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The CIK-FIA KZ and KZ2 International Super Cup will take place in Belgium and CRG will field its best drivers, starting from the KZ World Champion of the past two editions Paolo De Conto. More than 30 CRG factory and private drivers on track in Genk.

The most important race of the KZ and KZ2 categories will take place at Genk in Belgium. This is the one-round CIK-FIA World Championship and International Super Cup, that will make a joint event with the fourth and closing round of the Academy Trophy for the youngest drivers.

In Genk, CRG will field its best drivers in KZ and KZ2, category in which the Italian outfit has the record of wins and titles. Paolo De Conto’s race is quite awaited in Belgium, as he is the reigning World Champion and winner of the two most recent world titles – Kristianstad 2016 and Wackersdorf 2017, that the Italian driver secured on CRG-Tm. The potential shown by De Conto is remarkable also in this season, and the Italian driver is resolute to hit the big target again after the big disappointment of the European Championship in Lonato, when he clinched the title, but was later on stripped of the win due to an overtaking move deemed “irregular”. This gave the CRG driver further motivation to try and bounce back.


In 2018 CRG has secured the KZ European Championship with Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) and the third place in the KZ2 European Championship with Emilien Denner (Kalì-Kart-Tm). CRG has also won the German DKM Championship in KZ2 with Fabian Federer (CRG-Tm) and in KZ2 Cup with Denner (Kalì-Kart-Tm). Both titles were secured in Genk, on the same circuit that is about to stage the World Championship.

Pedro Hiltbrand is among the CRG drivers hunting for a good result in KZ as he came third in the OK European Championship this year and eighth in the KZ European Championship, after winning the KZ2 Super Cup on CRG-Maxter in Kristianstad back in 2016. The Spanish driver of CRG will be among the main contenders to the final victory in Genk, as his team mates Jorrit Pex (World Champion in 2015), Stan Pex (CRG Holland), Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team) and Andrea Dalè.


The CRG lot for KZ2 includes Emilien Denner, the Swiss Jean Luyet, the Italians Filippo Berto and Marco Valenti, the Spanish Gerard Cebrian Ariza and Enrico Prosperi, the Brazilian Gaetano Gomes Di Mauro, the Finn Arto Ojaranta, the Greek Fotis Sotiropoulos, while CRG Holland will field the Dutch Benjamin Tornqvist (who was second last year) that will race alongside other team mates and all drivers of team SRP and private teams. A total of 25 CRG drivers (including the brands Kalì Kart and Zanardi) will make it to the track in KZ2. Virtually, one fourth of the entered drivers will be on a CRG chassis, which is the highest number among the constructors present in Genk. The total number of CRG drivers counting KZ and KZ2 amounts in fact to 32.


CIK-FIA KZ-KZ2 World Championship (and previous equivalent categories)

2017: Paolo De Conto (ITA), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Wackersdorf, 10.09.2017
2016: Paolo De Conto (ITA), KZ, CRG / TM / Vega
Kristianstad, 04.09.2016
2016: Pedro Hiltbrand (ESP), KZ2 (Super Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Kristianstad, 04.09.2016
2015: Jorrit Pex (NLD), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Le Mans, 13.09.2015
2013: Max Verstappen (NLD), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Varennes, 22.09.2013
2012: Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GBR), KZ2 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Sarno, 02.09.2012
2011: Jonathan Thonon (BEL), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Genk, 04.09.2011
2009: Jonathan Thonon (BEL), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 06.09.2009
2008: Jonathan Thonon (BEL), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Varennes, 07.09.2008
2007: Jonathan Thonon (BEL), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 02.09.2007
1993: Alessandro Piccini (ITA), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Val Vibrata, 05.09.1993
1992: Danilo Rossi (ITA), FC 125 cc, CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 06.09.1992
1989: Gianluca Giorgi (ITA), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Kalì-Kart / Dunlop
Olomouc, 03.09.1989
1985: Piermario Cantoni (ITA), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Laval, 01.09.1985
1984: Gabriele Tarquini (ITA), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Axamo, 09.09.1984

Wednesday, September 5th: Free practice.
Thursday, September 6th: Free practice.
Friday, September 7th: Free practice, Qualifying practice from 16:25.
Saturday, September 8th: Qualifying heats from 9:40 to 13:00 and from 14:00 to 19:25.
Sunday, September 9th: Qualifying heats from 10:05 to 12:45. Final at 13:55.

Complete results, Live Timing and Live Streaming will be available at www.cikfia.com.

Press Office
September 4th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto in action at the recent European Championship; 2) Paolo De Conto; 3) Jorrit Pex leading Fabian Federer and Pedro Hiltbrand; 4) Emilien Denner, winner of the KZ2 European Championship in Lonato.



DKM reached its conclusion in Genk with the KZ2 title going to Federer (SRP Racing) as the second and third place went to two CRG Holland’s drivers Jorrit Pex and Stan Pex with CRG locking out the top three. Great win also in KZ2 Cup with the title going to Emilien Denner on Kalì-Kart.

The German Championship DKM ended with the fifth and closing round held in Genk (Belgium). CRG hauled another great result with the double victory of the KZ2 title with Fabian Federer, on CRG-TM-Vega run by Team SRP, and with Emilien Denner in KZ2 Cup, who competed for CRG Holland on Kalì-Kart-TM-Vega.

The result obtained in the 2018 DKM campaign by CRG has been rounded off by locking out the top three of the final standings of KZ2. Behind Fabian Federer, who totaled 221 points, six times winner of DKM with CRG Jorrit Pex came second one point short of the winner, while his brother Stan Pex was third at 197 points.


This is the 10th DKM title claimed by CRG in KZ2, as it follows the three won by Rick Dreezen in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and the 6 titles taken by Jorrit Pex in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2017. This long streak of victories has been completed by the second KZ2 Cup title, after the one won by Max Tubben in 2016.


KZ2. The new KZ European Champion of CRG Jorrit Pex won both KZ2 finals on the circuit that will house the World Championship next September 9th. Stan Pex was third and Fabian Federer sixth in the first final. Another win was claimed by Jorrit Pex in the second final, but Federer was third and secured the title by just one point on his team mate. Stan Pex had to retire from the second final instead. Among the other CRG Holland drivers present in Genk, Jean Luyet put in a good performance ending Race1 in 10th place and Race2 in 11th, Enrico Prosperi was 17th in Race1 and 19th in Race2, Benjamin Tornqvist 19th in Race1 but did not finish Race2, while Andrea Johansson was 26th in Race1 and 21st in Race2.


KZ2 CUP. In KZ2 Cup, category set up in 2016, Emilien Denner met the managed to win both finals and take the title on Kalì-Kart. Following the unlucky round of Kerpen, where the French driver could have grabbed the title early, this time around in Genk Denner has been spot on: pole position, victory of both qualifying heats and both finals. Hats off!

Among the best CRG drivers in KZ2 Cup, the Germans Davids Trefilovs and Patrick Kreutz got on the five-place podium in Genk ending Race1 respectively in P2 and P5. Kreutz was third in Race2, while the other German Christopher Dreyspring was fifth leading a CRG lot made by Tim Mika Metz, Marvin Langenbacher and Mark Potman. Thomas Neumann claimed fifth in the final standings.


OK. Kas Haverkort ended the OK Championship in fourth place on Zanardi Racing Team. He was 13th in Race1 and took a podium finish in P4 in Race2. Niels Troger was sixth in Race1 and ended the championship in seventh place.

OK-JUNIOR. Enzo Scionti ended the OK Championship in 12th place. Following a third place in the heats in Genk, Scionti run two great finals closing Race1 in P5 and Race2 in P6.

Complete results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/.

Press Office
August 29th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Fabian Federer e Emilen Denner Ph. DKM Press; 2) Team CRG Emilien Denner Ph. Sportinphoto; 3) Jorrit Pex Ph. Sportinphoto; 4) Emilien Denner Ph. DKM Press.



CRG colors came third in the two European CIK-FIA Championship at the end of the closing round held in France. Pedro Hiltbrand was third in the OK European Championship, while Gabriel Bortoleto did the same in the OK-Junior’s and claimed a podium in Essay.

An intense weekend has been held in Essay (France) in the event that awarded the two European titles of OK and OK-Junior. CRG ended third in the final standings of the OK European Championship with Pedro Hiltbrand and in the European OK-Junior Championship with Gabriel Bortoleto.

The final balance is positive for CRG, even though it could have been better, but the overall performance of CRG drivers has been very good: Andrea Rosso, Callum Bradshaw and Ayrton Fontecha have always been on top places of heats, as did Kas Haverkort in OK. In Junior, Enzo Trulli, Alfio Andrea Spina (who claimed his maiden win in a heat) and Paolo Gallo (Kalì-Kart) displayed great performances. All in all, the CRG-Tm package has shown a great adaptability to all tracks and conditions.


In OK, Pedro Hiltbrand suffered a technical problem since qualifying practice and had to make up for the lost ground all the way until the retirement in the Final. He managed anyway to end on the third step of the podium of the European Championship, but had not he experienced that initial problem, the Spanish driver of CRG could have aimed to a more prestigious result. In OK, Callum Bradshaw was sixth, while Kas Haverkort had to retire due to a technical problem, as did Andrea Rosso, who was stopped by a contact with Vidales and Maloney.


An excellent result in OK-Junior came again from Gabriel Bortoleto, who got on the podium in France crossing the finish line in a great P3, a result that placed him among the quickest absolute and allowed him to take a deserved third place in the final standings of the European Championship. Enzo Trulli was also among the best of the Final and took a good P9, while Alfio Andrea Spina had to retire after starting from a promising P12. Leonardo Bertini Colla could not qualify for the Final instead.

The target of the whole CRG Racing Team is now the double event of the World Championships in September. The KZ and KZ2 World Championship will take place in Genk (Belgium) on September 9th, while the OK and OK-Junior World Championship will be run in Kristianstad (Sweden) on September 23rd.

The Final classification of the OK European Championship: 1. Janker points 77; 2. Thompson 64; 3. Hiltbrand 58.
The Final classification of the OK-Junior European Championship: 1. Aron points 83; 2. Minì 80; 3. Bortoleto 68.

Complete results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
August 5th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Gabriel Bortoleto, OK-Junior; 2) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 3) Podium OK-Junior, Gabriel Bortoleto on the right, Gabriele Minì (middle) and Victor Bernier (left).
Ph. Cunaphoto



The fourth and closing round of the CIK-FIA European Championship will take place on the French circuit of Essay from August 3rd to 5th. CRG colors will be protagonist with Hiltbrand, who is currently second in the standings, and Bortoleto, presently third in OK-Junior.

The circuit of Essay (France) will house the closer of the CIK-FIA European Championship for categories OK and OK-Junior. CRG Racing Team had an important role in this championship with all its drivers this year too.

In Essay, CRG will be fighting for the OK European title with Pedro Hiltbrand. He is currently second in the provisional standings 19 points short of the leader Janker, while Gabriel Bortoleto is third in OK-Junior with 17 points to make up from the leader Aron.


In the previous three rounds – the opener in Sarno, the round at PFI in England and in Germany at Ampfing, Pedro Hiltbrand scored two podiums in OK in Sarno (P2) and at PFI (P3), while he had to settle for P9 in Ampfing after a tough qualifying. In OK-Junior Gabriel Bortoleto had a crescendo of results: 14th in Sarno after some good performances in the heats, he was seventh at PFI after shining in qualifying and heats, taking P2, first after the heats in Ampfing before claiming the podium in the Final (P3). Classifications are still open to all outcomes and CRG is ready to play all its cards with Hiltbrand and Bortoleto since the two worst results in qualifying heats and Finals will have to be discarded.



The CRG lineup for Essay will include, in OK, alongside Pedro Hiltbrand, Callum Bradshaw, Ayrton Fontecha, Andrea Rosso and Kas Haverkort (Team Keijzer), while in OK-Junior, CRG team will include Gabriel Bortoleto, Alfio Andrea Spina, Enzo Trulli, Leonardo Bertini Colla and Paolo Gallo (Kalì-Kart).


Pedro Hiltbrand: "This is going to be a very difficult and challenging race, but we are positive as we have always been competitive in all conditions since the beginning of the season. Our chassis and TM engine package is very competitive and our staff in used to manage the pressure of big events. We prepared this round at best and I am aware of having several very quick team mates as Bradshaw and Rosso, that could nick some points from our rivals, which could help."

Gabriel Bortoleto: “My goal is to do my best starting from qualifying and then heats, exploiting all the experience acquired with the team and the work done since the beginning of the season. I have a great feeling with our package and I had good speed on all tracks, therefore I am positive we will be very competitive also in France for this very important appointment. We will be in a position to make some calculations only on Sunday morning after seeing how things went to us and to our closest rivals."

CIK-FIA European OK & OKJ Championships, 3-5.08.2018
Friday August 3rd, 2018: Free practice from local 8:30; Qualifying practice from 16:30.
Saturday August 4th, 2018: Qualifying heats from 9:45.
Sunday August 5th, 2018: Qualifying heats from 9:50. Finalist presentation from 12:45. Finals: OK-Junior at 13.45; OK at 14:45.

Complete results, Live Timing and Live TV will be available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
August 1st, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK; 2) Gabriel Bortoleto, OK-Junior.
Ph. CRG Press.



Stan Pex claimed a double win in Kerpen’s KZ2 and installed himself in the second place of the standings. Fabian Federer is the new classification leader thanks to two second places. Jorrit Pex slipped down to third. Emilien Denner (Kalì-Kart) had two DNFs in KZ2 Cup, but is still keeping the classification lead.

The fourth round of the German Championship DKM in Kerpen launched three CRG drivers on top of the KZ2 classification: Stan Pex monopolized the victory of the two finals and climbed up to P2 in the standings, but two second places earned Fabian Federer (Team SRP) the classification lead.

Jorrit Pex lost the first position due to a retirement in Race-2 and stands now third. The final sprint of the series will take place in Genk next August 26th. The overall classification follows: 1. Federer points 205; 2. Pex Stan 172; 3. Pex Jorrit 160.

The situation is more complicated in KZ2 Cup instead, where Emilien Denner (Kalì-Kart) saw his advantage reduced after two retirements in as many finals in Kerpen. Denner is still leading the classification but his margin has now been reduced to 23 points.


In OK Niels Troger (Team RTG) secured P2 in Race-1 on CRG-Iame, while Kas Haverkort (Zanardi) was third in Race-2 and confirmed his P3 in the overall standings. In OK-Junior Alfio Andrea Spina secured a good seventh place on CRG-Tm in Race-2, while Enzo Scionti was 14th in Race-1.


The next round of DKM will take place in Genk (B) next August 26th. Complete results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/.

Press Office
July 30th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Stan Pex, KZ2; 2) KZ2 podium with Stan Pex and Fabian Federer; 3) Kas Haverkort, OK.
Ph. Sportinphoto



Paolo De Conto had won the race and title on track, but a 10s time penalty handed the title to Jorrit Pex (CRG Holland) and the race victory to Fabian Federer (Team SRP). CRG secured its 46th European Title. Excellent win for Emilien Denner (Kalì Kart) in KZ2.

The final round of the KZ and KZ2 European Championship had an exciting finale at South Garda Karting in Lonato. CRG colors have been the absolute protagonists claiming two important results: the victory of the European KZ Championship, and the top step of the KZ2 podium with a young promising driver like Emilien Denner.

JORRIT PEX, THE NEW KZ EUROPEAN CHAMPION. The victory for CRG at the KZ European Championship came with Jorrit Pex, who won his second title with the Italian outfit, after winning it back in 2012. The victory had earlier been taken at the flag by Paolo De Conto, who has been a great interpreter of this event and cross the finish line as first, a result that virtually awarded him with the Championship win. His race was later on voided by Stewards though, as they decided to penalize him for an overtaking move on Celenta, that ended up in a collision between the two. Due to this episode, that was judged not as normal racing incident, De Conto was handed a 10s time penalty. The disappointment for this decision was mitigated by the fact that another CRG driver, Fabian Federer, inherited the win after a great race, and that the title of European Champion went to Jorrit Pex, who ended the Final in fifth place and was promoted from second to first in the overall classification.


CRG claimed its 46th European title and the 24th in shifter categories. This result confirmed the chassis made by the Italian factory on top of the International scene and places CRG as great favourite to the victory of the KZ World Championship and World Cup KZ2 next September in Genk.

Pedro Hiltbrand also put in a very strong race in Lonato, completing an excellent comeback that brought him up to the final P6.


A SUPER DENNER IN KZ2. Emilien Denner scored an incredible win in KZ2. He has been the excellent protagonist of the race in Lonato and rewarded CRG with the awareness of having a victorious driver also in this category. Denner, who has been competing on Kalì-Kart, is the new name of KZ2, category in which the young French driver has been competing for only one year. He has already taken the luxury of winning a race of the European Championship in Lonato out of the 92 drivers, and is fighting for the victory in the German KZ2 Cup. Hats off!

The Championship was won by Adrien Renaudin, thanks to the points harvested in Salbris. Denner ended 3rd in the final classification.

Among the other CRG drivers, Jean Luyet has also scored a strong result in KZ2 ending the Final in 11th position, but also showing great speed in qualifying heats. Marco Valenti also deserved a round of applause as he qualified for his first Final of a European Championship. The Spanish driver Gerard Cebrian Ariza should also have run the Final, but he was not allowed to get on the grid, due to a 2 minutes delay at the entry gate!


European Championship KZ, Final standings: 1. Jorrit Pex points 50; 2. Iglesias 39; 3. Federer 37; 4. Ardigò 35; 5. De Conto 32; 6. Kremers 29; 7. Lammers 20; 8. Hiltbrand 20; 9. Dreezen 20; 10. Hajek 19.

European Championship KZ2, Final standings: 1. Renaudin points 46; 2. Pollini 37; 3. Denner 35; 4. Palomba 34; 5. Longhi 34; 6. Piccini 34; 7. Loubere 30; 8. Petit 25; 9. Viganò 20; 10. Lay 12.

Driver interviews:

Paolo De Conto: “This weekend has been extremely positive in terms of performance and work done by the team. Regarding the Stewards’ decision, I believe it is deeply unfair and excessive compared to the consequences it had. I think it is necessary to extend the Stewards Board to former drivers, as happens in the case of F1, since they are figures capable of understanding an overtaking move technically and work out the unfair or dangerous moves from the normal overtakings and duels. Celenta had a problem and I did not have any intention to push for an overtaking, but then he made a little mistake and I got in. We clarified with each other and are fine amongst ourselves. The fact that the title remained at CRG damage limitation, but if I think to a World Championship run in a single race, I do not feel serene nor comfortable with the current evaluation criteria.”

Jorrit Pex: “I am really happy for the title victory, even though I am sorry for the decision of the Stewards regarding Paolo. He did a great race today. For me and my team this has been a very positive championship, we have been competitive in all the racing stages and did a great job in both rounds. I thank all the staff, TM and CRG that provides us with an excellent support. Now we will focus on the World Championship in Genk aiming high.”

Emilien Denner: “The whole weekend has been good, starting from the pole position in qualifying, to P1 after heats and the final win. Winning a final at the European Championship and gaining the third position of the classification is a huge satisfaction for me. Everything clicked, from engine to chassis. Thanks to CRG and to the preparator Dal Doss. I thank everyone. Now I will compete in DKM at Kerpen and then Genk, where I will be in the fight for the victory in KZ2 Cup. I finally will contest KZ2 International Super Cup, where I hope to get a good result too.”

Complete results are available at www.cik-fia.com

Press Office
July 16th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) The KZ European Champion 2018 Jorrit Pex on the left, Paolo De Conto on the right; 2) The KZ final winner in Lonato Fabian Federer; 3) The KZ2 final winner in Lonato Emilien Denner; 4) Team CRG celebrating the victories of Federer and Denner.
Ph CRG Press



A very important appointment is ahead this coming weekend at South Garda Karting, as the circuit of Lonato is about to stage the second and closing round of the KZ and KZ2 European Championship on July 13-15.

The comeback to the CIK-FIA International appointments of the circuit in Lonato marks an important moment for the European Championship that, after the opener held in Salbris (France), will name the winners of the two categories KZ and KZ2 in Lonato, on July 15th 2018.

Two CRG drivers are in the fight for the KZ title. Namely, 2012 KZ European Championship winner Jorrit Pex and reigning European and World Champion Paolo De Conto. After the race held in Salbris, Jorrit Pex is only one point shy of the lead, while Paolo De Conto is currently fourth in the provisional standings, but well capable of recovering the 13 points gap he has to the lead.


Both Jorrit Pex and Paolo De Conto have been among the main protagonists in Salbris. Pex got on the podium in P2, after claiming the pole position and being first after qualifying heats. Paolo De Conto had to settle for P4 instead, after fighting for the podium. Pedro Hiltbrand was also among the best in Salbris, but was stopped by a technical problem when he seemed to be heading to the victory, while team SRP’s Fabian Federer also had to retire after running a good qualifying stage. These are certainly going to be CRG’s protagonists in KZ at Lonato, alongside Stan Pex and the Finn Jan Kuovi.


A lot of drivers will also contest KZ2 with CRG. The Racing Team will bring on track Jean Luyet, Enrico Prosperi, Gerard Cebrian, Filippo Berto, Kilian Meyer, Emilien Denner on Kalì-Kart, Marc Oriol Lopez, Marco Valenti, Macau’s driver Man Hei Cheong and the Finn Arto Ojaranta. Among the new entries, Simone Cunati will defend CRG colors among the fields of team Modena Kart. To be named among the certain protagonists, Benjamin Tornqvist of CRG Holland came second in KZ2 International Super Cup last year and is currently tenth in the championship.

Press Office
July 10th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) Jorrit Pex, Fabian Federer, Pedro Hiltbrand, KZ; 3) Emilien Denner, KZ2. Ph. Cunaphoto.



CRG presented the regulation and the schedule for the International Finals linked to the Rental and Endurance Karting programmes.

The Pomposa circuit (Italy) will host the Rental Kart World Contest on October 6th, the International Finals organized by CRG for drivers who took part to the events held on tracks that employ the CRG rental karts in the world.

The chosen race format is a 10 Hours Endurance race, where teams made from 3 to 8 drivers will challenge for the International Title. A special ranking called Silver Cup will be reserved to teams made from amateur drivers.

Top quality standards, hospitality and paddock club will characterize this event, as well as many communication activities followed by CRG press office and, above all, a high technical product. In fact, the teams will be given brand new CRG Centurion 390cc karts and the assistance of the CRG racing division.

Over 30 teams are awaited, representing 15 countries for one of the most thrilling and challenging matches of the Endurance world.


Entitled teams.
The entitled teams are the winners of championships organized by the CRG tracks and organizers of Endurance races with CRG karts. Other teams who took part to these events will be accepted as wild cards, as far as places will be available.

The race format will be the following: 1 hour of free practices, one qualifying practice session that will determine the starting grid and the Endurance race on 10 hours. The regulation will be permissive in terms of strategy with the sole obligation of making at least 8 driver changes. The drivers will have to respect 1’ minimum time for every passage in pit lane. Teams racing for the Silver Cup will have to make at least 12 driver changes.

CRG Centurion Karts.
The CRG karts will be new and equipped with Honda 390cc engine 15hp. The karts will be provided with adjustable pedals and seat and given by lot to the teams.

The Pomposa circuit is one the most historical structures of International Karting, very technical, 1200 metres long and provided with excellent facilities, as the illumination system and great public galleries on the start/finish straight. The distances from the main airports are: Bergamo - Orio al Serio (260 Km); Milan - Malpensa (350 Km); Bologna (90 Km); Venice (110 Km); Verona (160 km).

For further information on the event, you can contact the CRG offices:
Mail: alex@kartcrg.com
Phone: +39.030.9912604 (Alessandra)

Press Office
June 26th 2018

In the pictures: CRG Centurion 390cc.



Kart Haverkort grabs the second place in the OK Final with the Zanardi team at the WSK Open Cup in Lonato. Good performances for all the CRG drivers in every category.

The South Garda Karting circuit in Lonato hosted the new international meeting of the WSK Open Cup on June 24th, finding an excellent participation and competitiveness of the CRG drivers in every category.

Amongst all, Kas Haverkort stood out in the OK class, on CRG-Tm with the Zanardi Racing Team, performing very well until reaching the second place on the podium, after a great final where the Dutch driver made the best absolute lap. Always in OK, Asia Mondino was instead forced to retire after being competitive for all the weekend in Lonato.


Great performances also for Andrea Dalè and Emilien Denner (on Kalì-Kart) and the other CRG drivers, Jean Luyet and Marco Valenti, in KZ2. The best result was achieved by Andrea Dalè with the second place in Prefinal-A and 6th in the Final, but also Denner could have reached much more than the 15th place, if it wasn’t for some race contacts, after achieving the 5th place in Prefinal-B. Luyet ended in 22nd place from the 6th place of Prefinal-B, Valenti 25th. The driver from Macao Chang Wing Chung ended in 30th place. Benjamin Tornqvist had to retire in Prefinal-B, after being 10th after the heats.


In OK Junior, Alfio Andrea Spina proved to be a constantly growing driver. The young CRG driver was always among the fastest, until reaching the 11th place in the Final, ahead of the Dutch Robert De Haan. Enzo Scionti and Enzo Trulli were instead forced to retire, so as Christian Ho. Leonardo Bertini Colla couldn’t qualify for the Final due to an accident in Prefinal-B, so as Nikhil Bohra who retired in Prefinal-A.

Full results on www.wskarting.it

Press Office
June 26th 2018

In the pictures: 1) Kas Haverkort in action, Ph. CRG Press; 2) Haverkort on the podium of the WSK Open Cup in Lonato, Ph. Sportinphoto; 3) Alfio Andrea Spina ahead of Enzo Trulli in OK-Junior, Ph. CRG Press.



CRG and Gabriel Bortoleto secured a good result in the third round of the European Championship in OK-Junior. In OK, Pedro Hiltbrand had to concede the first place of the classification, as he was ninth in the Final, but the final classifications will be defined in the closer at Essay.

The third round of the CIK-FIA European Championship for OK and OK-Junior took place in Germany, on the 1.063 meters of the circuit in Ampfing.

CRG drivers have been shining in both categories also in this round held in Bavaria. The two main contenders, Pedro Hiltbrand in OK and Gabriel Bortoleto in OK-Junior, gave their best to stay close to the top of the classification. The best end result went to Bortoleto in OK-Junior: the quick Brazilian driver secured in fact an important third place, after starting the Final on pole and he now stands second in the Championship. Hiltbrand lacked a little bit of pace instead and lost the classification lead.


BORTOLETO ON THE PODIUM IN OK-JUNIOR. In OK-Junior, Bortoleto claimed a well deserved podium and in truth P3 was quite tight on him due to his performance during the whole weekend in Ampfing. The third place allowed Bortoleto to get the second place of the classification though at 52 points, equal with Minì and only 17 shy of Aron, who claimed his second win in Ampfing reaching 69 points.

The American Tyler Maxson also run the OK-Junior final and closed his effort in 27th place, while Enzo Trulli recovered from 33rd up to 25th. Alfio Andrea Spina and Christian Ho could not qualify due to an incident in the closing heat, while Paolo Gallo could not qualify either on Kalì-Kart. Xizheng Huang could not partake in the race due to the pain coming from a muscle contracture as Nikhil Bohra, who suffered from rib pain.


HILTBRAND HARD-FIGHTER IN OK. In OK, alongside Pedro Hiltbrand, Andrea Rosso also took part in the Final. He could have started higher up on the grid, had he not received a penalty in the first qualifying heat, as Callum Bradshaw who experienced an unlucky retirement in the closing heat. Hiltbrand crossed the finish line in ninth place at the end of a hard-fought race, pipping team mate Andrea Rosso. Callum Bradshaw managed to recover from the back of the grid up to P21. Hiltbrand had to concede the classification lead and is now second 19 points shy of Janker, who won the race thanks to the renounce of marque-mate Travisanutto (who is out of the games anyway), who handed the victory to Janker at the finish line. Regarding the other CRG drivers, Ayrton Fontecha could not qualify for the final, despite a strong qualifying session, Asia Mondino did not qualify either.

The two OK and OK-Junior Championships will reach their conclusion on August 5th in France with the fourth round that will be run in Essay. Classifications are still quite open in both categories, thanks also to the two mandatory discards of the worst results of qualfiying heats and Finals.

Complete results are available at www.cikfia.com

Press Office
June 17th, 2018

In the pictures: 1) Gabriel Bortoleto, OK-Junior, Ph. CRG Press; 2) OK-Junior podium with Gabriel Bortoleto (right), Ph. CRG Press; 3) Pedro Hiltbrand, OK, Ph. Cunaphoto.

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