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Factory & Kart Racing Team

CRG is a world-wide leading company in karting. Its history is filled with sportive and commercial success featuring countless victories obtained on the circuits all over the world starting from the 70s. CRG has always been at the highest levels for technical and sportive experience on the International Karting scene. CRG chassis have been chosen world-wide by drivers and have allowed a lot of them to get the success they were hunting for to continue their career all the way to Formula 1.


Pedro Hiltbrand and Felice Tiene got the podium in the European KZ2 Championship. CRG chassis successfully placed 4 drivers in the top 6. Simo Puhakka was the quickest in KZ with the sixth final place.

Excellent epilogue for the European KZ2 Championship in Sarno for CRG colors. At the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno, Pedro Hiltbrand and Felice Tiene obtained a great second and third place in the Final of the first round of the European CIK-FIA Championship, both on the new CRG Black Wheel chassis and Maxter MX-S engine. (More...)



The first round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championship started with some frowns due to the strong performance put in by KZ2. Federer has been the best of CRG drivers with Maxter engine in KZ2. Dalè followed by Puhakka in KZ.

The first of the three rounds of the European Championship for the two shifter categories started at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno. CRG drivers have been under the spotlight at the beginning of the weekend particularly in KZ2 with the Black Wheel chassis of the Italian outfit and Maxter MX-S engine, while the path in KZ has not been as sharp as in occasion of the triumph in WSK at La Conca last week. (More...)



The International Circuit Napoli of Sarno is about to house the first round of the European KZ and KZ2 Championship. CRG team will get to this round with strong drivers and technical material with great potential.

CRG works team is ready to face the international CIK-FIA season that is about to start this weekend at the International Circuit Napoli of Sarno with the first round of the European Championship valid for categories KZ and KZ2. CRG will face this important event with determination to highlight the quality of its material and drivers. (More...)



Simo Puhakka obtained a spectacular win in KZ2 on CRG-Maxter at the third round of the WSK Super Master Series held in La Conca. Felice Tiene confirmed CRG competitiveness with a podium in KF, as Hauger was victorious in 60 Mini.

Stellar CRG in La Conca's third round of the WSK Super Master Series, race dominated by Simo Puhakka in KZ2, on CRG Black Wheel chassis pushed by Maxter MX-S by Savard. Felice Tiene on the podium in KF on CRG Gem Start chassis powered by Parilla, Dennis Hauger of Team Gamoto victorious in 60 Mini on CRG Hero and TM engine. (More...)



Paolo De Conto and Simo Puhakka have been uncatchable on CRG-Maxter and secured the whole front row for the WSK Prefinal in La Conca. Very good runs for Tiene and Hiltbrand in KF, as for Muizzuddin in KF Junior and Hauger in 60 Mini.

Super performances for CRG drivers in La Conca's third round of the WSK Super Master Series. The crescendo of competitiveness started with the KZ2 pole position set on Friday by Paolo De Conto and then continued today with three wins in the heats of Saturday: two going De Conto's ways and one to Puhakka. (More...)

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