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Federer and Camponeschi came to the fore so far in the KZ World Championship, the event underway in Wackersdorf (Germany). De Conto did not manage to put together the right lap and is ninth. Andrea Dalè and Jorrit Pex among the quickest too.

The long weekend of the KZ World Championship and International Super Cup KZ2 in Wackersdorf (Germany) has begun. CRG reached this appointment as the reigning champion of both categories.

As tradition, CRG has introduced a new livery for its karts and drivers clothing in this occasion. The new motorhome is also stunning with its brand new graphic design.

In KZ, after a series of great results in free practice, the reigning World Champion Paolo De Conto had to settle for P9 on CRG-Tm in the first Series of qualifying held on Friday evening. “I would have needed one more lap to post a good time – Paolo De Conto stated – but I am cool for the races of tomorrow.”

Flavio Camponeschi had a very positive start in his comeback to racing after the muscular injury sustained in Finland. Camponeschi obtained in fact the fourth time of the first qualifying session, which is a good starting point ahead of qualifying heats on Saturday.


The best of CRG drivers in KZ has been Fabian Federer (SRP Racing Team), who was second in Series 2 being only 0.022s off the pole position time. The other CRG drivers displayed good performances in Series 1: Andrea Dalè (Nuova 3M) was 7th, Jorrit Pex 8th and Alessandro Giardelli 15th, while Stan Pex was 9th in Series 2 and Macau’s driver Wing Chung Chang was 13th.

In KZ2, the quickest of CRG drivers was the Dutch of CRG Holland Benjamin Tornqvist Persson, who was fastest of Series 4, while his fellow-countryman Max Tubben was fifth in Series 2 and Fabrizio Rosati (SRP Racing Team) seventh in Series 2. The Dutch driver Joey Hanssen (CRG Holland) has been shining in Series 3, while the others are lagging behind. They will have the chance to get some ground back in qualifying heats on Saturday though.

CIK-FIA World KZ Championship
CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup, 8-10.09.2017
Saturday 9 September: Qualifying heats KZ2 and KZ from 10:25.
Sunday 10 September: Qualifying heats KZ2 and KZ from 10:30. Drivers presentation at 12:25. Finals: KZ2 at 14:00; KZ at 14:50.

All results will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
8 September 2017

In the pictures: 1) From left, Flavio Camponeschi and Paolo De Conto, KZ; 2) Fabian Federer, KZ.
Ph. CRG Press



All is set ahead of the first great challenge of the year with the World Championship scheduled for September 10th in Wackersdorf (Germany). Up for grabs are the world title of KZ and the International Super Cup of KZ2. CRG is the reigning champion in both categories.

The big moment of the year arrived with the first of the two most important weekends of the season: the KZ World Championship and the International KZ2 Super Cup, that will take place on September 10th in Wackersdorf (Germany). The second big event will get underway in the weekend of September 24th in England at the PFI circuit, that will stage the World Championship of categories OK and OK-Junior.

Two crucial and “magic” karting events for a very famous and glorious outfit like CRG, that is the reigning champion after winning the KZ World Championship with Paolo De Conto and the International KZ2 Super Cup 2016 with Pedro Hiltbrand, who also won the OK World Championship, are ahead.

CRG’s history is full of great International wins and its hall of fame is particularly relevant in the shifter category, where CRG has displayed an unquestionable competitiveness over the years. In KZ, the 2016 World Championship title was won by CRG with Paolo De Conto, but he previous year CRG secured the title with Jorrit Pex, in 2013 with Max Verstappen, in 2011 with Jonathan Thonon, who also won it in 2007, 2008 and 2009. In recent years, CRG has won the KZ2 CIK-FIA title with Pedro Hiltbrand in 2016, and with Jordon Lennox-Lamb in 2012. The Italian outfit has a remarkable past in the shifter category and it claimed 14 CIK-FIA world titles from the first taken by Gabriele Tarquini in 1984, that won in 1985 by Piermario Cantoni, and then again Gianluca Giorgi’s in 1989, Danilo Rossi’s in 1992, Alessandro Piccini’s in 1993 and the one secured by Ryan Van Der Burgt in 2014 on DR chassis by CRG.


CRG line-up for the German appointment of Wackersdorf will include its works drivers Paolo De Conto, who won his third European Championship this year, current KZ European Champion Flavio Camponeschi, Alessandro Giardelli, the Dutch brothers Jorrit Pex (2015 World Champion and 2012 European Champion) and Stan Pex, Macau’s driver Wing Chung Chang, as well as very strong drivers of the likes of Andrea Dalè (Nuova 3M) and Fabian Federer (SRP), both former European Champions of category KZ2, and the Finn Jan Kuovi.


Paolo De Conto: “We are used to the pressure that normally is on the favourites and are getting ready in the best way to give all what we have. There is a strong synergy among our technicians and those of TM regarding engines, and we are working full speed to confirm the #1 we have on the fairing this year.”

Flavio Camponeschi: “I will be contesting the KZ and OK World Championships. We have the technical potential to aim high in both races, and I am focused on scoring the important result that, due to some bad luck, went missing this year in CIK-FIA races.”



CRG aims also to shine in KZ2 at Wackersdorf, and therefore it will field a great line-up both in terms of quality and quantity. CRG’s presence will feature works drivers like the Spanish Enrico Prosperi and Gerard Cebrian Ariza, the French Emilien Denner (on Kalì-Kart chassiss), but also privateers like the Italian Fabrizio Rosati and the Germans Toni Tscentscher, Valentin Wiesender and Felix Windfellner of SRP Racing Team, the Dutch drivers Max Tubben and Joey Hanssen, the Canadian Antonio Serravalle, the Swedes Benjamin Persson and Andreas Johansson of CRG Holland, the Dutch drivers Dylan Davies and Kay Van Berlo of CRG Keijzer Racing, the Germans Moritz Horn and Dominik Schmidt of CRG TB Racing Team, the German Markus Pschick, the Swiss André Reinhard and the Finn Jaakko Ruotsalainen.


CIK-FIA World KZ Championship
CIK-FIA International KZ2 Super Cup, 8-10.09.2017
Friday 8 September: Qualifying 15:55; Qualifying heats KZ2 from 17:45.
Saturday 9 September: Qualifying heats KZ2 and KZ from 10:25.
Sunday 10 September: Qualifying heats KZ2 and KZ from 10:30. Drivers presentation at 12:25. Finals: KZ2 at 14:00; KZ at 14:50.
All results will be available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

CIK-FIA World Championship KZ-KZ2 (and equivalent previous categories)

2016: Paolo De Conto (I), KZ, CRG / TM / Vega
Kristianstad, 04.09.2016
2016: Pedro Hiltbrand (E), KZ2 (Super Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Kristianstad, 04.09.2016
2015: Jorrit Pex (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Le Mans, 13.09.2015
2013: Max Verstappen (NL), KZ, CRG / TM / Bridgestone
Varennes, 22.09.2013
2012: Jordon Lennox-Lamb (GB), KZ2 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Vega
Sarno, 02.09.2012
2011: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Genk, 04.09.2011
2009: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 06.09.2009
2008: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Varennes, 07.09.2008
2007: Jonathan Thonon (B), KZ1 (World Cup), CRG / Maxter / Dunlop
Sarno, 02.09.2007
1993: Alessandro Piccini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Pavesi / Dunlop
Val Vibrata, 05.09.1993
1992: Danilo Rossi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG / Pavesi / Dunlop
Mariembourg, 06.09.1992
1989: Gianluca Giorgi (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Kalì-Kart / Dunlop
Olomouc, 03.09.1989
1985: Piermario Cantoni (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì-Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Laval, 01.09.1985
1984: Gabriele Tarquini (I), FC 125 cc, CRG-Kalì Kart / Balen / Dunlop
Axamo, 09.09.1984

Press Office
6 September 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ, Ph. Cunaphoto; 2) Poster Wackersdorf.



Team Modena Kart claimed the Italian KZ3 Under title with Luigi Di Lorenzo and KZ3 Over’s with Claudio Tempesti in the closing round of the Italian ACI Karting Championship held at the circuit of Siena.

CRG sends its congratulations to Team Modena Kart for the great results obtained by its drivers in the Italian ACI Karting Championship at the fifth and closing round of the championship held in Siena and for the two Italian titles won in categories KZ3 Under and KZ3 Over.

A surprising Luigi Di Lorenzo won the KZ3 Under Italian Championship on CRG-Tm run by Team Modena Kart thanks to two great results taken in the finals of the closer. In Race-1, Di Lorenzo claimed the third place and then clinched a spectacular victory in Race-2, result that allowed him to get a shared classification lead, but he won the title due to the higher number of victories. Alongside that scored in Siena, young Di Lorenzo has benefited from the win taken in Sarno, which earned him the KZ3 Under Italian title.


In KZ3 Over, Claudio Tempesti had the upper hand on CRG-Tm run by Team Modena Kart putting in an attack race ended with the victory of Race-1 and taking the Italian Championship with it. Tempesti confirmed to be very quick also in Race-2 taking a fourth place, when the Italian title had already been won as he scored two points more than his nearest rival.


Classifications and results are available at www.acisport.it/it/CIK/home

Press Office
05 September 2017

In the pictures: 1) Modena Kart celebrates the two Italian titles won in Siena; 2) KZ3 Under podium; 3) Claudio Tempesti winner of the KZ3 Over.



Westover joins forces with the CRG Racing Team for the OK World Championship to be held next September 24th at PFI International.

CRG is delighted to announce that its lineup for the forthcoming OK World Championship, race scheduled for September 24th at the British circuit PFI International, will comprise the British driver Louie Westover.

The 15 years old British driver comes from two seasons of X30 Junior run in England and in International races, in which he claimed 5 wins in 2016 and 7 in this season.

The arrival of Westover is a chance for CRG to join forces with an expert of the British circuit that has the due experience to aim to a prestigious result.

Westover will compete on IAME engines by KVS and, after this prestigious race, he and CRG’s management will discuss a possible extension of the agreement eying season 2018. Regarding his sporting programme in England, Louie will conclude the racing with CRG and the support of CRG GB and Ireland.

CRG Racing Team’s manager Glenn Keyaert commented the arrival of the British driver in this way: “We have seen Louie on track recently at the Kart Master at PFI and we have been impressed by his speed and race management. We believe he has the potential for a very strong outing in category OK and we are certain that he can be among the front runners in a single race event like the World Championship. He is really very young, but has already acquired some experience on the International scene. We think we can do good things together and extend our collaboration into the future."

Press Office
30 August 2017

In the picture: Louie Westover.



Enrico Prosperi claimed the victory in the first final of the fourth round of the Spanish Championship in Alcaniz, and ended Race-2 in second place, earning the third place of the classification in the process.

Enrico Prosperi secured a great victory in KZ2 on CRG-Tm in the fourth round of the Spanish Championship that took place in Alcaniz. The Spanish driver of CRG competing for Team M2 Racing Karts put in a great weekend on the Motorland Circuit and is now standing third in the Championship.

In Race-1 Prosperi managed to install himself into the lead early on and kept it all the way to the flag, building a good margin on the nearest rival. Prosperi put in another great run in the second Final, keeping the lead until halfway through and fighting for the victory all the way to the flag, when he eventually was second, right in the slipstream of the leader.

Among the other main protagonists of Alcaniz, Gerard Cebrian Ariza has been shining in KZ2 on CRG-Tm run by RC2 Junior Team, as he was fourth in Race-1 – posting also the fastest lap of the race, while his team mate Yohan Azedo Sousa followed him. Gerard Cebrian Ariza was then fifth in Race-2, while Yohan Azedo Sousa was eighth in the second final.


Enrico Prosperi is now third in the Spanish Championship KZ2 classification at 302 points, following Eliseo Martinez who totaled 374 points and Luis Gonzalez who hauled 306 points so far. Yohan Azedo Sousa, is fourth at 281 points, while Gerard Cebrian Ariza is sixth at 262.

In Senior, CRG has taken another podium with the Portuguese Jorge Ventura Simao on CRG-Parilla, who was third in both Finals. In Junior, Ayrton Fontecha Martinez closed Race-2 in sixth place on CRG-Parilla at the end of a 26 places comeback. A great second Final was also run by Javier Sagrera Pont, who was ninth on CRG-Parilla run by M2 Racing Karts, getting 13 positions back. Javier Sagrera Pont is currently second in the Championship, 14 points shy of the leader.

In the smallest category Alevin, Alejardo Melendez Pardi was on the third step of the podium in Race-1 on CRG-Parilla, while he closed Race-2 in sixth place. He is currently third in the Championship.

The final round of the Spanish Championship will take place in Zuera next October 1st.

All results are available at www.cronosystem.es/cek2017.

Press Office
28 August 2017

In the pictures: Enrico Prosperi, KZ2.
Ph. Jose F Omedas



CRG has put in great performances again in Wackersdorf at the fourth round of the DKM. Jorrit Pex and Stan Pex completed a one-two in KZ2, as the former is standing as absolute leader of the championship. Hauger, Meyer, Maish and Troger protagonist of OK. CRG also dominated OK-Junior with Haverkort and Sasse.

CRG has come to the fore again for the second time in a row in the round of Wackersdorf, that was the fourth act of the German Championship DKM. Jorrit Pex dominated KZ2, Dennis Hauger has been a great protagonist in OK taking a win and a second place, while CRG Keijzer Racing’s Kas Kaverkort dominated OK-Junior.

Jorrit Pex, Dennis Hauger and Kas Haverkort are the Championship leaders ready for the final sprint of DKM that will reach its conclusion in Lonato next October 22nd, but other CRG drivers have been protagonist in Wackersdorf: Stan Pex and Flavio Camponeschi in KZ2, Kilian Meyer, Luca Maish and CRG TB Racing Team’s Tim Troger in OK, Hugo Sasse of CRG TB Racing Team in OK-Junior.


In KZ2, Jorrit Pex has nearly sealed this edition of the German Championship DKM eying his sixth title after winning it, together with CRG, in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. In Wackersdorf Jorrit Pex secured two wins in as many Finals and pulled away in the classification, chased by his brother Stan. The two CRG drivers completed a great one-two in Race-2, locking out the top two not leaving much room to rivals. Flavio Camponeschi also run a strong race at his comeback after a stop due to a muscular pain. Camponeschi had to retire from one heat, but then managed to recover up to P12 in Race1 and to P6 in Race-2. A great qualifying stage was also put in by Alessandro Giardelli, who was fifth absolute in qualifying and tenth in the heats. Giardelli had unfortunately to retire from Race-1, but then managed to recover in Race-2 up to P19. SRP Racing Team’s Fabian Federer was also in the top ten on CRG, claiming a tenth place in Race-1 and a seventh in Race-2, Toni Tschentscher was ninth in Race-1 and Max Tubben of CRG Holland was ninth in Race-2.

KZ2 Championship: 1. Jorrit Pex (CRG-Tm) points 213; 2. Stan Pex (CRG-Tm) 179; 3. Iglesias 146; 4. Federer (CRG-Tm) 122; 5. Camponeschi (CRG-Tm) 105; 6. Matisic 94; 7. Dreezen 88; 8. Kohler 86; 9. Tubben (CRG-Tm) 51; 10. Nilsson 50.



The Norwegian driver of CRG Dennis Hauger has been great protagonist on CRG-Parilla, being very quick since free practice when he posted the quickest time of his group. His team mates have also been very quick in the occasion, being even quicker than him, as in the case of the competitive Spanish driver Kilian Meyer, who secured the pole position leading the Dutch Glenn Van Berlo (CRG Keijzer) and the German Jan David Fusen (CRG Holland). Meyer has displayed a great competitiveness also in the heats, dominating them ahead of Van Berlo, Fusen and Hauger. A great result for CRG came in Race-1, with an awesome one-two-three with Hauger winning from Meyer to Tim Troger of CRG TB Racing Team. CRG drivers’ competitiveness has been clear also in Race-2, when Hauger and Meyer have been protagonist again. In the end, Hauger wisely allowed Schumacher through thinking more to the championship than to securing another win. At the flag, Hauger was second leading this time the German Luca Maisch of CRG TB Racing Team, who managed to win the “in-family” battle with Meyer. The fifth place and closing place on the podium went to Troger, which made it four CRG karts in the top five. After this round of Wackersdorf, Hauger confirmed his classification lead extending his advantage on the nearest rival to 38 points.

OK Championship: 1. Hauger (CRG-Parilla) points 204; 2. Schumacher 166; 3. Van Berlo (CRG-Parilla) 115; 4. Meyer (CRG-Parilla) 111; 5. Tonteri 110; 6. Arnold 108; 7. Maisch (CRG-Parilla) 89; 8. Troger (CRG-Parilla) 85; 9. Lindh 71; 10. Kacovsky 64.



CRG’s great outing in Wackersdorf has continued in OK-Junior, where the Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Racing Kas Haverkort has been absolute protagonist: quickest in qualifying, winner of the heats and ruler of Race-1 and Race-2. For CRG, Race-1’s podium was rounded off by the third place secured by Hugo Sasse of CRG TB Racing Team. He has also taken another podium in Race-2, claiming P2 behind Haverkort. This double win handed the classification lead to Haverkort, as he now leads Sasse by one point only. Among the best, also Niels Troger of CRG TB Racing Team, who was sixth in Race-1 and seventh in Race-2.

OK-Junior Championship: 1. Haverkort (CRG-Parilla) points 179; 2. Sasse (CRG-Parilla) 178; 3. David (Zanardi-Parilla) 136; 4. Troger 131; 5. Coluccio 92; 6. Munding (CRG-Parilla) 91; 7. Michelotto 77; 8. Zug (CRG-Tm) 69; 9. Marseglia 61; 10. O Dey 51.


In KZ2 Cup, the quickest of CRG drivers has been the Dutch Kay Van Berlo of CRG Keijzer Racing. He scored in fact a great third place in Race-1 and a sixth in Race-2. The German Moritz Horn of CRG TB Racing Team was quickest in qualifying and recovered in Race-2 up to the eighth place after being forced to the retirement in Race-1. CRG Holland’s Jeroen Bos was second in the classification before this round, but had to retire from Race-1 and was 16th in Race-2.

KZ2 Cup championship: 1. Muller points 156; 2. Speck 150; 3. Detmers 147; 4. Curto 122; 5. Gruber 113; 6. Horn (CRG-Tm) 105; 7. Bos (CRG-Tm) 105; 8. Mahler 87; 9. Potman (CRG-Tm) 69; 10. Van Berlo (CRG-Tm) 64.

The fifth and closing round of DKM will take place in Lonato (Italy) on October 22nd. All results are available at www.kart-dm.de/en/home/

Press Office
27 August 2017

In the pictures: 1) Jorrit Pex, KZ2; 2) Dennis Hauger (21) and Kilian Meyer, OK (20); 3) Kas Haverkort on the podium between David and Sasse, OK-Junior.
Ph. Joan Codina – FotoFormulaK.com



The young Finnish driver Rasmus Joutsimies will be among the fields of CRG in the forthcoming World Championship that will take place on September 24th in England.

CRG Racing Team is happy to announce the technical and sporting collaboration with the driver Rasmus Joutsimies for category OK-Junior.

The 14 years old Finn will join the team starting from the next World Championship to be run in England at the PFI International Circuit next September 24th, before continuing with the WSK Final Cup in Adria.

The agreement also includes an option regarding category OK for season 2018. Rasmus Joutsimies has contested an excellent season in class OKJ this year, shining several times in CIK-FIA races and in the Finnish Championship.

Rasmus’ first kart has been a CRG “Puffo” at the age of 4 and his CV includes 92 wins out of 137 races run. As all works drivers, Rasmus will employ IAME engines managed by KVS, with which he already had the chance to collaborate during the season.

CRG Racing Team’s manager Glenn Keyart, commented the agreement in this way: “We are delighted to welcome Rasmus to the team. He will certainly make our line up for the World Championship even stronger. He is a quick and resolute driver, I am sure we will work well together.”

The young Finn enthusiastically commented this new phase of his career: “Being part of CRG Racing Team is a dream come true for me. I will give my 100% to get the best possible result. I am certain that I will quickly get up to speed with the material and working method of the team. Several very famous drivers have been racing for CRG in karting and the chance of wearing these colors is an honour and a great opportunity for me.”

Press Office
25 August 2017

In the picture: Rasmus Joutsimies.



CRG drivers ended on a high the sixth and closing round of the European Champions that took place in Kristianstad. In KZ, Paolo De Conto was on the podium again. Sasse third in OK-Junior, Di Mauro second in KZ2 and Dennis Hauger great fourth in OK.

Some rain made the final stages of the European Championship even trickier in Sweden, as all categories – namely, KZ, KZ2, OK and OK-Junior, have been battling out the CIK-FIA Continental title. CRG colors eventually obtained very satisfying results.

The circuit of Kristianstad has staged the closer of the European Championship, after the rounds run in Sarno – Italy (KZ, OK, OK-Junior), in Genk – Belgium (KZ, KZ2), in Oviedo – Spain (KZ, OK, OK-Junior), in Le Mans – France (KZ2, OK, OK-Junior) and last week in Alahärmä – Finland (OK-OK-Junior).


KZ. Paolo De Conto has honoured at best the KZ title mathematically won in Le Mans on CRG-Tm. The Italian driver of CRG secured his second European Championship title after taking the KZ World Championship in Kristianstad in 2016. In Sweden, Paolo De Conto kicked off the weekend with a very last minute problem making him skip qualifying. In the heats he recovered well anyway, installing himself in a briliant fourth place. This has not been the first time during the season that De Conto had to start the Final from the second row of the grid. In fact that happened already in the first two rounds held in Sarno and Genk, where he managed to take the win anyway. In Kristianstad, a recovery was not that easy due also to the wet tarmac, but Paolo De Conto has put in a strong Final anyway, taking a third place in this occasion. Alongside the full haul in Sarno, Genk and Le Mans, the third place taken in Kristianstad confirmed CRG and Paolo De Conto as KZ European Champions in 2017.


Paolo De Conto’s comment at the end of the Final in Kristianstad: “I am very happy with this race because I came here with the title, just to drive without taking penalties which could have compromised the end result. I am happy because I drove on the wet and now we know we need to find something to be quicker. I want to congratulate with my rivals because I run an amazing race without errors but I did not have the speed to win. So congratulations to them and see you in Germany at Wackersdorf for the World Championship”.

In KZ, the two Pex brothers, that have been protagonist of the German DKM Championship in this season, have not been as competitive in Kristianstad: Jorrit Pex was fifth, while his brother Stan Pex had to retire 9 laps into the race.

The KZ Final was won by Patrik Hajek. Paolo De Conto (CRG-Tm) is the Championship winner.



OK-JUNIOR. In the OK-Junior Final, which was run on wet tarmac but without rain falling, the German of CRG TB Racing Team Hugo Sasse confirmed to be the most competitive of CRG drivers during this weekend in Sweden, ending right at the feet of the podium, a result that was later on converted into a P3 due to the penalty handed to Edgar. Sasse, after posting the best absolute time in qualifying and taking the fourth position after heats (a victory and two second places), ended the Final in fourth place, but was later on promoted to third, while the Dutch driver Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing followed him. The Brazilian of CRG Gabriel Bortoleto was among the main protagonists of the heats and he managed to install himself in P12 early on in the Final, but then had to concede some positions to end his race in 16th place. Eventually, he was handed a 10s time penalty that relegated him to P20. The Spanish driver Francisco Sagrera was 15th, while Luca Giardelli did not manage to qualify for the Final despite a positive 10th place in the closing qualifying heat, as happened to Donar Munding, Mathias Torreggiani and Davids Trefilovs of SRP Racing Team.

The OK-Junior Final was won by Jack Doohan, while the Championship was won by the British driver Jonny Edgar, who was fourth following a 10s time penalty.


KZ2. The Swedish driver of CRG Holland Benjamin Tornqvist had been the quickest of the CRG lot ahead of the KZ2 Final, but he lost 15 positions at the start. The Brazilian Gaetano Di Mauro, managed to recover a lot of positions at the getaway on CRG-Tm instead. He had been previously protagonist of the qualifying stages on the humid tarmac, recovering up to P2 from the starting P14 thanks to some very effective driving. Max Tubben of CRG Holland has also been among the quickest of the Final putting in a stunning recovery from P30, as the Spanish Gerard Cebrian Ariza who started 22nd. At the flag, Gaetano Di Mauro claimed an excellent P2, taking the third podium for CRG in Kristianstad. The young Max Tubben took a very good fourth place. Benjamin Tornqvist eventually recovered up to P11, but was later on relegated to P13 by a penalty. Gerard Cebrian Ariza was 17th. The other Spanish driver of CRG Enrico Prosperi was out of the Final by a whisker, as happened to the Finn Petteri Ruotsalainen and Alessandro Giardelli, the latter despite a good qualifying.

The KZ2 Final was won by Adrien Renaudin, while the Championship went the German Leon Kohler’s ways, who was 12th in the Final.



OK. The closing OK Final was run on a nearly dry circuit and the young Norwegian of CRG Dennis Hauger has been stunning since the start, one of the strongest protagonists despite being in his maiden year following last year’s OK-Junior campaign. Hauger has joined the battle for the lead, taking also P1 for a while, but eventually he slipped down to third until when 7 laps were left to go, when he was overtaken by Travisanutto and closed his effort in P4.
The British 2016 Academy Champion of CRG Callum Bradshaw was sixth recovering some solid 9 positions posting also the fastest lap of the race. CRG Keijzer Racing’s Glenn Van Berlo was 12th leading the German Hannes Janker. The Spanish driver Kilian Meyer ended 20th at the end of a good recovery from the back of the starting grid.

The OK Final was won by Finlay Kenneally, while the Championship went to Sami Taoufik, who was fifth at the flag.

All results are available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
30 July 2017

In the pictures: 1) CRG Racing Team with Paolo De Conto (KZ) and Gaetano Di Mauro (KZ2); 2) Paolo De Conto, KZ; 3) Hugo Sasse, OK-Junior; 4) Dennis Hauger, OK.
Ph. Cunaphoto.it



Qualifying heats have taken place in Kristianstad after the qualifying sessions run on Friday. De Conto put in a very strong day in KZ, Sasse and Bortoleto alike in OK-Junior, as Hauger in OK, Tornqvist and Di Mauro in KZ2. Finals from 13:40 on Sunday July 30th.

After qualifying held on Friday in Kristianstad (Sweden), the sixth and closing round of the CIK-FIA European Championship has continued with heats on Saturday, which ended up with interesting results for CRG drivers in all categories.

In KZ, the new European Champion on CRG-Tm Paolo De Conto, has recovered well from the skipped qualifying session on Friday, taking P3 in both heats. De Conto has also posted the fastest time of the race in the second heat.


In Ok-Junior, the German of CRG TB Racing Team Hugo Sasse has come to the fore. After the pole position taken in qualifying, a victory and a second place in the heats were followed by another victory, that was later on canceled due to a penalty due to a contact. The Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto was also among the quickest on track. He was stopped by an incident in the first heat, but then recovered well taking a third and a fourth place.


The Norwegian Dennis Hauger put in a great performance in OK securing a heat victory, followed by a third, a fifth and a second place. Callum Bradshaw took three seven places and a tenth, Hannes Janker showed a positive growth taking P3 in the third heat, Kilian Meyer scored a sixth place but unfortunately had two negative results too. The Dutch driver of CRG Keijzer Racing Glenn Van Berlo was sixth twice and then fifth.

The Swede Benjamin Tornqvist was quickest of CRG drivers in KZ2, as he claimed a third and two fourth places, while the Brazilian Gaetano Di Mauro came fifth twice and sixth once. Alessandro Giardelli scored a seventh place, but had two negative results despite posting the fastest lap of the race. The Spanish drivers Enrico Prosperi and Gerard Cebrian Ariza are behind, as they respectively obtained a ninth and an eighth place as best results.

The heats will continue on Sunday morning to narrow down the list of finalists.
Sunday 30 July 2017: Qualifying heats from 10:30. Drivers presentation at 12:50. Finals: KZ at 13:40; OK-Junior at 14:30; KZ2 at 15:15; OK at 16:05.
All results, Live Timing and Live TV feed are available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

Press Office
29 July 2017

In the pictures: 1) Paolo De Conto, KZ, 2) Hugo Sasse, OK-Junior; 3) Dennis Hauger, OK.
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The sixth and closing round of the championship in Sweden has welcomed all the categories. Paolo De Conto has already been crowned KZ European Champion, but has to make up for some lost time, as he had to skip qualifying due to a last minute issue. Hugo Sasse absolute quickest in OK-Junior, Dennis Hauger second of his session in OK.

Scandinavia is again under the spotlight of the CIK-FIA European Championship 2017 as it is staging the closing weekend of the season in Sweden at the Circuit Asum Ring of Kristianstad, just one week after the round held at Pawerparck of Alahärmä in Finland.

The circuit of Kristianstad has the duty to close the European Championship with all categories on track, namely KZ, KZ2, OK and OK-Junior, after the rounds held in Sarno-ITA (KZ, OK, OK-Junior), Genk-BEL (KZ, KZ2), Oviedo-ESP (KZ, OK, OK-Junior), Le Mans-FRA (KZ2, OK, OK-Junior) and Alahärmä-FIN (OK-OK-Junior).

CRG has already secured the KZ Championship with the dominant run of Paolo De Conto in the first three rounds of Sarno, Genk and Oviedo. For De Conto the race in Sweden is just a formality, but he is all set to showcase the technical value of his CRG-Tm package.

In the past round held in Finland, the other CRG protagonists of OK and OK-Junior have been very quick in qualifying and heats, but were hit by bad luck in the Finals. They will certainly try and bounce back in Sweden. Flavio Camponeschi will still be absent from OK, as he is still has to get some rest due to the muscular pain on the neck that affected him in free practice in Finland.

In qualifying held on Friday in Kristianstad, Paolo De Conto had to skip the KZ session as he was late at the entry gate due to a problem of the last minute. Luckily, not very many drivers are present in this KZ closer in Sweden (11 in total) and Paolo De Conto will certainly be able to recover from this hiccup in the heats. In free practice, the Italian had posted the quickest time in 49.819s, while the pole position went to Kremers in 49.995s. The two Dutch brothers Jorrit and Stan Pex are also present in Sweden with CRG.
Jorrit was fourth in qualifying with a best time of 50.081s, while Stan was seventh in 50.281s.

In KZ2, CRG has fielded Alessandro Giardelli, the Brazilian Gaetano Di Mauro, the Spaniards Enrico Prosperi and Gerard Cebrian Ariza, the Swedes Andreas Johansson and Benjamin Tornqvist, the Dutch of CRG Holland Max Tubben, SRP Racing’s Estonian Kaspar Kallasmaa, CRG TB Racing Team’s German Moritz Horn, CRG Keijzer Racing’s Russian Ivan Nosov and the Finns Petteri Ruotsalainen and Sami Sinervo.


The Norwegian Dennis Hauger, the British Callum Bradshaw, the Spanish Kilian Meyer, the German Hannes Janker, the Swede Alfred Nilsson and the Russian Artem Lobanenko are present with CRG in OK, while CRG Holland has fielded the Russian Artem Lobanenko and CRG Keijzer Racing the Dutch Glenn Van Berlo.

The Brazilian Gabriel Bortoleto, Luca Giardelli, Mathias Torreggiani, the Spanish Francisco Sagrera, the German Donar Munding, the Dutch Kas Haverkort of CRG Keijzer Racing, CRG TB Racing Team’s German Hugo Sasse and SRP Racing Team’s German Davids Trefilovs will be present in OK-Junior.


Hugo Sasse has been very quick on Friday in qualifying as he posted the best time of Session-1 that was also the absolute quickest in 52.371s. Gabriel Bortoleto was eighth in 52.686s, Francisco Sagrera 11th in 52.812s. Davids Trefilovs was 21st in the second session in 53.454s. Kas Haverkort was sixth in Series-3 in 52.897s, Luca Giardelli 12th in 53.037s, Mathias Torreggiani 14th in 53.064s and Donar Munding 16th in 53.086s.

In KZ2, Gaetano Di Mauro was third in Session-1 with a best lap of 50.432s, Benjamin Tornqvist was eighth in 50.570s. Alessandro Giardelli was sixth in Session-2 in 50.416s, Petteri Ruotsalainen was 11th in 50.817s, Andrea Johansson 15th in 50.935s, Enrico Prosperi 16th in 50.960s, Kaspar Kallasmaa 18th in 51.020s. In the third Series, Gerard Cebrian Ariza was seventh in 50.580s, Max Tubben 11th in 50.735s, Moritz Horn 12th in 50.855s, Daniel Lindholm 15th in 51.106s, Ivan Nosov 16th in 51.106s and Sami Sinervo 17th in 51.704s.

In OK, Kilian Meyer was 10th of Session-1 in 51.605s, Artem Lobanenko 17th in 51.914s. Dennis Hauger was very quick in the second session and posted the second time in 51.409s that was 0.086s shy of the first place, while Hannes Janker was fourth in 51.444s. Callum Bradshaw was fourth of the third session in 51.483s, Alfred Nilsson seventh in 51.531s and Glenn Van Berlo eighth in 51.575s.


CIK-FIA European KZ, KZ2, OK, OKJ Championships, 30.07.2017
Saturday 29 July 2017: Qualifying heats from 10:25.
Sunday 30 July 2017: Heats from 10:30. Drivers presentation at 12:50. Finals: KZ at 13:40; OK-Junior at 14:30; KZ2 at 15:15; OK at 16:05.

All results, Live Timing and Live TV feed are available at www.cikfia.com and www.wskarting.it

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28 July 2017

In the pictures: 1) Poster Kristianstad; 2) Dennis Hauger, OK, Ph. Cunaphoto.it

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