contact the Secretariat before Friday September 21st.
• Extra Free Practice on Friday, September 5th (1 hour, from local 17:45 to 18:45): Euros 100,00
• Karts: CRG Centurion with 390cc engines allocated by lot and managed by CRG’s Racing team.
• Circuit: Pomposa, Italy (Info:www.circuitodipomposa.com)
• Contacts: crg@kartcrg.com


07:30 – 09:00 Sporting scrutineering 1h30’
09:00 – 09:30 Briefing 30’
10:00 – 11:00 Free practice 1h
11:10 – 11:20 Superpole 10’
11:25 Drivers’ Parade
13:00 – 23:00 Endurance Race 10h
23:30 Prize Ceremony

Press Office
September 17th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Poster Rental Kart World Contest; 2) Kart CRG Centurion.



The KZ World Championship in Belgium did not end up with a victory for CRG as happened in the past three years, but performances have been once again excellent, which confirmed the great quality of the CRG-TM pairing and the very high level of all drivers of the Racing Team and partner teams. The comment of Fabian Federer, Paolo De Conto, Pedro Hiltbrand, Gaetano Di Mauro and Glenn Keyaert.

After three successful years in a row, edition 2018 of the KZ World Championship held in Genk (Belgium) did not celebrate a CRG driver on the top step of the podium. This does not mean that the performance of CRG drivers and chassis was not spot on.

CRG colors have been a synonym of KZ, a leading role that has been achieved with tens of International victories, the latest of which is the CIK-FIA 2018 European Championship taken with Jorrit Pex.

CRG has been winning at least one of the two titles KZ and KZ2 for 7 years in a row and the World Championship held in Genk confirmed the edge of the Italian company, that counted the highest number of chassis present in the official Entry List: 7 drivers out of 34 in KZ and 22 of the 106 of KZ2 chose in fact to compete on a CRG chassis. This meaningful statistics is further improved by the drivers on track for Maranello, DR and GP Racing, with which CRG has a technological partnership in place.

The circuit of Genk has been a great setting for this important event that counted more than 4.000 spectators that certainly enjoyed the great spectacle put on by the International Karting categories KZ and KZ2. The event kicked off in the best possible way for CRG, as Fabian Federer (Team SRP) posted the pole position, but an unlucky episode unfortunately stopped Paolo De Conto, Pedro Hiltbrand and Jorrit Pex in qualifying (water leak on De Conto’s kart).

This troubled start did not allow these drivers to secure a top ten start on the Final’s starting grid, nor to work at best to prepare the Final during the heats, as CRG drivers always had some ground to get back and were busy recovering from the back of the pack. Qualifying stages are in fact very useful moment to fine tune all the technical details that indeed make the difference in such a highly competitive event. Despite this, the performance of all CRG drivers have been excellent in the Final, which confirmed the remarkable quality of the CRG-TM material and the high level of all the drivers of the Racing Team and partner teams.


Fabian Federer claimed P3, taking another World Championship podium that makes his great season even richer. Paolo De Conto managed to climb up to P5 posting the fastest lap of the race. Jorrit Pex also run a strong race and closed right behind him. Pedro Hiltbrand was less lucky instead, as he was stopped by a technical problem early on when he was among the quickest on track. Stan Pex and Andrea Dalè also put in very good performances both in the Final and in qualifying stages.

In KZ2 Emilien Denner could not score another great result after the great weekend of Lonato in the European Championship and the KZ2 Cup victory in DKM. The French had to pay the fee of a DNF in the first heat and could not compete at his usual standards in this occasion. The Brazilian Gaetano Di Mauro was the best of CRG drivers and deservedly came close to the podium ending 4th.

Important figures have been scored by CRG in KZ2, as the Italian company counted the highest number of drivers qualified for the Final on its chassis. The World Championship is run in one single weekend and this does not leave any room for errors, as there is no chance to bounce back from a DNF, as it is the case of championships run on several rounds.


The comment of the protagonists:

Fabian Federer (KZ, Team CRG - SRP): “I am happy for the end result because I have been slowed down by an accelerator problem in the closing stages, therefore the podium and the pole position are two great results in such an important event. We had an excellent balance on the kart and we came close to fight for the win.”

Paolo De Conto (KZ): ”In a high level competition like the World Championship the problem in qualifying affected our work a lot. In the heats we have always been forced to recover positions and we could not focus on refining the setup and carburetor tunings. Starting below P10 in the Final, I lost a lot of time in the initial stages to find my rhythm and close in on the front runners, but I managed to climb up the field well. I always lapped on very good lap times. Obviously, had we started in the first two rows, the race would have been completely different. Some episodes hit on our results this year, unfortunately, both here at the World Championship and at the European Championship.”

Pedro Hiltbrand (KZ): “The good thing of this World Championship is the great speed we showed since free practice. After the problem in qualifying and a penalty for the front fairing the starting position was obviously too far from the front to aim to the victory. At the beginning of the Final I could not get some positions back in the heat of the start, but despite of this I had a great pace and I could end very close to the podium, had it not been for the problem that stopped me early. We have to look at the good performance of our material and focus on coming back stronger in the next appointments. I would like to thank the whole team for the hard work done over the weekend and TM that provided us, as always, with an excellent support regarding engines.”

Gaetano Di Mauro (KZ2): “I am very happy for this great result: I am proud for being in the best 5 drivers in the World at this World Cup. The team did an exceptional work and to me the team’s work has been fundamental, as I do not compete much in European races. We had the perfect setup for the Final, great cornering speed, effective braking and traction. I could have finished on the podium for sure, but when I attacked Renaudin he defended himself very well and we both lost out to Vidales. This does not take anything from the satisfaction of competing at high levels for the whole racing weekend.”

Glenn Keyaert (Team Manager CRG): “We are a bit disappointed because De Conto and Hiltbrand had the potential to fight for the victory, but some unlucky episodes hit their chances badly. From a technical standpoint, the balance is positive even if the result could have been a lot better. We have been very competitive and this is very important for the impact that the racing activity has on the production of our karts. The work done by our engine partners at TM has been excellent and our package has been once again among the strongest of KZ. We have to congratulate our partner team SRP and Fabian Federer for the podium, CRG Holland and Pex brothers that confirmed their speed in the category. We also put in excellent performances in KZ2 and we missed out on taking the podium by a whisker. We have always won a World title in KZ or KZ2 in the past 7 years, next year we will come back stronger to climb on the top step of the podium. Now we congratulate the winners and look at the next appointments of this season.”


Complete results are available at www.cikfia.com.

Press Office
September 14th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto and Jorrit Pex, Ph. Cunaphoto; 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, CRG Press; 3) Fabian Federer, Ph. Cunaphoto; 4) Gaetano Di Mauro, CRG Press.




Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team) claimed the third place at the KZ World Championship in Belgium, while Paolo De Conto had to abdicate after winning the title for two years in a row. CRG close to the podium in KZ2 with Gaetano Gomes Di Mauro, who was fourth.

The CIK-FIA World Championship “Kart Grand Prix Belgium” in Genk did not go very well for CRG Racing team both in the only round of the KZ World Championship and in the KZ2 International Super Cup. CRG drivers were delayed by several reasons in qualifying and the Belgian weekend has been quite steep ever since.

Fabian Federer, on CRG-Tm run by SRP Racing Team, secured a great place taking P3 in front of about 4.000 spectators. The Italian driver could shine in qualifying, where he claimed a great pole position, before ending heats in P6. Federer run a remarkable Final and, despite a problem to the accelerator towards the end of the race, he managed to make up for the lost ground and finished on the podium. Federer completed with a high his International season after coming third also at the KZ European Championship and winning the DKM German Championship. The KZ World Championship went to Patrick Hajek this year. Rick Dreezen followed him at the flag.


Paolo De Conto, 2016 World Champion in Kristianstad and 2017 World Champion in Wackersdorf had to abdicate instead. De Conto started the weekend very poorly, as he retired from qualifying due to a technical problem. In the heats De Conto bounced back up to P14 and has been the absolute quickest in the Final, recovering further ground up to P5 – very close to the podium indeed, as he closed 0.042s from Alex Irlando and just over a tenth off Federer. It would have been difficult to do more. Pedro Hiltbrand was also hit by bad luck in qualifying due to a technical problem. Hiltbrand has been really impressive in the heats where he managed to climb up to P11, but he had to give up again in the Final due to the failure of a hose clamp of the water pipe. The new European Champion Jorrit Pex was sixth for CRG, while Stan Pex was 11th and Andrea Dalè 14th.


A good overall race was run by the Brazilian of CRG Gaetano Gomes Di Mauro in KZ2, as he came third on CRG-Tm and has always been among the quickest, displaying a very quick race pace both in the heats, where he came sixth, and in the Final, where he seemed to have the podium at reach. The Spanish driver Gerard Cebrian Ariza also run a great race recovering from P24 to P11, while Emilien Denner, on Kalì-Kart, had to settle for P12 behind Cebrian after being third in the European Championship. The Dutch Dylan Davies (Zanardi) was 15th, Filippo Berto was quite unlucky as he went off due to an incident and recovered afterwards up to P23. The Dutch Max Tubben of CRG Holland had to retire after closing heats in P5. Jean Luyet, Enrico Prosperi, Marco Valenti, Arto Ojaranta and Fotis Sotiropoulos did not manage to qualify for the Final instead. The CIK-FIA KZ2 title went to Matteo Viganò, who posted the pole position time, won heats and Final.

Complete results at www.cikfia.com.

Press Office
September 9th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Fabian Federer, KZ podium; 2) Paolo De Conto (5) and Jorrit Pex; 3) Gaetano Gomes Di Mauro, KZ2. Ph. CRG Press

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