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CRG is a world-wide leading company in karting. Its history is filled with sportive and commercial success featuring countless victories obtained on the circuits all over the world starting from the 70s. CRG has always been at the highest levels for technical and sportive experience on the International Karting scene. CRG chassis have been chosen world-wide by drivers and have allowed a lot of them to get the success they were hunting for to continue their career all the way to Formula 1.


The young Dutch talent is ready for the 2015 Formula One debut with Toro Rosso. Verstappen went through a professional growth path in CRG that is an excellent breeding ground for champions, following the footsteps of a lot of other drivers that have been racing on CRG chassis before becoming Formula One racers.

The news of the year came at mid August with the announcement of Max Verstappen to debut in Formula 1 with team Toro Rosso in 2015, when the young Dutch talent will only be 17 years old. This important event confirms once more the validity of karting as training ground in the recent years, as the young talents are always more and more ready to face challenge of motor racing competition. (More...)



Fabian Federer got an excellent result in KZ2 at Oschersleben's round of the German DKM Championship on CRG powered by Maxter prepared directly by the Italian firm. He won the second final after clinching the podium in race-1.

CRG and the new Maxter MXS engine secured another triumph in KZ2 thanks to the stunning performance put in by Fabian Federer in the third round of the German DKM Championship held in Oschersleben. The Italian driver and the CRG-Maxter pairing have been absolute protagonists in Germany with a great double podium: P2 in race-1 and victory in race-2! (More...)



The new Maxter MXS engine unit that got the victory in the KZ2 European Championship is born from the collaboration with Savard and is already very competitive even in the “standard” customers version. It is ready for the charge to the World Championship.

The Maxter engine made his “reentry”, and it did it hands down. The engine's exceptional performance has been showcased in the most recent official races that ended up with the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship title won by Andrea Dalè on the Maxter MXS version prepared by Tec-Sav, but the strength of this new engine can also be appreciated in the standard version which is already very powerful. (More...)



The stunning victory in the European CIK-FIA KZ2 Championship achieved by Andrea Dalè is relieved by the Italian driver who has been racing as privateer in this season, exalting the quality of CRG chassis pushed by the new Maxter engine.

A great result has been obtained by Andrea Dalè in the European KZ2 Championship that ended on Sunday 27 July at the Circuit of Kristianstad in Sweden, that was the finale of the International CIK-FIA Championship that also included the season opener held in Belgium at Genk and the race in Germany at Wackersdorf. (More...)



The European KZ and KZ2 Championships ended in Sweden with Andrea Dalè, privateer driver on CRG-Maxter, winning the title of KZ2 European Champion at the end of an exciting Final that saw Felice Tiene and Fabian Federer on the podium.
Jorrit Pex ended fourth in KZ, Lennox was ninth, while Forè had to retire.

The third and last round of the European KZ and KZ2 reached its conclusion in Sweden at the Circuit of Kristianstad. The balance for CRG has been really positive thanks to the performance of its drivers, to the competitiveness of the several-times victorious chassis of the Italian outfit, as well as to the excellent performance of the Maxter engine unit that allowed the privateer driver Andrea Dalè to be crowned as the new European Champion in KZ2. (More...)

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